All of Destiny’s Expansion Exotics

Published on: Oct 28, 2014 @ 7:05

New Exotic weapons and armor are coming with the Dark Below and House of Wolves expansion!

This article will be updated regularly with additional Exotics as they’re added/updated, as well as in-game screenshots (at the bottom) when they’re uncovered.

To see the rest of The Dark Below/House of Wolves expansion content, click here.

To learn more about ultimate upgrades, click here.

If you’d like to see all of Destiny’s pre-expansion Exotics, click here.

dark below house of wolves exotics
Dark Below & House of Wolves Exotics


Hover over the item to see its tooltip, or click to see everything known about the item!






The upgrade perks on these Exotics are insane! Lord of Wolves can light your foes on fire… !

Auto Rifle

Scout Rifle

Sniper Rifle


Rocket Launcher

Faction Class Exotics

It’s unknown what rank you’ll need to be or what exactly you’ll need to do to have access to these items. They’re located in the Special Orders vendor loot table.

Faction Voting

While not Exotics, since we’re on the topic of Factions, it’s worth mentioning that there’s also Ships that we can buy with a Faction Vote from the Special Orders/Shipwright vendor. These ships and/or Faction voting might have something to do with the Faction Exotic items.

Their descriptions read: “An order for a [Faction name] ship design from the Tower shipyards.



Manus Celer Dei


Possible reward from an Exotic Treasure Map?


S-99 Dawnchaser

The future and all of its promise awaits you.


Crux of Crota (upgrade material – click here to learn more)

Their god is now our power.

Exotic Shard

A remnant that almost seems to have a life of its own. Can be used to unlock the full power of Exotic gear.


The following are confirmed Exotics in the Dark Below. To see HD screenshots of more Dark Below content, click here.

Click an image to open it in gallery mode.


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  • Lerel Ashley

    Looks like exotics might be able to go further in upgrades in the future from those last 3 materials as just a guess. But the cloaks for factions is still intriguing me. So is everyone going to have a cloak or is that just showing off the hunters model only? Hmm time will tell.

    • Paratrooper2000

      Thats just for the hunter. Below in the list are the Marks & Bonds.

    • Those are the “Faction Champion” cloaks, there’s Marks and Bonds as well.

      • Brighton Molina

        howa are the cloaks, ship, and sparrow earned?

        • That’s up for speculation at this point. The class items are earned by becoming a Faction Champion, but what exactly that entails I don’t know.

          • Brighton Molina

            well we will find out sooner or later

          • Knowing Bungie, later

          • Brighton Molina

            hehe, true.

    • Ryan Snavely

      Not all that excited about MORE materials to collect…especially exotic-grade ones. Even MORE ESPECIALLY Raid-Tier ones…

  • Paratrooper2000

    New (exotic) materials? Making the weapons more powerful? May the grind continue…

  • Micah Yang

    Nechrochasm = vex mythoclast 2

    • Niklas bomber

      yes and no it is the raid exotic but the design and style of it is very different, this is a arc auto rifle with max R.O.F and head shots often make throll explosions

    • MiniFord0

      Well that turned out well didn’t it?

  • Juan Columbie

    If they are going to have exotic ships/sparrows/bonds does that mean we’ll be able to equip more than one exotic with the expansion? wouldnt it be a waste to have an exotic bond equipped and not be able to equip an exotic piece of armor? The most logical solution would be that they wont consider bonds/cloaks as part of armor and you’ll be able to equip one exotic of each (weapon/armor/bond/ship/sparrow)

  • BuckshotGeorge

    Hunter cloaks looks awesome! It would be nice to over-power exotics, and maybe now let people wear more than one exotic so level 30s aren’t walking around in the same gear.

    • Niklas bomber

      meh, then us lvl 30’s would be op as hell, add the praxic fire and sun breakers together during a radiance you’d get screwed over in about 5 seconds

  • Pav

    Has it been confirmed that the faction champion class items will be in the next expansion? Source?

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  • delta 6655

    i want that no land beyond, a sniper with no scope, thats beutiful, just beutiful. i hope its bolt action

    • DeadArashi

      looking at the placeholder image it does almost look like it is inspired by bolt action snipers. Can’t wait to see what it looks like as well. It will be interesting seeing as it takes the place of you primary. Sniper shotty combo inbound?

      • Hydreigon530

        That’s already possible with the Universal Remote

    • Niklas bomber

      it has a “scope” technically but not the normal large bulky scope

      • Thomas Harrison

        an iron sight

    • Ultima3

      If you watch their video of the strike, it shows it being bolt action. It looks so awesome

    • S_K_ATE31

      it is a world war 2 type bolt action sniper rifle

  • Bruno Castanheira

    What is the function of the ship in the game if not aesthetic?

    • Doc Dao

      Loading time. 😀

      • Bruno Castanheira

        wish it was a lie ))=

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  • Seth Allister Hansen

    I would like an article like this for the current exotics, please and thank you.

  • DeadArashi

    So not only is there no Warlock exotic armour that upgrades the Voidwalker super… there is no exotic boots like the other classes yet? we know of all these and still missing Warlock boots… bloody fabulous… and on top of that the Titan boots increase shoulder charge distance? Great. Good to see that Hunter is sticking with it’s high mobility with the boots though.

    • Gabriel F

      won’t increase shoulder charge distance, just the duration for which shoulder charge is available.

    • Niklas bomber

      well if you take the star protocol add that to sun singers gift of sun you get 3 sticky grenades, so yeah ill keep the chest for now

    • Kendall Price Jr

      you should check out the Obsidian Mind exotic helmet if you’re looking for an exotic that boosts the Voidwalker subclass for the warlock

  • Oscar Enrique Miranda

    dead orbit hunter cloak = JON SNOW FTW!!!!

  • Cire_Lancaster

    Is there an email where we can submit weapon ideas? I would like a pistol with exploding rounds, pyro damage, and the firefly perk.

    • ORB1T4L

      The Devil You Know has explosive rounds.

    • sycoteck

      renegade mk. 56 dose just that

    • Thomas Harrison

      the raid hand cannon does exactly that and it is an arc damage weapon but it can only be got on the hard mode raid its name is fatebringer

    • .Z

      Lord high fixer is a boss hand cannon!

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  • Alastor Lakiska Lines

    I wonder why Warlocks don’t have exotic boots….

    • They may eventually, we’ll just have to wait and see

    • Damon

      Maybe because they’re mostly being covered by their big robes.

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  • Phreak

    I am not overly excited about the new weapons, the only ones that make any sense is Necrochasm for the Arc Damage and Dragon’s Breath just cause it looks cool. But cool factor aside, these weapons do not do more damage than the existing exotics and same goes for the new armor. Not much of a perk to overly grind for these items if they are not going to give us higher stats than existing. And lets not even get into the uselessness of the exotic ship or sparrow.

    Don’t want to be hating, but the new gear is just not effective. How about fixing the current exotics to do better damage or carry more ammunition. We currently have Auto Rifle (i.e. Suros Regime) which one of the stats is not only diminishing its fire rate to almost Scout Rifle speed, but carry the same or less ammo than a pulse rifle. Lets get the current exotics fixed before adding new ones.

    • Dave

      I disagree about the exotics. Theres nothing to fix, just a choice. If you ( and I use “you” in general) don’t like suros there are other options. It’s simply a matter of play style. But regardless, the exotic materials are apparently there. They seem to upgrade weapons and armor past ordinary exotic levels.

      • jblackmel

        “Nothing to fix?” Are we playing the same game? O.o Dude, the Hard Light, Monte Carlo, Juju, and Thorn are absolutely TERRIBLE, and these are just a few examples. The best exotics in the game are the Gjallahorn, Suros, Ice Breaker, Last Word, and Hawkmoon. All others have a legendary counter-part that is equally viable.

        • Niklas bomber

          you forgot to add super good advice to the buff pile unusable due to recoil

          • Thomas Harrison

            and we can all now be happy because they’re fixed

          • Niklas bomber

            meh its still a bit hard to use

        • FriedCats

          Currently, the best hand cannon is Thorn now. o.O

          • afs

            not really thorn doesnt standup to hawkmoon

    • Niklas bomber

      stop on the Armour add the star protocol to sun singers gift of the sun you get 3 sticky grenades

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  • disqus_nyT9GiIzCO

    Some new exotics are on the database now, will this be updated?

    • indeed, it has

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  • Animeman

    How do we know the 347 Vest Dynasty is not for The Dark Below? (desperate for an exotic scout rifle that’s good in pve)

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  • FriedCats

    Unremarkable Bones is definitely made from Ahamkara bone. It may not say it in the name, but in its description is states, “oh bearer mine”. Something that appears in ALL Ahamkara armor pieces.

  • Jade Dragon Wukong

    Soooooo, no exotic legs for warlocks? We just got shafted I think……

  • Ty Morgan

    Does anyone know the title of the Green color shader shown in the above pictures? If possible can you also provide a source about how it is obtained?

  • Hawkishhoncho

    I get the bad feeling that lord of wolves will be underwhelming. How many enemies can take repeated shotgun shells while not killing you, and still be significantly damaged by a glorified ignite effect? It will be very niche, and not very helpful. The vesta 347 will be the better HoW exotic weapon.