Published on: Mar 20, 2015 @ 17:12

PlanetDestiny’s automated LFG resource will soon be available to the community!

We will keep running for the foreseeable future and only make a definite switch to the new technology once we feel it has been tested properly. No features or functionality are being removed from will be the beta test for the new features to come, namely auto-matching and group chat. These are optional features that will not affect your experience on if you choose not to utilize them.


Our goal has always been to provide a one-stop-shop for fans of Destiny and a LFG solution has been on our to-do list for quite some time. We’ve invested a lot of time and resources into making our LFG solution the best that it can be, and we will continue to update and improve it.

The primary concern with our LFG was the amount of people using it. It received a lot of awesome feedback, even praise, but for it to really shine it needed more members using it.

We wanted to unite the Destiny community with the ultimate LFG resource, so we reached out to Dave (former owner) and purchased his site. has come a long way, setting some new standards for group-finding sites during it’s lifetime. Planetdestiny’s LFG team has built upon that and raised the bar even higher. I’ve come to the point where I can’t realistically improve at the pace that they can, and while competition is good, I think most will agree that there is such a thing as too many LFG sites. The community should be in good hands as PlanetDestiny continues to refine and improve their LFG solution.

Emotions are mixed as I am both sad to see in its current form come to an end, but happy that it will evolve into a superior service in the capable hands of PlanetDestiny. The Destiny community has been very good to me, and I hope that support remains during the transition in the weeks to come.

The more players we can match you up against, the quicker a group can be put together.

Since it’s all automated it means there will be less time spent waiting for a group and more time can be spent playing the game, which we assume is what most players prefer.

Beta Test

To anyone that’s worried about us getting rid of an already working technology and to those that prefer the current way of finding a group, rest assured that we have no intention of killing off the current website.

We will keep the current site running for the foreseeable future and only make a definite switch to the new technology once we feel it has been community approved and tested properly.

We aren’t going to be removing anything from – we’ll simply be adding optional functionality. For example, you’ll be able to auto-match and quick chat with an entire group of people, but this is optional, and you don’t need to utilize these features if you don’t want to.

As with everything else we do, community feedback is essential to us. As part of our ongoing beta test, we will spend the coming weeks listening to feedback, perfecting the ultimate LFG app.

In the coming weeks a large scale beta will be initiated through the website. There will also be an ongoing dialogue to make sure our LFG experience becomes the one-for-all solution for the Destiny community.


For anyone who hasn’t yet used our LFG, we have a full feature list here.

Most recently we added the ability to auto-match for multiple activities, and very soon your Guardians will be automatically generated based on the Gamertag you use. These are features that are exclusive to our LFG, and we’re excited to provide even more utilities in the future.

We also have a mobile app in the works, but for now, the site is extremely mobile-friendly. On the left you can see what our site currently looks like on a mobile phone.

As mentioned above, your feedback is critical, so please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts! We’ve gotten tons of great feedback so far and we really do appreciate it.


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


  • Guest

    That sounds pretty good! But will the final versions only come with automated matchmaking or will we still be able to from and chat will players?

    • Not sure what the question is

      • insanetrasher

        Nvm that, I just answered my own question… deleting :p

  • Q-min4t0r

    This is great! I’ve always wanted an app for PlanetDestiny and the LFG site. You’re getting closer! AWESOME!!

  • Guardian of LFG

    No way…. leave destinylfg alone!

    • Is there something specific you’re worried/concerned about?

      • Guardian of LFG

        Yes, it’s ‘Planet Destiny’.

        I don’t see any reason for this change. Of course it’s business, but I want to remain the same.

        • To be clear, it’s, and we’re not removing any features – simply adding additional (optional) features such as auto-matching and group chat.

          • oienv

            Why? please dont mess it up, its the only reason why im able to play destiny, please

          • JuanforD

            Yes, exactly, why would you change something that’s alredy working perfectly, there is a reason why the other lfg sites have failed, and that reason is, congrats for acquiring it, but keep it the way it is, that auto matched thingy doesnt work and it was proven, the site works perfectly, I trust you guys will keep it great.

          • It’s not that we’re changing the way it works, we’re adding additional features for those who’d like to use them. If you want to be automatically matched with people, or talk in a group chat, you can choose to take advantage of that.

            If you don’t want to utilize those features, you can simply use the site how it currently operates: Enter in your Guardian info and wait.

            “that auto matched thingy doesnt work and it was proven” – I’m not sure what you mean by this.

          • Levi4298

            I can see how this ends, he meant that the auto matching does not work, no one likes it, and yeah, for now you will just put it there to be an option but with time you will probably like to make it the priority, and it’s not, it shouldn’t be, the site works amazingly, add the auto matching feature but keep it as a secondary option, because it is, as he said, none of the old sites with auto matchmaking worked.

          • “he meant that the auto matching does not work” – What do you mean? What exactly doesn’t work?

            All auto-match does is put you with a group who are looking for the same activity/checkpoint as you.

            For example, say on there’s 100 people who have submitted their name for VoG normal. What you currently do is submit your name, wait for an invite/message, while browsing that list of 100 people to also send out messages/invites.

            Auto-match pulls X random people out of that 100 (depending on how many you need) and puts them into your ‘site-group’ so you can quickly interact with them all at the same time via group quick chat.

            If for whatever reason you don’t like someone you were grouped with, you can kick them from your party. Or, you can auto-match again if you want to meet a new set of people. OR, you can use the listing the same way as you’re used to and not ever press the auto-match button.

          • Hobo Sloth

            The auto matching works great, I used it recently to do VoG
            on hard. It was the first time I’d done hard mode and the first time I’d used an LFG tool and it all worked perfectly. I ended up finding a great group of guys who were all happy to help explain stuff to me and we all had a great time. I really hope you guys continue with the LFG thing and I think it’s a good thing you bought as too many LFG sites just fragments the player
            base. Don’t listen to these guys, they just fear change

          • Christian

            I think it works fine. I use it every week to Group up raids and strikes. It takes 5 mins to get a full raid team with exactly the right ranks.

            You should try using it. It is a great piece of software and a valuable addition to the site. Every player I have met on it says they love it to and always add me so we can continue to do raids and strikes. I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s far better than posting on forums, waiting weeks-months for responses, or sitting in the tower writing endless, endless chat messages to people who just don’t want to play.

            LFG is a revolution. It has changed the way I and many others play the game.

          • Tyler Worthey

            JuanforD, I personally have been using PlanetDestiny’s automated LFG lately and it’s worked great every time. It honestly couldn’t be easier and the group chat is quick and stays up to date.

            I definitely understand your concern, but these guys have gotten it down pretty well and I’m sure they’ll continue to improve upon it as time goes on.

            Maybe give it a shot? If you hate it continue using the site as normal, like Ryan A said =)

          • We’re not taking anything away, so if you’d like, you can continue to use it how it currently exists.

  • Zimzumz

    Nice. Congrats guys you provide awesome content. The only recommendation I have is a rating/review system where you can give feedback or stars to the random people u find on lfg to safeguard against potential toxicity.

  • Marck Daniel West

    That’s awesome guys! Congrats!!

  • Sensei322

    Glad to hear that you plan on leaving it “as is” for now, until the community accepts the new site. I saw the post on reddit regarding all the new Planet Destiny LFG stuff. Sounded cool, but honestly it sounded like a bit much. In my opinion, was pretty much perfect. Very happy to hear Planet Destiny did the right thing and bought him out and I am certain a site as fantastic as Planet Destiny will only make the site better over time. Congrats to everyone involved! Creative developer gets rewarded, a great site gets even better, and the community gets an even better resource. Everyone wins 🙂 (just please don’t change it much 😉

    • Thanks, our goal is to provide additional features for those who wish to utilize them, not push X or Y on anyone.

      • Acolytis

        That’s smart choice. Otherwise you woud have some very upset people.

  • Octus

    You guys mentioned an app on the works. I’m just hoping windows phone users wont be kept out of this, like we are the official destiny app. Other than that, good job!

    • Ben

      Your problem would be choosing a windows phone over android or iphone.

      • Octus

        No problem with choice and opinions. Are you in charge of making this app?

      • Hobo Sloth

        This is a nice community, let’s keep it that way

  • Aron Beijl

    This is amazing to hear. I am excited to see the community grow in such a big way, that things like this are possible. Looks like LFG has a bright future ahead of itself! Best of luck, I can’t wait ’til the mobile app comes out!

  • Tom Smith

    Any chance you’ll show some love to the windows phone app store? We get looked over far too often :

    Also, I like the idea of your automated service, however I think it lacks timeout prevention. Every group I’ve gotten into has at least one afk member and too often its the leader. It’s a great start tho, I love literally everything else about your site!!

    • We’re looking into more ways to make sure someone stays ‘active’ – players who have left the site are removed from groups though

  • Christian Jimenez

    The planetdestiny lfg was the best lfg site I’ve ever used. I’ve been following you pre-release of the game and I support your site fully. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us with the destinylfg website

  • Ash_Killem

    I hope you bring some sort of feedback or mod system to LFG. Not sure if I just have back luck but every time my group picks up people from LFG they are either an elitist prick or just an asshole in general and really brings down the group.

    I have had much better luck on r/fireteams and other than the occasional failure and dropout have not really had any bad experiences which I would relate building a good community which this site does seem to have.

  • whohash

    Any chance yall could condense the home page? As it is or w/e the site is loads like all the posted groups for every event. makes loading and browsing the page a big pain.

  • ShadowKid82

    Awesome! I already liked the LFG here, only problem was no one really used it. Now that you have the original LFG site LFG is going to be awesome from now on.


    You guys dont cease to amaze this wonderful community! thanks for making destiny a more enjoyable game!

  • metalman5150


  • Where is the App version we need that

  • Hedhntr6

    Will there be a windows phone version? It would be nice to have, since Bungie can’t be bothered with supporting all of their fans.