Destiny will require “up to 40 GB”

For the Xbox One at least, images of the retail copy of Destiny have been revealed which show the storage space that we’ll eventually need. Those who have already pre-loaded Destiny – on either PS4 or Xbox One – know that the install size for the base game clocks in somewhere around 18GB, but the retail box claims the game’s full scale could reach as high as 40GB.

Of course, this is only a recommendation by Bungie. As the game progresses and the content expands, the GB size will inevitability get bigger too.

At launch Destiny’s game size is unlikely to be any more than 30 GB, though with the future expansions, it’s got some room to grow.

If you haven’t already picked yourself up a copy of the Destiny Limited edition Newsweek magazine and want to see what’s inside, Mesa Sean Gaming has a video overview of its contents.

Finally, have you ever wondered what Destiny would look like in 60 FPS? Video courtesy of Reddit user alexbull_uk


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  • StarMerc698

    I have very little faith in the 18GB claim for the full game being ‘definitive’. I do believe in the ‘Up to 40BGB’ for launch, but DLC, etc. are NEVER counted in that amount. Look at BF4 for example. I’ve lost almost 55GB of Hard Drive space with the DLC, when the box only calls for 35GB for the game’s install. So, I’ll take the game’s size with a grain of slat until someone takes the shiny disc and installs it and gives us photo proof.

    Also, there was never any reason for Destiny (or any other game) to run 60 FPS. Your eyes can’t tell the difference. No need to feed the trolls with someone’s upscaled video.

    • chris

      The game on DISC itself is 40GB alone so the full game is around 60GB-80GB downloading online so the dlc will probably be around 5GB or so is my guess and also if you doubt this I have seen this in person and its posted on websites like BestBuy/Gamestop so it is real

    • David

      Oh seriously…… Not the “Your eyes cant see more then 30fps” crap talk again.
      There are like thousands of articles and studies about this topic. And if you ever tried it out your self comparing 30 to 60 to 100 to even 200 on a PC. You can for sure notice the difference. So stop talking total crap, and use google or try it out your self.

  • snowdrop150 .

    wtf 60 fps, how he managed to that!!!