DeeJ on Dark Below Story, Destiny 2

Published on: Dec 7, 2014 @ 21:17

DeeJ talks with IGN at Playstation Experience about Destiny’s story in The Dark Below, and lets the community know that Bungie is listening to the feedback.

For more speculation about Destiny’s sequel and where we’ll visit, check out this video/article.

Character Progression

We’ll most likely be able to keep our characters from Destiny into the next sequel, which is exciting news.

As for the Glimmer and Vault increases, by how much would you all like to see it increased?

The following video explains the Light ratings, shows off new Vanguard armor, and discusses DeeJ’s recent interview.

Sequel Transfers

It’s been no secret that we have a ten-year plan for the expansion and evolution of this franchise, and it’s something that we’re always dreaming about.

The idea is that the Guardian you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure. If you take a look at the way people have played other games for a long period of time, they’ve had a relationship with the same character for a very long time.

Glimmer & Vault Size

I want so badly for us to add more space to the Vault, because it is a constant, constant piece of feedback. People want to be collectors […].

We’re very sensitive to what people want, and we’d like to work as quickly as we can to integrate that stuff into the mix.


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • th3cookie

    Deej is 100% right about the matchmaking for the raid, it shouldn’t be implemented. Those complaining about it being implemented, seriously, stop. It’s perfectly fine like this and it’s not hard at all to find a team.


      Agreed, if you don’t have friends who have the time go on a forum, quit the bitching and go on a forum!

      • th3cookie

        Or use one of the MANY community made sites:

        Seriously, you have to be a really special kind of stupid not to be able to find a group.

        I don’t understand those people bitching about matchmaking

        • Christian

          I found one just by inviting people from the tower. Took about 30 mins to find a decent 6 man team.

          • insanetrasher

            If you play a lot 30 mins might be tolerable for you, but for me its totally unacceptable. When it could as simple as pressing a single button to start searching…

          • Micah Yang

            I get what you’re saying. I understand. I haven’t played the raid. I want too. But matchmaking isn’t the answer.

          • NLK3

            It is for some, and nothing has to be obsulute. Peole look at how the other raids have forced matchmaking (can’t change difficulty, can’t play them solo, etc.). People ignore the fact that EVERYTHING in game design has a fix, but people think it’s only one way to do it, and it’s only they way it has been.

          • aManwithONEarm

            then deal with ppl that dont have mic’s or just are complete crap without mic’s? and u are carrying them? matchmaking is a bad idea…

          • Christian

            I usually only play about an hour a day and 4 times a week. I only had to search for a team once (About 1 and a half months ago) and I’ve not needed to do it since. How is it unacceptable to spend half an hour only one time to get a team?

            You can’t just matchmake for a team in something like a Raid. It wont work like that. You’ll just end up with a tonne of people not using mics, not understanding how it works, not willing to communicate properly. It’s a sophisticated and comprehensive cooperative experience. It would just kill the whole idea of the Raid experience if you had to search for a random team, play about 5 mins in until you realized one or more players you matched with don’t know what to do, then restart the process until you find 6 players that all know what to do, understand the strategy, all use mics. It just doesn’t work like that. Finding a team that way would take much longer and be far more frustrating. Just go on a forum or ask people. “472,082 players” (2 months ago) had completed the raid since released. Why can’t you just search like everyone else? Sometimes it’s not about making the technology do everything for you, sometimes you have to socially contribute and form your own team.

          • Stephen Joel Williamson

            you can matchmake. LFG is just manual matchmaking.

          • Christian

            Lol, yeah. But the term “Manual” makes the technical phrase “Match-making” redundant. “Match-Making” is considered an automated system in the games industry.

          • Stephen Joel Williamson

            They dont have to add matchmaking but it is laughable that a third party website is the main source for puttign a group together. LFG should be an in game function. Where you can put yourself in a list with your character inspect is up and you can search for others.

          • Christian

            It would be nice. But it doesn’t seem worth the hassle to develop. Just asking people or putting up a forum post is just far to easy to do. Plus it’s been traditionally done with pretty much all Raid based game modes in games before. Runescape, World of warcraft etc, all did it like this too. It just doesn’t seem worth the time to develop. Yes, it would be nice, but it might not be efficient.

          • chris

            Then if its such a big deal for you go to Bungie in Seattle and go on the computer and then program matchmaking into the game fly back then go into your moms basement and log onto destiny and then play matchmaking then have fun leaving and joining/booting until you get that “perfect” team that has mics and knows what to do without asking and we all will give you the “Internet Warrior Award” and you can hang it to “Best Son Ever Award”

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      people are complaining not because they can’t find a group, but because they have to exit the game to find a group. Seriously, why do you need to exit a game just to play an integral part of a game? They should do what Warframe is doing. Certain stages of Warframe (the orokin Void stages,etc) do not support matchmaking as well but the game have a in-game chat channel used for people to recruit squads. Bungie will do well to implement something like that.

      • th3cookie

        So that i can hear a 12 year old pre-pubescent kid tell me he’s going to fuck my mother? No thanks. This is exactly why bungie didn’t implement it int he first place, then whingers complained, and as soon as it was implemented, we hear stories like this.

        No, have you played a destiny raid? it requires constant communication. Watch the video again and then tell me how if you were matchmade with 5 others all who don’t have mics and leave whenever they want, 99% of raids will never finish.

        I’m done trying to argue the fact that what i’m using now is benefiting me greatly. I’ve had maybe one raid out of 50 hard mode raids i’ve done, not end. So yeah i really hope bungie don’t implement matchmaking for raids. PERHAPS nightfalls/weeklies but the raid, NO!

        • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

          ‘have you played a destiny raid?’

          well…you were saying?

          Also, check out my clan, the amount of people in it and who’s the founder of that clan.

          Again, i am not saying they should add matchmaking in raid, but the organisation and gathering of a fireteam should be done in-game, not outside the game….like the warframe example i’ve quoted.

          • th3cookie

            Woah dude, you’ve got a level 30? man i must definitely listen to your opinion..


            How am i ever going to get my 3 characters to level 32 without in-game matchmaking *scratches head*.

            I own a clan too, just spending time marketing and asking people to join (like you clearly have) doesn’t mean your opinion is the correct opinion. Clearly matchmaking can’t be that bad if i’m able to have 3 lvl 30s.

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            i’m not saying you should listen to mine (and also i don’t think i should listen to yours too)……..what i am saying though is…why should bungie creates additional hurdles for people to play a game? I mean…both of us owned clans and are hardcore enough to overcome this hurdle but a majority does not. I may be a hardcore gaming but i don’t look down on casuals or people that have much less time than i am and yet still want to play some games. Like i say, a game should not ask you to quit a game to play it. It’s game, not work. All (not just hardcore) players should be able to enjoy it.

            And dude, get a life. Leveling a single character to lv30 is all i can tolerate out of the mundane of destiny. Asking me to grind through TWO more times………bungie will have to pay for me it, as that’s labour work, not gaming.

            That’s my opinion, at least. You are FREE TO DISAGREE.

          • Doc Dao

            someones new to MMOs. haha.

          • II me Gustav II

            Destiny is not a MMO 🙂

          • NLK3

            You are blessed (not in a religious way though), because Ionly got a chest piece for 2 of mine, and my other got 2 Iron Banner pieces. Hate IB, since it puts me on the worst leveled team about 85% of the time.

          • th3cookie

            Destiny is the only game i play when i’m not at work or out with friends. It’s a good game and getting lvl 30 was really easy for me

          • Toby Kirkby

            Your profile fails to impress me. Don’t flop your profile n the table like you are showing off a massive d1ck, in this case what you have to show is a little flopp


          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            Congratulations on spending time grinding and doing the same thing 3 times instead of doing something much more meaningful. In this case, my ‘d1ck’ is definitely not bigger than yours, going by how much time you are willing to spend on a controller doing the same thing 3x. Hats off to you then.

            Also, congrats on all the time spent only to have all your raid gear rendered useless with these new vendor gears.

            Finally, your clan is the shitz.


        • Micah Yang

          Those annoying 12 year olds…

        • NLK3

          Then use what benefits you greatly. Don’t use matchmaking. I would like matchmaking just to get something done. It annoys me that people think they can’t give you options in games. If they don’t have the time and money to do it, fine. 4 times may top it for me. And yeah, Thomas is right that it’s not the matchmaking, but making a fireteam more efficiently organizable. Waiting 30 mins to an hour to find a fireteam, just to do it for 3 hours and everybody quits afterwards gets me nothing but a few shards that I can find from public events. Doing it once per 3 characters weekly is impossible, since every time I get invited, we are usually already at Atheon or half the team left and we can’t finish it. Time is the issue, and people (and developers) need to know what it means to have options. Having only matchmaking is horrible, but making it optional is still good.

          • th3cookie

            I don’t exactly know your situation but for me, it’s never taken more than 15 minutes to find a team, and even then i got to choose them. The only reason i’m saying NOT to implement raid matchmaking is because everyone will jump ship and i won’t be able to get to choose who I WANT in my raid team. If you’ve ever done the hard mode raid you’ll know how hard it is with even 3 29’s and 3 30’s. With the new raid dropping, the new hard mode is going to be light level 33 (even though 32 is max level). That’s how hard bungie wants their raid to be. Matchmade raids will simply not work..

            Are you using the correct sites to find a team? I want to help you find one easier. I’ve found is my best one. I’ve never tried because the .net site works great for me. People advertise themselves and we can structure our groups how we want. e.g. LF 3 30’s and 2 29’s. It seriously doesn’t take long to make one, there are so many people on there looking for a group. If you were matchmade, it would be a disaster, no one talking, no one listening, 12 year olds being smartasses… you get it.

            Those saying that there is no downside to not implementing it are also wrong.. The sites used to find people would take a MASSIVE hit and no one will continue to use them, and then even finding a raid group will be RNG..

            Hopefully this sheds some light on why i think there should be no matchmaking.

          • insanetrasher

            This site do looks great to find teams. I must admit I dropped down on searching in those websites when the raid launched and the following week, but I did search quite a bit. Almost every player by that time were looking for PS4/Xbone and I was on PS3.

            I’ll give it a try, but I retain my opinion that, if well implemented ,matchmaking could be nice. Forget hard mode with matchmaking though, that we can agree.

      • Dylanlucas

        I agree 100% with you, they pretend to be a MMO without alot of features of an actual MMO.
        I love the game don’t get me wrong, but im still dissapointed that ESO on PS4 is delayed to 2015 😉

    • insanetrasher

      C’mon… the only drawback to not include it and according to them also is that it would create issues where players would left not giving a shit about completing it or being dicks while doing the raid. So truth is, they are just too lazy to implement prerequisites to have access to raid matchmaking queue and penalty upon quitting before the end and such things. Devs these days…

      • Toby Kirkby

        Players like you are why they wont implement it

        • insanetrasher

          Players like me? I’m curious to see your explanation.

        • Micah Yang

      • th3cookie

        Those “drawbacks” are huge! One person leaves, ok we wipe. another joins and sees were at templar (for example) and leaves straight away because he wants a ‘fresh’ run. Seriously, how are people not doing fine the way it is? It doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes to find a group that i actually CHOSE. It makes for a MUCH better raiding experience. I’ve also made tons of new online friends simply because of how much communication is required to complete the raid and going through it all together.. I’d love to see if they ever did implement it and you get 3 people speaking Portuguese, another 2 with no mics and sadly.. you. We’ll see how you like it then..

        • insanetrasher

          Those drawbacks are huge indeed. But they can be “fixed” by adding a prerequisites to raid (having completed x level 24 strikes/weekly/nightfall or whatever) and by giving a hard penalty on quitters (like x hours of playtime before being able to queue again in matchmaking).

          And like I just said, if its such a bad experience for you and your friends, you’ll just be back at creating your own fireteam like you’re doing right now. And it only takes 5 minutes like you just said….

          • th3cookie

            *Sigh* I can’t keep this up. You people are completely not listening.. if matchmaking existed, it would take me >1 hour to find a team. Hence i don’t want it. I’m not trying to be a dick or anything but please read my posts carefully..

          • insanetrasher

            Maybe, maybe not.
            My point is, if it turns out to be the case, what prevents you from forming a fireteam manually like you’re doing right now?
            If your friends are also having bad experience with matchmaking they’ll switch back like you will. What’s wrong with this?

    • KillTylerDurden

      Your argument, like that of DeeJ, is the minority view and rife with strawmen.

      Swearing 12 year-olds and 99% of raids will never finish because of no mics and people leaving? You must be new to online gaming. Quitters can be prevented by implementing a temporary debuff, or perhaps a buff for those left behind (i.e. one person leaves, everyone else gets a 20% boost).

      Fact of the matter is that those clamoring for matchmaking have been an outspoken majority from day one. This demand emanates from prior, positive experiences with matchmaking in similar scenarios. i.e. Raid matchmaking in World of Warcraft has been in place and working well, for years now.

      In your fighting to maintain the status quo, you’re leaving out the concept of the player base acquiring proper raiding skills and habits, along with better gear. Not everybody has a half-hour to burn prior to firing their first shot on a Vault raid. This leaves players left out and the base of ‘vault-experienced’ players cannot grow. This puts fewer players in a position where they’re ‘skills-ready’ for Crota, thus diminishing their capacity to get their $20 worth and be ready (and wanting) to drop another $20 on TDB. This is bad news for Activision shareholders and will be corrected, it’s only a matter of time.

      If you had any relevant, credible experience to assert, you’d have done so instead of posting an argument that boils down to ‘stop complaining’. You’re just one gamer among millions.

      tl;dr: Bungie, when told to so by Activision, will implement matchmaking after their first sales ‘miss’ on Destiny DLC.

      • th3cookie

        I’m a seasoned WoW player and that “debuff” when i quit literally barely affected me BECAUSE I WANTED TO LEAVE. Did you ever play the 25 man raids? it was a damn nightmare. no communication (however it didn’t really need it let’s be honest) and everyone was dying and not reviving etc. For a game like destiny, no communication would literally ruin the raid.

        you think my argument boils down to ‘stop complaning’? Jesus, you must be dumber than those complaining about wanting matchmaking or you didn’t bother to read my previous posts..

        Please i don’t have time for children like you.. bye

    • NLK3

      It takes too long to find a team, and it hurts nobody to add an optional feature.

      • th3cookie

        except the fact that everyone will start using it which in turn will make it harder for us to find people we actually think are competent enough to run it.. yeah won’t hurt i bet

        • insanetrasher

          Then if you get such a bad experience you’ll get back finding fireteam the way you actually are….

    • Lamp Shade

      Matchmaking for the Weekly heroic and Nightfall strikes, yes. Raids? no.

    • Conrade

      Trying to match make Crota’s end would end in nothing but disaster, maybe it a pug could do VOG like that, but the new raid is way way way harder and match made teams would fail at the bridge forever.


    Will there ever be new sparrows coming in TDB

  • Eric Grady Bauhof

    How they handle a character transfer system will be a big part of whether I continue with this series in the long term. I’ve invested enough time and money to make this first game worth it but say three years from now will I still care about Destiny enough to start from scratch if I’m only allowed to transfer my appearance or some token bonus for the next game.

    I feel the bridge between ME2 and ME3 would be the best method for this. Direct level transfer but a huge new cap to work towards with a reworked skill/talent/ability system. Just my .02$

    • insanetrasher

      It’ll probably look like that, so in final its whether you want to keep the same name/class/”skin” and thats about it (since you won’t have items/level advantage for more than few hours into D2). Which is pretty cool for those willing to carry over.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I am so glad they are not pampering to those few too lazy to find friends/players and not adding Matchmaking for the Raid and Weeklies. I really don’t want to have to play with clueless randoms, no mics, language differences and those after the rewards but not able/willing to put in the effort.
    It would be nice if there was a specific room/place in the Tower for players over a certain level to go if they are looking to do the high end activities just to make it a little easier for manual matchmaking.
    Glad they are talking about raising the Vault size and Glimmer cap – particularly Vault size. Just wish they would reverse the decision to reset all progress on Exotics. I am sure they could add another row of upgrades to unlock or have some form of ‘payment’ to keep progress – Maybe Motes of Light as they seem very limited in their use. for example if it costs 7,000 Glimmer to unlock and reset the upgrade maybe it could cost 7,000 Glimmer and 20 Motes of Light to keep the progress…

    • icwhatudidthere

      I get the raid matchmaking but what’s the difference between a weekly strike and a match made strike like in the playlists?

      • BAMozzy69 .

        Rewards and levels for a start. I enjoy the challenge of beating both of the Weekly Heroic and Nightfall Solo. I don’t want to be forced into playing these with Randoms – one of the other reasons I never play the Vanguard strike list.
        I know its not quite so important to have players with Mics etc but I wouldn’t want some random player just jumping in to get the nightfall or heroic reward and spend the entire time doing nothing or needing to be revived. The level of the Nightfall and top Heroic is currently 28 but you could have some 25’s doing it with you.
        There is still no reason why people can’t find others to do any of these with if they make some effort. Manual matchmaking is still an option. If people want to do it with others they have quite a few options – get involved with a group/clan on Bungie, look at DestinyLFG site and/or talk to people in the Tower – its not difficult!

        • insanetrasher

          Nobody would force you to play with randoms if there was an option to.

          Unless Bungie makes a “smart” move by not giving the choice when selecting the activity.

  • Diego Pedrollo

    “We’re very sensitive to what people want…”
    yep… that’s why we already have matchmaking for the Raid…

  • Reflex

    Has Bungie ever mentioned a release date/year for Destiny 2? Not ready to move on a new game yet, at all. Just curious.

  • Kevin Perkins

    Raising the Glimmer cap and making more space available in your vault are my only gripes, once this happens I will be at piece for the time being.

  • I get the whole “don’t add matchmaking thing”….However…..I’ve went and assembled a friends list of people from different parts of the world in order to have a group of people to play with (daily, strikes, raid, etc.). We only had maybe two-three hours available to play last night and we were able to get four of us together. We spent an hour trying to get those last two people via friends lists, and shooting out random requests to people in the tower. We ended up calling it because we just couldn’t get the last two people. Having matchmaking in this instance would have been nice as a last ditch effort, because at that point, we just wanted to play.

    • Jake Hobrath

      The only way to get to work reliably is to just start a Chat Party and start sending invites to everyone on destinylfg that matches what you need, works great every time. You’ll have six people in there in no time, usually no more than 10 minutes. While you’re waiting for the sixth, you can discuss what experience you have and what your strategy will be. I’ve finished the raid every time I’ve done it like this.

  • wilson

    It’s just plain laziness is what it is and Bungie doesn’t want to have to admit they don’t have nearly enough people working on the project to keep up with the demand. I think it speaks for itself… what MMORPG or MMOFPS doesn’t have in game looking for group functionality? Destiny… It’s half ass in everything it does so no surprise here. At the very least players should be able to flag themselves LFG nightfall, raid, etc… but apparently that’s too fucking much to ask for from a next gen game.

    Even better is the RNG bullshit that choose to use in the raids. So your telling me that in order to get to level 29 I need to grind rep and marks… fair enough. But once I get into the raid its all left to chance? So I potentially go on the raid 20 plus times and never get all my gear. I guess having a vendor with raid gear and awarding rep and marks for the raid is totally out of line with how Bungie expects us to play their game.

    It’s pretty obvious that Bungie has no fing clue what they are doing. They have a great game beautiful graphic etc.. but its all ruined with broken ass mechanics…

    • insanetrasher

      Unexperienced MMO devs can only ship with “broken” features like RNG based end game. And since they’re already into Destiny 2, we might only see major system changes in the sequel. Thats why I’m holding on buying “expansions….” until there is a huge deal on them.

  • Micah Yang


  • Spidi

    This told us more story then the whole DLC Dark Below.

  • Cosmik Monkey

    It seems to me they might have miss the mark on the story