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Destiny Reveal at E3 2013

Destiny Reveal at E3 2013

IGN published an article outlining some of the major titles expected to be at this year’s E3. Although Destiny is not officially confirmed, Bungie has said time and time again that they will “See you at E3″. Stay tuned for more details.

In the same article, IGN also listed the PC under the release platforms for Destiny, but this is most likely a typo. Watch below as MoreConsole takes us through the lastest Destiny rumor.

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  • Christopher Cowgill

    The only reason you guys posted this is :A. It contains destiny news and B. He gave your site more visiters.

    • Matt

      Why else would they post it

      • Christopher Cowgill


  • Tyler Herndon

    I don’t think Bungie would do a PC version. They’re more adept with console controllers. Even the Gameinformer interview stated that.

    • Squatchmen

      That’s the only platform Bungie MIGHT leave out and thats a big ‘might’.

      I still think they should do it for PC, knowing there’s a huge audience there

    • Erik R

      bungie more adept at console controllers? lol!

      they were making computer games long before halo came around.

      i would love to play destiny with a wii u controller but if not, the pc shall do.

  • Squatchmen

    Can’t wait for more info!

    And another thing, I think Bungie will make Destiny for PC, I can just feel it.The primary platforms I think they are making it for are 360, PS3, 720, and PS4 – but I still think they are also making it for the PC, Wii U, and PS Vita

    • Christopher Cowgill

      Hopefuly not for the Wii, nor the PS Vita.

      • Squatchmen

        So troll, why do you say that?

        You might not answer intelligently knowing that trolls have low IQ

        • Christopher Cowgill

          Just saying that the Wii is not probaly the best console for FPS(or SWS), and I do think that Destiny will probally have some features on the Vita, most likely, the whole game wont be on there.(if i’m a troll you must be a squatch man :) )

          • Squatchmen

            I think the Wii U is perfectly suited for this type of game, and the Vita will have the full game of Destiny and not just some features.

            The Wii U and Vita are kind of on the same par as one another and Destiny will be perfectly fine on the systems

          • Christopher Cowgill

            maybe, but neither where listed on the E3 list, so Destiny most likely won’t be on them.

  • HaloFanForever

    I wonder if they would be able to get on so many different systems if they didn’t have Activision’s help.