Destiny Mythbusters

The popular video game Mythbuster series of videos tests the myths and urban legends of popular games. The first episode that focuses on Destiny has some interesting tricks to use in the game, even if their utility is somewhat limited.

DefendTheHouse has added Destiny to its long line of quality productions. Specifically, they’ve made one of their archetypal ‘Mythbusters’ episodes to debut the game on their channel. There are so many undiscovered nuances and secrets held within the game’s confines.

Video: Destiny Mythbusters Episode 1

Confirmed or Busted?

Here are the myths that get either ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Busted’ in the video:

Myth: You can splatter enemies with a sparrow.


Myth: Your sparrow can kill enemies after you have jumped off of it.


Myth: If you aim while crouched behind cover, you will peek over it.


Myth: You can have two Ward of Dawn shields out at the same time.


Myth: You cannot kill a Hobgoblin while they have their shield up.


Myth: You can resist some damage from a Warlock’s Axion Bolt by sitting down.


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  • WSquared88

    The axion bolt myth is funny. I never expected that to work.

    • Raxs

      I agree 😀 Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use it effectively though :S

  • Micah Yang

    Yeah of all the myths that was the one I didn’t think was true

  • Raxs

    That’s awesome. I have learned to like these “Mythbuster” videos. I figured out most of these, but some are very helpful. I never knew you could look over cover like that. Very, very handy (:

    I have been using the Sparrow explosions and legitimate strategies on multiplayer XD Nothing is more fun than sending one of those into players capturing an objective. It’s not very effective but it’s good fun watching their reactions 😀

  • John Blue

    “Myth: You cannot kill a Hobgoblin while they have their shield up.


    I wonder, only with Supers or are there other ways too?

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