Destiny’s Loot Mistakes

Published on: Jan 25, 2015 @ 7:56

Dreading having to re-level your exotics when House of Wolves rolls out? According to Bungie’s Lead Raid Designer, Luke Smith, you won’t have to.

Admitted Mistakes

Smith couldn’t discuss specifics, but in a post on NeoGAF, he announced that Bungie recognized their mistakes with The Dark Below. He specifically cited post-DLC vendor gear invalidating Vault of Glass raid gear and Exotics losing their perks after being upgraded.

These mistakes will not be repeated, promises Smith.

He goes on to say that although the team was happy with the increased drop rate for gear in Crota’s End—putting a rest to the “forever 29” limbo some players experienced in VoG—they’ve recognized that earning Radiant materials has become a barrier between players equipping their new raid gear.

It appears that Bungie will be experimenting with another system for gear acquisition and leveling for the next expansion.

We’re not intending to adjust the shard economy for this Tier — we don’t want to invalidate player effort (again). But removing the barrier between that new drop you’re excited to get and actually being able to equip it as a member of your arsenal are something we will do going forward.

dark below loot mistakes

Smith says that Bungie’s goals for armor in Crota’s End was to drop at a higher frequency so that it was less difficult to obtain light level 32 than it was with 30. The team also wanted more variability of perks and stats so that even if leveling up was easier, players would have deeper customization options to explore in finding their perfect build. The problem with this being the aforementioned “Shard economy.”

Luke Smith goes on to say that, [Bungie’s] philosophy about rewards and loot will continue to evolve as we see how players play and react.

What do you think? What could they do to improve the House of Wolves loot system? Were you looking forward to re-leveling your exotics when House of Wolves came out? No, we weren’t either.

That Exotic Feeling

Fighting for hard-to-earn loot, only to watch your weapons and armor slowly degrade in value over time, is something most MMO players are probably used to. With Destiny, earning an Exotic feels like an achievement because it’s immune to the loot treadmill. Most of the Exotics could easily get you through the House of Wolves expansion and Plague of Darkness.

Bungie has already announced plans to bring player’s existing characters into Destiny 2, so we can only assume that includes our Exotics.

Bungie’s proper curation of the Exotic system will be a huge factor in successfully realizing their ten year plan for Destiny. When The Dark Below released, players saw their Vault of Glass gear lose out to vendor gear on day one. It’ll be interesting to see how Bungie will handle vendor gear differently with House of Wolves, but one thing that won’t ever change is that old gear will be outclassed by new gear.

Thankfully, Exotics function as a pressure valve on the system. Knowing that not all of the weapons and armor will become material fodder in a few months is a fantastic way of making the gear ramp less daunting.

If one of the most satisfying moments I’ve had with Destiny was upgrading Thorn, one of the least satisfying was staring at the un-leveled Thorn in my inventory. Currently the price to upgrade Exotics is downright punishing. Having to wait for Xûr to sell the exotic upgrade I’m looking for and spending an exotic shard should be enough. Considering many Exotics don’t feel “exotic” until they unlock their namesake perk, starting with a fresh one when already having used the Exotic at its peak is just frustrating.

xur agent nine destiny exotics


Plenty of community members pose solutions to the Exotic problem. Many of the most reasonable suggestions center around rewarding the player for their previous time spent with their weapons or armor. This could mean anything from only enabling fully maxed Exotic gear to qualify for the Xûr bump, or having Exotics that go through the upgrade have everything up to and including their namesake perk unlocked.

Perhaps the Destiny community has become so pragmatic in their dealings with Bungie that the idea of having all exotics instantly switch over to the appropriate values after an expansion has evaded them. That flag was waved shortly after Vex Mythoclast was buffed to its current value, but the sentiment was thrown to the ether shortly thereafter.

Adjusting Exotics to always meet the maximum light value for gear and damage value for weapons—at first, that sounds crazy, especially in the context of loot-driven games. Exotic gear on the first day of expansions would be equivalent to raid gear with the flick of a switch.

Even before stepping foot in The Arena, the planned House of Wolves raid, players would already have equivalent gear in sitting in their inventory, collecting dust in their bank and already equipped on their characters.

widow's court map house of wolves

Bungie’s pre-existing systems already compliment this, though. Since players can only wear one piece of Exotic armor and weapon, it wouldn’t trivialize the difficulty of future content. This change would also reward the player for their previous time spent with the game, even as they push aside their TDB gear to make room for new House of Wolves toys.

The concept of Exotics being immune to the loot treadmill is fascinating, but Exotics don’t feel mysterious or unique when leveling them a second time.

Thankfully Bungie admitted that upgrading an Exotic, resetting its talents was a mistake.


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  • sbrozzi

    I love the game but… $500 million to develop and they didn’t have this stuff clear at launch? I am getting the feeling like I am still playing the Beta!

    • Nighthawk_0430

      Jesus, it did not cost 500$ million to develop the game. That 500$ million was everything, from development to salaries to marketing. People really need to learn that

      • sbrozzi

        Oh my bad, not $500 million… So at WHAT development amount do you need to get the loot system right at? This is Bungie and Activision. Every week I am wondering what is getting nerfed? What is getting buffed? My gear from VOG is useless will it get upgraded? Why did my friend get an old pre-DLC Suros for completing VOG Hard AFTER the Dark Below release? He had to farm glimmer, buy an Exotic shard so he could get the NEW Suros from Xur! This is amatrurish at best! So you are right. People need to LEARN what the true development cost was. And Bungie & Activision need to relearn to iron out the basic economy of a game before releasing it.

        • Bobby Jennings

          1. This is how MMO’s work first of all. RNG. Whether you like it or not, it exists in many games with any kind of loot system.
          2.The VoG Exotic dropping 1.0 versions of weapons has been addressed and fixed already.
          3. Don’t blame Bungie, blame Activision.

          • Jesse Aguinaga

            i hate this explanation… this isnt an MMO so we shouldnt treat it as one, i have never ever played an MMO where the next expansion is months after initial release, never have i played an MMO where grinding and farming didnt feel rewarding, or what about the fact that Boss fights arent boss fights… i for one will never treat this game as an MMO its a MP game that is all

          • Bobby Jennings

            No but it’s using MMO mechanics. Hate the explanation or not, it’s fact. And it’s fact about this game.

          • Bobby Jennings

            “never have i played an MMO where grinding and farming didnt feel rewarding,”

            That’s entirely your opinion so yeah…just cause it isn’t rewarding to you, doesn’t mean it isnt to anyone else

          • Nick Davidson

            1. wrong. NO MMO worth its salt has a RNG based loot system. It has either fixed rewards or a choice of rewards.

            3. I blame both equally.

        • ceedoubleyou

          Bungie has already admitted that they made mistakes in the way that gear/weapons upgrades were handled in the Down Below DLC. To me, that’s a good sign that the next DLC will be handled differently.

          I have many of the same complaints as you –I certainly wish they had figured all this out before release– but I am very pleased to see that Bungie is hearing the unhappiness of the player community and moving to make it better. In the past, we’ve all played games from AAA game companies who could care less whether we liked their product, once they have our money.

          Bungie’s 500 million dollar project is a ten year project; not just one Destiny but many. Because of Bungie’s willingness to consider and respond to input from players like you and me, I have high hopes that future Destiny games will get better and better as we go along.

          • Donnie Stuart

            bungie isnt hearing everyone’s unhappiness, because we dont have trading, we cant skip cut scenes, Xur isnt selling Ghorn, i cant use more than one exotic weapon at a time, and the fact that when i top the crucible scoreboard and get nothing? is bull crap, so no, they aren’t hearing everyone’s unhappiness

          • ceedoubleyou

            Well, I also certainly wish they would do all those things. But I think there’s a difference between not changing the rules abruptly as they did with the DLC gear light levels, and doing every single thing on players’ wish list .

            Personally, I’d like the “Ice Breaker” to have way more ammo (50 shots would be nice!) but I can se how that could make it too powerful. “Hearing our unhappiness” isn’t about them changing the game to whatever we decide we’d like, but rather simply making the game a fair place for all players (PVE and PVP) without constantly changing the rules whenever Bungie decides they’d rather us play in a different way than the way we want to –and already– play.

          • Donnie Stuart

            i agree with icebreaker needing more ammo, but this whole thing of guns being to powerful or making something to easy is coming from people who are whiners and babies who cant handle pvp, and they need to stop playing it, and as far as too easy goes, well we need a little of it for crota’s hard raid

        • Christian

          This is Pure Games industry ignorance. Just because you can’t figure out how a Digital Media Company Works doesn’t mean there is something unethical in the system. Developing a Video game costs an obscene amount of money. Especially when it is a intricate as Destiny. It’s much larger and more complicated than any other FPS on the market. Does Halo, CoD or Battlefield even have a Loot system? Do they constantly add massive, very detailed cooperative activities? No.

          • Ikki Minami

            just wait till the moment comes when you are about to beat crota on hard mode the first night then your fireteam gets kicked out a the last sliver of health….then reply to people

          • Christian

            That’s your connection/bandwidth. I’ve never been kicked out of a game on my console. I’ve played on Friends Xboxs several times before and been disconnected due to their connectivity. Ergo: It’s primarily a connection issue. It depends on your Bandwidth, NAT settings and/or Provider connection. This happens with all Games. It’s not a problem exclusive to Destiny. Servers aren’t and never will be immaculate. Not having great internet doesn’t help the problems. Destiny has never had any worse issues compared to other games I own or the ones I have tried on other consoles. People just complain about it like it’s something new, It’s just another gaming community hate trend.

          • Ikki Minami

            Lol look up google fiber then tell me that again….theres a reason why destiny has a bad rep for errors kid

          • Christian

            Ah, insults. I’d think more carefully before making hypocritical remarks.

            Regardless: providers aren’t perfect in every area, you should know this. Google Fiber doesn’t automatically mean you are immune to all external interfereances. I’m with BT and have never had an error at my place. Is BT perfect? No. But I’m in an isolated region with very few interferences, hence, I’ve never suffered problems in the matter.

            You just need to suck it up. There is no need to get angry over broadband and connectivity issues and start flinging insults around childishly. It just makes me realize you are not capable of fully understanding broadband technology in such a sense, especially if you can’t go two comments into a simple disagreement without throwing out all of your toys. If you are just going continue acting so childishly, I see no reason to say anything to you. I have things to do.

          • BurningPlayd0h

            Having a good ISP doesntatter if you have a poorly configured home network. The ONLY times I have been disconnected from Destiny were when XBL was DDoSed.

          • Ikki Minami

            I feel like you don’t know what google fiber still is because I have an AMAZING setup ISP and networking wise and when the company even jokes about all their bugs it generally means something’s wrong

      • BSAdidas

        To develop a game requires paying the people who do the developing. Yes, people know that they advertise the game and that the cost of such advertising comes out of the $500 million budget set aside to develop the game. You don’t have to be an a$$ because someone didn’t mention marketing costs. So it did indeed cost $500 million to develop the game.

        • Nighthawk_0430

          That’s the thing though, people assume the game was 500$ million, and all the salaries and advertising was extra money. I’m just tired of stupid idiots spewing false rumors, then having to see it for months afterwards

    • Bobby Jennings

      500million put into the 10-year plan, not into this single game.

      • HauntedHat


        • Bobby Jennings


    • Mezi-Crochet

      I think it’s normal than they try somethings and ajust to the players and comments. You would prefer them to go their way?

  • Topher’s Grace

    Maybe having a subclass system that has different perks, much like the characters themselves. The exotics can be considered to be ever evolving, therefore new perks makes the re-leveling feel like new material to work with, rather than just starting over. Hell, add elemental damage to more exotics would be nice….

  • DavyFX

    Fantastic news and great write up. It’s good to hear Bungie is listening.
    Here were my own suggestions to fixing Exotics and economy that I posted a while back on the Bungie forums:

  • Reflex

    Honestly, I feel like you should have to beat the previous raid before buying any Vanguard for the DLC. Sort of like a commendation. Technically you can just bypass the raid and just wait for the next DLC to level up, which is retarded imo. Makes the raid (arguably the best piece of content in the game) pointless.

    • Christian

      That way, players that only want the House of Wolves wont be able to play it :/ The Vendor gear has to be good enough to prepare you for the current activities.

      • Y0urDepression

        A better Idea would be vendor gear hits level 30, vog hits 31, Db hits 32, and wolves hit 33 that would at least better address the issue of a lot of people no longer playing the old raids and it wouldn’t straight up dash people’s hard earned raid gear.

        • Christian

          Would be nice. I wouldn’t mind doing the raids all over again to get the good gear. It gives reason to use the old stuff instead of ignoring it.

          I honestly would prefer it if when you reached Vanguard 4 it stops levelling up. Like Eris. When the new DLC comes out, 2 new Vanguard ranks are available. Rank 5 and 6. Reaching the higher ranks lets you buy the upgraded vendor stuff, but still keeps the old items. But the raid items should always be better.

  • Christian Jimenez

    The only thing they need to do is add more upgrade slots instead of resetting the progression. It’s so simple. I don’t know how they can’t think that up on their own.

    • I wonder if it was the thought of “how can we stretch this out longer?”….Obviously people weren’t cool with that idea. I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t have thought of that, as well.

  • Kou Vang

    It nice to see that this reset of exotic weapon and gear wont happen again, im still waiting for vault and glimmer cap increase…

    • Donnie Stuart

      that, and trading

      • Green Arrow

        I don’t think trading is a good option in this game… It would make the game so easy…

        • Donnie Stuart

          um no, im sick of the constant grind bullshit and getting nothing from it every freaking time, im tired of it and RNG’S BS.

  • Rufus Maximus

    Luke Smith isn’t talking about exotic shards..he is talking about ascendant shards with their low drop rate. Remember the gear dropped in raids is mostly Legendary, not exotic. It is truly sad when it is easiest way to get the ascendant shards is to buy legendary gear and dismantle it for parts… not to mention upgrading exotics is easy with the one exotic shard at the end…and those are easy to get with 7 strange coins…

    • ah yes, well Radiants, but fixed

    • BurningPlayd0h

      Lol, low drop rate for shards? I can get 4+ in 20 min from doing the daily and public events.

      Also he was talking about Radiant shards in the post. Those are what are preventing some people from hitting 32 right now.

  • Wedo0325

    Will exotics still be upgradable in house of wolves.

    • HenryDF

      I assume so, though I’d expect it to only be from 331 to whatever the next Attack upgrade is (362?) rather than being able to go from 300 to 362.

  • Topside 21

    I feel that getting and upgrading exotics should be a quest line and instead of Xur selling you the exotics he sells you the bounties to get the exotics.

    Like with the Thorn bounty, I think you should just get Thorn when you beat the summoners pit and be able to use it, but you take damage every time you shoot it until you cleanse it with the speaker. each objective gives you an item to unlock a perk, like killing 500 hive unlocks final round and kills with void damage unlocks a damage upgrade, with killing Xior ultimately unlocking mark of the devourer.

    Also wouldn’t it be cool if at the end of Thorn’s perk tree it gives you the option to either cleanse it back to its original form Rose or corrupt it even further making it more grotesque, increasing its power and unlocking another unique perk depending on which choice you made.

    • Morgan Needham

      Yea would be more rewarding, but its a bit late now isn’t it.

      • Topside 21

        Sadly yes. Destiny’s economy is very bloated in its current state due to the many brash decisions Bungie made. Too many people are carrying top exotics like Gjallarhorn (which i feel should have been the top reward in the Iron banner event instead of a random drop), causing Raid bosses to last 2 minutes and not be difficult at all. Exotics just don’t feel special, either because there terrible, because of the way you get them, and because it seems everyone else has them.

        Even the community is affected by this. Most people just go through Raids to get loot instead of for the experience and iv’e lost count of how many times i was shunned from a group because i didn’t have Ice Breaker or Gjallahorn. High level items should not be random or bought, they should be earned in a meaningful way that makes you feel like you earned it. Exotics should not drop in raids, and raid gear should not be random, instead make it so that at each section you get an item that you can turn in to someone at the tower for a reward, making you chose the reward you want.

        • Donnie Stuart

          Gjallahorn needs to be available for purchase more often same with ice breaker, and they both need to have higher drop rate chances

    • Toh Tohs

      one flaw – the thorn bounty for hunters is nearly impossible to beat – no void class specs and if you don’t have a good snipe hand or aetheons epilogue you’re stuck with the bounty… for 3 months –
      I’ve done VOG on regular and hard more than 50 times.. not once have I had it drop – not even the Chatterwhite Shader –
      IE Thorn bounty was designed for Titans and Warlocks –
      NOT Hunters lol

      • ceedoubleyou

        I’ve actually thrown away the Thorn bounty three times now because I got frustrated trying to finish the crucible part of the bounty. Some people (and yes I mean, me) are terrible at the crucible and find that a bounty requiring lots of crucible kills to be fairly impossible.

        I think all Exotic Bounties should have a non-crucible option for completion.

        • Toh Tohs

          I agree – have a PVP and PVE set for weapons and gear – its like the game is forcing you to take part in the multiplayer aspect –
          why ? I want to play the game as much as I can by myself – random match making for strikes and raids should be standard with an option to match make regular missions on higher difficulty

          • Taylor6979

            I don’t want to have to deal with the games shitty single player yet I have to deal with it more than you do for one bounty. I have noticed people bitch about the Thorn Bounty almost exclusively as their “It’s not fair I have to do this!” But too bad everyone has to deal with shit parts from the game there is no reason that they should make Exotic Bounties Crucible Exempt.

          • ThiefofAlways

            So just because you had to deal with a shitty aspect of the game it shouldn’t be improved or changed? ….Ok

      • hilltop804

        Strange how your stats say you’ve only done the raid 20 times and completed it 6 times…

        If you go into the crucible with a void shotgun or fusion rifle and a void MG, you can finish that part of the bounty in an hour or 2, no problem. Just try to do a little better than your overall kd (.78)

        Protip: Don’t lie about your stats.

        • Sumpner

          Yeah, I had a blue void shotgun, it took me 10 matches to get to 500, it was quite easy.

          The Level 26 Epic Raid on the other hand, thats where i struggle.

          I still cant do it.

          • Dustkun

            Epic Raid? you mean the normal raid when its on xbox 360 or one i can help you get when we get some people together i think its doable

          • Sumpner

            For the Thorn Exotic Bounty you need to do a special, only available when the bounty is active, level 26 Summoning Pits with Epic modifier.

            I have tried it Solo and with a level 31 friend. Always ends in failure. Its pretty tough, and i am level 30.

            If you could help, that would be amazing. Gamertag is Sumpner and i am on the Xbox One.

          • inquisitor314

            try not to run into the pit, take your time and dont be afraid to change weapons

          • Run_Forest_Run

            I finished the Thorn bounty 2 weeks ago. The Void part in the Crucible I thought initially was going to be a real PIA to do. I have the Secret Handshake shotgun with VOID damage and the Truth Rocket launcher also VOID, and the MG18. Just play Control Matches with all VOID weapons of choice (shotgun) and you will rack the points up fairly quickly. Plus the Warlock VOID Super helps. Forget Death Match. Takes forever, plus its harder.

            To complete the last part I simply played a standard 26 strike with matchmaking, got a couple of other level 30+ people matched, put on the headset and asked if they would help me when we finished the strike with my bounty. Not a problem they put on their mics and were happy to help out. One had already done it for someone else. Started a Fireteam with them and we kicked it’s ass first try. The trick is shooting everything in the first wave before releasing the chained beast or going in the middle. 2nd wave would not show up until we released him. Just stick together, kill everything except whatshisname (?) and wait until the 3rd wave when the witches show up. Whoever has the bounty just hang in the rocks in the back left, she comes up the stairs from the spawn platform below, and blast away until deed done, the other 2 covers the bounty player. I was the only one to shoot at her just to be on the safe side.

            Frankly, I thought the Pocket Infinity bounty was harder to finish. At least more of a grinding pain in the ass especially the 200 Weekly Nightfall kills with a Fusion Rifle by myself.I got sent back to orbit after maybe 8-10 kills per try. Tedious comes to mind.

          • Sumpner

            I managed to do it in the end, but thanks anyway.

            I also got the Bad Juju bounty the other day, that was hella easy, apart from grinding the strikes, the whole thing took 12 hours to do.

          • Run_Forest_Run

            Yea I finished that one too. Agreed fairly easy. Working on the Invective shotgun now. They just had to add the weekly strike in. If they had matchmaking a non-issue…..

          • Sumpner

            Yeah, matchmaking is an issue, though i have been using the Bungie Forums to look for teams to play with, had quite a bit of success with that.

      • rico brown

        Not designed for Titans but warlocks, titans void is a bubble which causes no damage. I used a void fusion and corrective measure and if you get a kd of 1 or more its easy to get the bounty.

      • inquisitor314

        i suggest you get some friends because i did the thorn bounty as a hunter and got my thorn. sometimes it is not the bounty but the player thought system that needs changing. you have cloak as well as diferent gun sets. use them

      • Rob Holden

        Not true.., I did it with my Sunsinger Warlock using Truth and a Void Fusion rifle, Final Rest, that had the Accelerator Coil perk making it as fast as Light of the Abyss.., a one punch lunch.

  • Matt

    Mistake? lol oops, it only nuked half of our community.

  • Joe

    Regarding house of wolves Raid and shards, bungie should make some type of combination such as one ascendant shard and one radiant shard you combine to make like a token to get into the new raid giving you three tries of the raid. With VOG being almost pointless now, people can buy vendor gear with higher light level than VOG raid gear making it useless even though the perks of raid gear from VOG were useful unlike Crota raid gear perks in PVP and PVE. Therefore encountering 30 and 31’s with no raid experience at all. It should be still you have to do VOG to do Crota to do new raids. VOG was fun and challenging, Crota is too don’t get me wrong but sometimes feels less exciting with your Fireteam. If anything atleast also increase the VOG raid gear to light level 36 like Crota upon new DLC so it would give players a reason to do VOG besides trying to get what will be outdated guns such as the Vex and Fatebringer which are awesome. Before seeing a 30 in the tower was rare. Now everyone is a 32. It seems like the race to get 32 was too fast and short of a race.

    • Donnie Stuart

      vex needs to go upto 331 along with fatebringer and visions of confluence and atheon’s void auto

  • Christian

    One thing I really hope happens: I hope the Vendor gear is going to be worth buying. I liked the changes last time; it gave me something to work towards. I really hope when the next DLC comes out there is a reason to buy the awesome new vanguard gear. I don’t want to be prepped for the raid straight away, I want to work for it.

    I will be very disappointed if I am lost for reason to buy the HoW vendor gear. It will just prove to be a waste of game content. We are proposed with fresh and fantastic new looking gear to level up and become attached to. To give our guardians a whole new look and feel. It is truly tremendous. To have that taken away will be obscene and really is just deducting part of Destiny’s way of play. If we aren’t levelling stuff up, what are we doing? Playing patrols? Doing the Story over? Think about it.

  • Ikki Minami

    They should stop trying to upgrade shit and work on fixing their fucking bugs I hate lagging outta raids right when we beat it and getting screwed outta my loot so stupid they are building a house but not fixing the sink

  • Dresden

    I have 90 Ascendant Shards. I’d like to see an implementation of being able to convert them up to Radiants. Even if it took 5 Ascendant to equal out to 1 Radiant, it would be worth it.

    • Dan

      I love this idea!

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      Yes, me too. I have 150+ ascendant shards and i’m only on ONE character! Since i’m already on lv32 now, what’s the point of even giving me Ascendent shards? I can’t even sell this shards for glimmer!

      • Nick Davidson

        Be nice if we could, oh I don’t know……TRADE THEM eh Bungie? You know like your customers have been screaming for since launch. (In fact since the ALPHA)

    • Jose Lago

      i have over 300 shards,# 1 reason to stop doing the daily

      • Lucas

        I do the daily at level 22 for the engram 😛

    • Nick Davidson

      erm eris does that already, admittedly it’s unlocked at level FOUR (which is farcical tbh), but it does already exist.

      • Donnie Stuart

        um no, thats radiant energy that can be turned into radiant shards, he wants to be able to take Ascendant materials and make them radiant materials, which eris does not do, so it does not exist

  • Jacob Cox

    The problem is if you want to have a life and be able to play other games as well. Having to re-level up gear is pointless. I have entirely to much time in this game and between the luck you have with RNG. I personally have good luck but to have 400+ hours of time taken away is a little much. Paying to upgrade is fine I still had equipment to upgrade but they will never be leveled cause what will be upgraded first. Ice Breaker, Hawkmoon, Ghally, Thorn, Suros, Plan C and a tons of armor as well. With only just 25000 glimmer this makes leveling 3 weapons a week a job and it has started to lose how much fun the game was. I honestly am tired of the game and the raid is all it has left cause leveling up a gun I had already leveled has burned me out.

  • Fenrir

    A solution i think would really helps is that if we dismantle raid gear, we get special material that enable us to upgrade all raid gear to the new level. That way we need to do the raid to get the material and we can use the gear we want. Personally, i like better how i look with my VOG gear.

  • Dan

    I hope they do fix these issues. The game would definitely be better for it. That being said… Vault space. Glimmer issues. Easier/cheaper methods to obtaining Heavy Ammo synth or at least having Xur consistently sell it. Glitches in Hard Crota Raid. Glitches in Vault of Glass. Those still need to be a priority too. Quit working on the cheese and work on the meat

  • Jason Peterson

    Simple fix.

    Give newest version of whatever exotic piece you’re upgrading with all the perks leveled except the last few damage/defense bubbles.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    The issue of Exotic Weapons becoming outdated with each new Expansion maybe wouldn’t be so bad IF like the Legendary weapons, they were completely replaced by a NEW equivalent set. On release of the Dark Below, we got 2 (3 on PS) new Exotics and not one is particularly great. One is probably the worst Exotic (No Land Beyond)
    I wouldn’t have minded having to upgrade my Gear with Xur if all progress was transferred over. If it was fully upgraded before, it is fully upgraded after. That way EVERYONE invests the same. Paying 7.5k-ish and a Exotic Shard to go up 2pts of Damage (initially) and lose everything invested felt like a kick in the teeth especially as some could pay the same and go up from 274 to 300 and not lose anything.
    Bungie could have kept the VoG relevant by adjusting the Armour/weapons to be similar to the Dark Below and add Radiant Shards/Energy to the rewards instead of the Ascendants. All the Armour/Weapons you have would stay the same but you could play the VoG to get the new version and/or Radiant Shards/Energy. We all (probably) would love a 331 VoC, Fatebringer etc and I doubt it would stop many wanting to get the CE weapons too.
    I know I am a bit of a Hoarder when it comes to Weapons as I have all Exotics, All the VoG weapons and now all the CE weapons too – I don’t count Nechrochasm as a CE ‘weapon’ as it doesn’t drop here. I also have Murmur and Eidollon Ally (at least until I get my Crux). I really don’t want to have to dismantle any – in particular the VoG weapons – just because they are superceded as EACH was earned, a trophy of an encounter. Exotics and Raid weapons are special in the context of this game and I hoped Bungie would keep them that way. I know I would have more interest in Playing the Vault IF the rewards were updated in line with Crotas End. I would want to get a 331 version of these weapons even if it requires Radiant Energy now – same with Armour I expect. It would lead to more Variety as people could mix and match Raid armour and still be 32.

  • Chad Michael Duffney

    Personally I think the old raid gear looks better than the new stuff(for example Kabr’s Battlecage) so I believe the way we can still use the old stuff is we should be able to trade an old piece to the respective vanguard mentor along with 5 motes of light and 10 ascendant shard to get a light level 36 version of said piece. This way the old stuff can be viable and we’ll be able to get rid of the ascendant shards that we have collected and will probably never use again.

  • I_Rate

    I would suggest that when the next dlc drops that there would be an always available npc to reset the damage upgrades on weapons and defense upgrades on armor but keep all the other perks and current damage/armor rating. It would also be cool to see some of the exotics and legendaries evolve and unlock new perks when they were reset. New XP would go to unlocking new damage/defense upgrades and expanding perk trees allowing for greater customization of weapons and armor.

  • Drakan

    It sure was a damn mistake to force us players to re-level exotics.

    Someone should’ve taken a picture of my face when it dawned on me that we were
    expected to re-level AGAIN (!) all our existing exotics. Wot??

    There’s NO way I’m doing that again for HoW. I’d quit the bloody game instantly and move on.

    As much as I love this game, some of the design decision have been truly
    mind-boggling stupid. E.g. no matchmaking. Well Mr Luke Smith have you
    checked “”? They are ALL randoms.

    Why is their a 25k glimmer cap? Why do we have eight or nine currencies? Aren’t strange coins enough? Increased vault space in, you know, a loot-drop game?

  • Adam Kralic

    I’ve played Destiny every day for a few hours since Xmas. I am now a lvl 30 hunter. Never beat VoG, never needed to. I feel like there is very little for me to do now as the exotics aren’t really that special. I bought Icebreaker. I bought an exotic helm. Now what? This btw is coming from someone who put in about 2,500 hours on Diablo 3. In that game I have all six characters maxed with true end of game level gear that all has synergy. The loot in D3 is vastly superior to the loot in Destiny. Also the characters in D3 actually play differently than each other. In Destiny the differences in the classes seem minor in comparison. It is my opinion that Destiny needs to take a few pages from the D3 book. MORE LOOT. MORE SYNERGY BETWEEN LOOT PIECES. CHANGE HOW CHARACTERS LOOK MORE DRAMATICALLY.

    • Tony

      This guy NEVER beat VOG… proof right there Bungie is ruining all previous content with DLC… think of how the rest of the game is affected before releasing something.

  • sbrozzi

    I made a comment below that many people responded to. I began with saying that I loved this game but was upset that the basic economy was not worked out before release. So here in an example why the frustration; last night I completed VOG on Hard to try and get the sought after Vex. What was my reward? TWO Atheon Epilogues… Two. Funny thing is is that I was using my existing AE to do the raid. And I also got the Aspect of Glass. Which I have already as well. So back to the grind I suppose…

  • Adam Kralic

    Again I say copy Diablo 3. Now? You can skip VoG and just buy your pieces. That CANNOT happen in Diablo 3. Vendors sell garbage in Diablo 3. You HAVE to “earn” everything in D3. Also there is no guarantee of a certain level of drops in anything in D3. The odds increase according to difficulty though. So let’s call VoG a high level event…yes? If reworked to D3’s thinking it’d be more likely to drop great gear than a patrol of mars for example. A lot more likely. But not guaranteed. That is how you get people to not only do VoG…but to do it repeatedly. Also in general Destiny needs more loot that does a wider variety of things. Icebreaker needs to be VERY different than the other exotic sniper rifles. Not mildly different. This is true of all exotics. They need to feel special.

    • Applejack

      “Destiny” and “Diablo III” are very different games. “Destiny” is designed so you don’t _have_ to do anything specific if you don’t want to. I don’t play raids, so I’m grateful I can buy +36 Light armor from the Iron Banner. I look forward to seeing Xur every week. I personally don’t want “Destiny” to be the endless grind that “Diablo III” is.

  • inquisitor314

    i dont mind working to get an upgrade on an exotic. these weapons evolve but to do them over again with no additional perk to add is stupid. Bungie does not understand what an exotic is suppose to be. they lost that concept for some reason or some higher up staff overruled the idea devs. when an expansion comes out ur not suppose to beat the final boss on hard to upgrade an exotic. you need this weapon before you meet the boss. Have us go on a journey to find parts to increase our weapon abilities and functions. is not that what toland did. why am i going on his journey at this stage of the game. sure he started the work but now i must go forward and make new work as i am living and he is not. to change out perks and form new bonds. every exotic should not be the same darn weapon i see my friend using. in a nutshell we have all the same guns. choice is the charm of it all and we are guardians. we must part take on mission to discover lost tech and make our exotics just that. anything else is just ignorant and mindless thoughts to fool a player into thinking they have something special. Its not just suppose to feel like an exotic. its suppose to BE an exotic. i dont care about feelings due to them not being a reality in gaming.

  • comment95405

    pretty much this entire article was dead-on

  • Asukota

    Wow really? People bitch about the loot in this game? Go play WoW for a few days then you’ll see just how well Bungie has actually done with this amazing game! Yeah leveling an exotic can be a pain but it’s not as bad as it could be. I don’t do PvP but still managed to get mostly through my Bad Juju bounty in an hour of doing it. I’ll grab some friends and finish it off this weekend. Why blow things so way out of proportion? There really isn’t much to complain about with this game.

  • MakkinjeM

    It shouldn’t be to difficult to renew exotic weapons for the House of Wolves in my opninion,

    I’m most definitely against the same system, of completely needing to redo the fully upgraded exotic weapons, it would even come to mind to stop playing, if I have to do so, a second time. (Since i got 12 of my 21 exotic weapons fully upgraded now,) So how about expanding the upgrade tree. There is still a lot of physical space left in the current weapon-detail lay-out, so adding 3 or 4 upgrade trees to every exotic, would completely solve it for me. Perhaps even give Exotics a third perk, to make them really exclusive over legendaries. That should rule out the feeling of some exotics, being greatly outclassed by some legendaries.

    Small note: I do like to see the upgrade option for exotic gear open at Xûr, since it enables you to archieve higher stats on exotic gear (High Int., Dis. and Str. stats). I don’t mind upgrading exotic gear all over again, since it’s done in two dedicated days.

    And then the Armor issue, well that’s clear to everyone I reckon. The launch of HoW cannot lead to another batch of vendor gear, that instantly outclasses our current raid gear. Though not as important as the exotic gear issue, this as well should not happen again. The new gear should take your lvl to 32, just as current raid gear. This way, vendor gear get’s a nice upgrade, from what it is right now, and the raid gear still outclasses the vendor gear on the basis of the gear perks, which will naturally stay better for current raid gear.

    Imo this would solve the whole problem of introducing new equipment for DLC’s to come!