Destiny Fan Art

The following is fan art from Destiny’s community. Click an image to enlarge it.

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Cosplay and 3D creations by Eric Newgard

Creator of Planet Destiny's Top 5 community content videos.
  • NeverTheOne


    Dig the anime-esque Hunter and Warlock pic (second one in the top row). I would have loved more character customization akin to the Warlock in that pic…how the character basically is wearing shades instead of a full helm for example.

    Also definitely dig the anime-esque Titan wearing The Armamentarium doing the Fist of Havoc (far right, fourth row). Epic on every level.

    The pic of the Kell on his throne (first pic, bottom row) = badassery personified. =)

    Oh, and the female Hunter on the Sparrow…DAT ASS!! =P

  • Laura Sunshine Testa
  • Chin Nation

    I really really love that Anime style Hunter by BADCOMPZER. Wish He/She can make a Titan and Warlock version too. 11/10 would use as Profile pic

  • Jimi Marklund

    Edward Howard’s Titan is amazing. Bungie better make that armor available ingame for the titan. Or at least make it obtainable as a rare transmog set…if transmog is implemented.