Plague of Darkness

Published on: Jan 2, 2015 @ 5:30

Recently an image from inside the Bungie HQ was leaked. This photo shows what appears to be a timetable of events for Destiny, including expansion information and the first sighting of Plague of Darkness.

Unfortunately the quality of the image is poor, but we can definitely make out most of the information with certainty.

Keep in mind that even though this is a real leak, it’s old/outdated, so some of these details aren’t accurate.

house of wolves release date
Outdated timeline. Click to enlarge. House of Wolves release date confirmed for Q2.
E1: The Dark Below E2: House of Wolves (Q2) Comet: Plague of Darkness (Fall 2015) E3: Vex (Void?) E4: Forge of Gods
Missions 3 3 12 3 ?
Strikes 2 1 4 2 ?
Public Events 0 0 1 0 ?
Patrols 0 0 1 0 ?
Raids 1 1 1 1 ?
PvP Maps 3 4 6 ? ?


The new raid coming with the House of Wolves will most likely be located on the Reef, which we’ve known ever since the “Reef Raid” location was found in Destiny’s database.

destiny reef
Hopefully we’ll be able to walk around with the Queen!

As of now it’s called “The Arena” but not much else is known about it.

It’s unknown if we’ll be able to explore the Reef outside of “The Arena” raid.

house of wolves march release
House of Wolves will be released in Quarter 2

For those who missed our TDB/HoW data dump, we outlined what we know about the House of Wolves in this article. To recap…


Traitor’s Ketch – A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker’s end.

Crucible Maps

  • Black Shield – Firebase Thuria, Phobos
  • Thieves’ Den – Ishtar Sink, Venus
  • The Timekeeper – Meridian Bay, Mars
  • Widow’s Court – European Dead Zone, Earth

Story Missions

  • Gone to GroundSearch the Cosmodrome for the Wolf Kell who led the revolt against the Awoken.
  • The TerminusHunt the Wolves’ Kell who has seized control of the Vex Citadel.
  • Wolf HarvestTrack down the Queen’s traitorous Wolves hiding among the House of Winter.

Raid Armor


Destiny’s Next Big Release

Bungie recently talked about the ‘third subclass’ rumor, and now with the Plague of Darkness, it looks like we will have 3 new player builds (subclasses)! We’re assuming that there will be 1 additional subclass per class.

It shouldn’t be read as a tacit promise, but the fact that subclasses are swappable should make players excited about the future.

There’s also 2 new “weapon classes” with a “base level” of 30!

For anyone wondering what a “Comet” is, according to the contract, it’s a major downloadable content expansion pack-type software release for each Destiny Game.

I’m guessing that Comet’s will be sold for more than $20, include Expansion I & II, plus the new content it comes with… but that’s just my speculation. What do you guys think?

This will most likely be released in Fall 2015.

Hive Ship

Before The Dark Below was released, we speculated about the Crota’s End raid bosses. Of course many of these bosses were never seen. As you can see from this article, “Hive Ship” was included in the enemy code.

We assumed these enemies were in Crota’s End, but it looks like they’ll be introduced in Destiny’s next huge content update, Comet: Plague of Darkness.

As you can see from the image above, “Hive Ship” is a new location in Plague of Darkness.

  • Gnath, the Diviner — RaidHiveship0Major0
  • Cryth, the Siphon — RaidHiveship0Major1
  • Noctu, the Lightslayer — RaidHiveship0Major2
  • The Wall — RaidHiveship0Major3
  • Voldor, the Willkeeper — RaidHiveship0Major4
  • Divined Vision — RaidHiveship0Major5
  • Storgor, the Shatterer — RaidHiveship0Ultra0
  • The Veil — RaidHiveship0Ultra1
  • The Oversoul — RaidHiveship0Ultra2

There’s also “Asaru, the Navigator” from “StrikeHiveship1Ultra0″ – Ultra’s are bosses, so this is likely a new Strike boss!

New Venus Public Event

While poking around I also found the following new enemy names, which are probably in the Plague of Darkness new public event:

  • The Untethered One — EventVenusMajor0
  • Skaith Vandal — EventVenusMajor1

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  • Mykle D Clark

    Since when are comets sequels?

    • David B

      They are not sequels. Don’t know where people got this idea from. Comets are expansions.

  • Petr Švancara

    Go to hell with Destiny 2 Bungie should made this game long-term, instead of making another Destiny for every year. .
    – Halogen cz

    • Mawias

      Every two years, another Destiny game will be released. The COMET ‘thing’, is just a very big DLC, which will be released a year after, every new Destiny game. =)

    • cool_herc

      Try reading (and comprehending) the article again. What you walked away with isn’t what was stated in the article’s content.

  • Bezio

    Guys, how to access Destiny’s Code? I want to go through it and check a few things.

  • jecht

    Destiny 2… I reckon this will be more like a add on disc which might require the original.

  • sasaki

    The comet thing is most likely a huge add on for destiny. Or maybe like a destiny 1.5. To me it doesn’t seem right to have destiny 2 to only ship with 6 pvp maps,while destiny shipped with 9 (or 10 psn exclusive)

    • Yeah 1.5 is a good way to look at it. I assume it’s going to cost more than $20 though, it’ll probably be $60 and include expansion 1 & 2, plus the new stuff.

      • Marars

        It might be like starcraft though! to access comet you have to pay for it but you also need to have Original destiny for being able to play comet! and most likely be on the same disc….

  • AlexKidd7

    If a simple DLC like Crota’s End is €20, then how much will this add on cost….???

    • rushaoz

      Really it’s only about 10 euro because you get 2 DLCs with the pass, not one.

      • David B

        Expansion Pass is 35 not 20. So each DLC would be 17.5 .

        • said

          17 $ 50 cents

          • David B

            Does it matter? $/£/€ it still same cost (without thinking about currency exchange rates), and I am British so why would put dollars? Hence why I left the currencies out.

        • Alastor Lakiska Lines

          in the Collectors Edition it is only 20 $/€

          • David B

            That’s the collectors edition though not stand alone.

    • Destroyurr

      Probably in the $30-$40 range. I have heard others say that Deej said that the Comet will be free.

      • Backwards tech guy

        you wish…

        Also, I wish and so does everybody else here

  • AlexKidd7

    If a simple DLC like Crota’s End is €20, then how much will this add on cost….???

  • kira

    comet is destiny 2?

    • Demi

      Not likely

    • Jorgedelcidsv

      I think the its similar to WoW

      • Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

        Exactly, a Comet is like a true MMO expansion, the other DLC is more just that or you could consider them map packs.

    • Paratrooper2000

      Comet is Destiny 1.
      Don’t forget that we are still playing the beta…

      • Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

        We aren’t playing the beta, the beta was the beta.

    • Destroyurr

      No. Read the contract between Activion and Bungie. Destiny 2 will be released in the 2016. The Comet is a super expansion.

  • True Radiant Free

    Oh man I hope that Forge Of Gods is a Cabal-centered expansion with a Mars raid. And maybe the new Vex expansion will include Mercury?

    • Destroyurr

      The new Vex expansion will only be on Venus and Mars. The Forge of Gods is a Cabal DLC.

      • True Radiant Free

        Oh sorry DeeJ didn’t know you went on Planet Destiny.

        • Destroyurr

          Actually, on Reddit, someone made the leaked photo high-res and was crystal clear. The Forge of Gods pic was clearly of a Colossus. The chart also said that the only two locations the Vex Void were Venus and Mars.

          Please, don’t insult me; Deej once said that Crota, in the Crota’s End Raid, will have many transformations.

  • Micah Yang

    Ok so this is like destiny 1.5. I’m assuming that this will be the same game though. I’m really hyped right now because its been so long since I was looking forward to the first destiny…

  • Micah Yang

    When you look at comet you can see tin the sections “patrol” and “public events” that its the only title with anything in those. Maybe a new planet?

    • Destroyurr

      Indeed. If you look at the chart in the image, under Destiny, the base game, it has 4 Patrols. Eath Moon Venus and Mars. Under the Comet, it says one new Patrol. I imagine that it’ll be whatever “Hive Ship” is.

      • Trevor Squires

        I was thinking that the Hive Ship could possibly be The Cassini orbiting Saturn. They said Saturn was gonna be in the game before a while back and there’s already leaked in-game footage of Saturn as well. My guess is the the Hive Ship is the gigantic Cassini ship and were gonna be able to explore that instead of exploring Saturn itself.

  • mcshivers

    Holy moly I’m so stoked for this! I can’t wait!

  • emerson

    The plauge of darkness could easily include Saturn, with six new missions and a patrol, it could easily have some major content

    • Destroyurr

      The new area will be in a Hive Netherworld similar to the one where we killed Crota.

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Quick question, where did you get the Banner image, and is there a bigger version?

  • h1zz

    Unfortunately, you can already verify that this info is outdated.
    From the image, The Dark Below was supposed to have a mission on mars.
    Also, I hope the Comet dlc gives us a new location, but the image shows that most of it takes place on Mars.

    • The Dark Below does have an activity on Mars: The Pantheon. It’s a PVP map. The planet activity tracker in the image includes all types of activities in the expansion.

      • h1zz

        Oh thanks!

  • Bonesy

    I already have the expansion pass, If I’m spending another $60 I’d rather get the NEXT two DLCs, not the ones I already have. :/

    • Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

      Thats not what a Comet is. It is more like a real expansion to the game, instead of what the other DLC is which are more like map packs.

    • Sable

      It’s probably going to be like 5-10 dollars if you want the new subclasses.

      • Happy Gamer

        I def think much more than that. 39.99-49.99 actually If we are lucky, MAYBE 29.99 but from what they are doing so far, i don’t think so.

  • Daniel Maguire

    I have to wonder if they’ll offer pre-order extras with the DLC as well?

    • Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

      Of course

  • Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

    I bet the new weapon classifications are going to include some melee weapons

    • Trevor Squires

      That would be awesome. I also hope there’s a new class of energy weapon I would love to use a giant laser as a new heavy lol.

      • Shauneepeak

        I am hoping for an energy launcher like the Boomer Hive use, the ones that send the globs of exploding Arc energy at us.

  • Justice Taker

    New patrol in Comet? Maybe a new planet is hinted at, and new enemies. I’m thinking Mercury, due to the trials of Osiris and the crucible map on Mercury. Any thoughts?

    • chris

      Trials are supposed to come out before HoW as seen in game (icon is already there in crucible)

      • Justice Taker

        Okay cool. Thanks! I can’t wait to fail at it. XD

    • DoomCheesey

      looks like the moon phobos because of the pvp map but that could be just another burning shrine, i wanna see some fantasy takes on the gas giants, maybe like a giant cradle?

      • Justice Taker

        Or maybe on the moons of the giants, since you technically can’t walk on gas. Maybe like saturn’s moon Titan, where you have Saturn overlooking the sky. Either way, that would be awesome.

    • Destroyurr

      “Hive Ship” will be a Hive-themed destination. We will indeed get a new planet that we will do Patrol on and explore. Considering the way Hive Ship was used in the past, this new area will probably be a Hive netherworld, much like the one in Crota’s End. You can learn more about the Hive pantheon o Gods and their netherworlds in the Grimoire. Judging by the boss names, the Raid in the Comet will have us fighting a new Hive God named, I assume, “The Veil” and they’ll have their own Oversoul mechanic like Crota did. It seems that each Hive God and Goddess has their own Oversoul. ” Crota summons HIS Oversoul”.

      • True Radiant Free

        Did you create your disqus account just to spew out your opinions and lies as truth?

        • Destroyurr

          Most of my claims are backed up by the Bungie-Activision contract, the high-res. of the leaked photo, and some of the games coding. A lot of what I said is indeed speculation, but I believe it to be true.

  • Noisey

    This might be wrong as the image might be outdated, but unfortunately it does look like the ‘Comet’ won’t be adding any new planets in the navigator (Excluding crucible maps) , but it looks like the ‘Hive ship’ is the only new PVE location being added to the navigator, we might even be able to patrol there considering if its large enough, probably just a large tombship though.

    • Destroyurr

      It won’t be an actual Hive Ship. It’ll be a Hive-Themed are, though. Probably one of the Hive netherworlds. Yes, we will do Patrol on it. Just look at the chart in the leaked image.

  • jakefolk

    Sooo it cost $60 whether you bought the first Two or not? That seems like a raw deal for people that have been supporting the game.

    • I have no idea if it’ll cost $60 or not, that’s just a guess on my part. At this point it’s too early too early to tell for sure.

      • jakefolk

        This is the 2nd place I’ve seen talk about this “comet” coming bundled with the other 2 dlcs. Is this just a case of people repeating something or is there evidence for this?

        • I’d imagine it’s just an educated guess. I figured it would make the most sense for it to include those 2 expansions for people who don’t already have them yet. But then again, no one knows for sure at this point

          • Jack Chastain

            but there’s most likely going to be an unbundled “comet only pack” as well for everyone who already owns the two expansions for a little less

          • that’s certainly a possibility

          • jakefolk

            OK thanks for the reply.

    • Ryan

      I hope it does not cost $60 as what happens for players who have purchased the expansion pass?

      • Hunter Arrowsmith

        The expansion pass is not a season pass, it only applies to the first two expansions

  • DrMayor.

    this seems promising and refreshing to destiny and the fans .But really hope there is more story than we had even if it was generic cut scenes in order to help the game form more of a connection and give the feeling of immersion into the universe. And integrate the grimoire in some shape or form into the game itself . I would love to see the story of kabar or the iron lords and the connection between zavala ,shaxx and there teacher saladin . And make the cryptarch stop trolling us . maybe this is far fetched but how about a strike and crucible mode in which you play with a full set of exotic gear and weapons ? that would be awesome 🙂

  • Scrwby

    Sounds good to me! Makes me a bit excited again about Destiny, cant wait to have some new locations to run around in.

  • Rahool

    I love the description for the Wolf Walker Gauntlets.

  • NeverTheOne

    At this point, I believe I’m done with Destiny. I’ve smashed Crota’s End, no joke, some 2 dozen times since its release – a good majority of those helping random Guardians – and I’ve got all 3 of my characters (one of each class) full raid/exotic gear. I’m done. There’s no more endgame for me aside from tackling the Hard Raid to get my Necrochasm.

    With the information surrounding Comet…I don’t think I’m remotely interested in anything that the other 3 DLCs contain. What: 3 Story Missions here, and new Raid there, a couple new Crucible Maps to boot? That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the supposed content that Comet contains.

    Call me cynical, but I believe that Comet will be Destiny’s first TRUE expansion. These other “updates,” although welcomed changes, are more like afterthoughts by comparison. =/

    • Christian Jimenez

      I agree. They’re not worth the amount that they cost. Maybe if each dlc was $12-$15. Not $20.

  • C0dy

    I curious about the cover photo of this article, is it fan made or from Bungie?

  • DoomCheesey

    those warlock gauntlets look insanely good, but i hope they have exotics tailored to the new subclasses

  • C.j. Hibbert

    Exited pssh more like reluctant.

  • aManwithONEarm

    so new raid pieces only go to 27 light? from the reef? why would some1 want to go down in light?

    • no, those Light levels are incorrect.

  • Christian Jimenez

    Comet had better not be $60. I will lose all hope and faith in bungee if it does. It should be $30, maybe $40, because they only gave us half a game at initial launch. I’ve played the crap out of this game but I’m really starting to get frustrated by bungie’s laziness. They need to step up their game or else all of the 2015 games are gonna blow destiny out of the water. I just think that bungie is either lazy or their development skills went down the drain after halo and I think they owe their customers an apology.

  • Cumulo Procella

    Wait is that an Ahmakara in the background of the main picture? Just looked it up and apparently they’re dragon creatures that the guardians hunted in the past. Anything to do with one of these would be a welcome addition! Please Bungie! <3

  • Jacob Cox

    Comet will probably cost between $39.99 up to $49.99 with the final 2 DLCs costing $35.99 if so this game will be nothing more than a greedy ass move. I really feel gamers are being very taken advantage of if this ends up being the case. With a price tag of 181.96 for everything in just a years time will be overkill.

  • Toh Tohs

    the only thing that is so bothering about this “new content” is that it wasn’t new and gameplay videos and previews of this had been released in the past by bungie showing what we could do on launch… but now its all gone –
    Shame really –

  • coxy

    It says 2 strikes on TDB. Not reliable info

    • David B

      There is 2 strikes for dark below, just that 1 is a PS timed exclusive till Fall this year.