Destiny Changes from Beta

In addition to the Interceptor changes, Destiny has some buffs in store for the Voidwalker Warlock. Datto gives us an overview of the changes coming for the Voidwalker, a minor change for the Hand Cannons and whether or not locking in your subclasses will make it into the final game.

Also, as we reported in this article last week, Bungie’s Director of Production Jonty Barnes spoke about what they have planned for Destiny when the game launches and beyond.

“We’ve got plenty of ideas! We’ve got some things like UI readability we’ve got for day one that’s just better. But we do have things we’re going to change over time that will make those experiences better. You’ll see stuff and you’ll go, hey, have you seen what they’ve done to the explore mode recently? Maybe we should do some of that – it seems a lot better. We’re going to try to do that for all of the game and build on the world. Having gamers participate in the dialogue about what they would like to see, not just our own team and user research group of gamers coming in and out, it certainly makes – it has done historically for Bungie – our games better,” Barnes said.

As you know, there won’t be any custom games at launch. However, what the community wants will largely influence the developers decisions. As Jesse van Dijk explained, “we’re going to interpret the way people play the game and cater towards that by offering new content and literally making sure there’s a new thing for you to do every single day.”

Finally, the Sunsinger subclass had a name change to Firesinger, but it’s since been changed back to Sunsinger.



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  • Nater-ater

    Kinda glad they took out subclass locking. It seemed like it would be to annoying to want to use

    • chris

      ya its like “lock in this class and you get a 1% buff…ps you cant change your classes and are stuck with this forever…have fun”

      • Tim Levesque

        it looked like it was going to be more than 1%. I was not very happy about this feature. It would have forced me to lock in a class as soon as possible to avoid having a disadvantage and I probably would not have spent a lot of time trying different things and exploring the possibilities. it just seemed like it went against the core philosophy of the game which is exploration (not just the outside world but also your own talents)

    • Stanley Lin

      Did they take it out ? Actually I kinda impress that lock-in function which give you some benefit though it’s more simple they remove it .

  • Micah Yang

    I was hoping for more than a clip buff for the hand cannon. I guess it will help but the auto rifle will still destroy the hand cannon unless more buffs are in store (please?)