The Solution to Destiny Burnout

Published on: Feb 20, 2015 @ 0:01

For many Guardians, Destiny is quickly becoming too repetitive. Without fresh content to enjoy, they’re taking a break from the game until House of Wolves.

How much are you guys playing? Are you taking a break? Let us know how you feel about the state of Destiny!

It’s Not You, It’s Me

All people have what I call a kill switch. It’s the point at which you shut down and say, “Yep, no more for me. I’ve had enough.”

The kill switch is a beautiful thing. It’s a clean break – so simple and instantaneous. No hard feelings, no regrets.

But I don’t know many people who have kill-switched Destiny. No, I’ve just seen a lot of bleary-eyed people on the verge of burnout.

They walk through life, as I have, in a strange dance between love and hate. They order another pizza for delivery and remember there was a time when they went out with friends to eat in places called restaurants. They wish, somehow, that life would give them a kill switch on command.

destiny kill switch

Thankfully, there is a solution. But it requires we answer some pressing questions first. Questions like: what is burnout, why is it happening on such a massive scale in the Destiny community, why aren’t some people feeling it, and what is the remedy if you are?

Thankfully, there are answers to all these questions. They lie in understanding the problem, so we turn to look that grisly Hellmouth in the… well… mouth… and dive right in.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is the long, sometimes maddening descent into obsession and revulsion until there’s just not enough energy or willpower to sustain interest, which is why it’s so different from a kill switch.

Kill switches are triggered by things you can take or leave – often because your personal investment is already very low. Burnout happens with something far more valuable: relationships.

Destiny is very much a relationship. It demands our time, commands some level of frenzied devotion – dare I say love? – and has some hideous skeletons in its closet. It’s a relationship because we form social bonds through it.

destiny burned

Whether we have close friends who play, or if we’ve simply walked up to a complete stranger and shot a rocket or melee’d their face, we are interacting with real people.

We share experiences and the thrill of victory together – further deepening that bond. In-jokes, memorable kills, screams of glee when Atheon’s tiny torso evaporates into confetti are ingrained in our social consciousness, and we develop links to the game that are also links to people.

And social links are hard to break. It’s like severing ties with that gorgeous brunette who laughs in just that way – saying to her face, “Yes, we had some terrific times together, but you’ve got some major baggage, I haven’t seen my family in weeks and my work performance is fraying at the edges.”

That’s the key: when things begin to turn sour, burnout begins. When the war is too much trouble to keep fighting, we decide to cast down arms.

Why has it Spread?

The war analogy is useful when considering this question. When we begin to question why a fight is worth waging (and who hasn’t questioned many of Destiny’s flaws?), morale begins to drop.

When morale falls in a social setting, it tends to fall across the entire social circle.

A phenomenon like burnout is never compartmentalized because we as people are not compartmentalized. When one friend says they are taking a break from Vanguard strikes because all they ever get are worthless Rare Engrams, that begins a ripple effect.

Legitimate or not, most people stick with Destiny because of the relationships they maintain through it.

If a friend quits Vanguard strikes, those strikes lose the value they once had: namely the delight of shooting Omnigul’s hideous face with friends. When a game loses that strong hook, it has to have many others to keep people coming back.

destiny omnig

And let’s be honest with ourselves: Destiny is far from perfect. Its failings are well documented, and they impact different people in different ways.

If you are still a relatively new player, then perhaps you’ll not feel them as keenly, but old hands or those who hit the ground running at a ridiculous pace will be all too familiar with the repetitive missions, painful grind of level 31 to 32, and drops that make your blood boil in rage.

There’s an allure to obtaining the next best piece of gear, and it’s exciting to max out, but what happens when you have everything you want?

As with all relationships, this one is a trade off. Either you still enjoy the good times enough to overlook the bad, or you don’t. Which brings us to the big question.

Is It Normal?

Destiny has millions of active players, and we’re certainly not the only ones that are worried about its future.

If you consider yourself a hardcore player and/or have dedicated hundreds of hours to the game, it’s no surprise why you’re feeling the way that you are.

Here’s what some of our forum members think:

The game has some really strong points. It takes a massive hit to quality when it comes to story and content (both quality and quantity). If you want to argue, think about how many story missions and strikes had you wait for dinklebot to open a door. Poor dialogue, zero character development don’t help. Public events and bounties are cool until you do the same one 10 times.

I have over 1,000 hrs in Destiny but I still play even if it isn’t as much as before. Mostly to hang out with some friends that I have made through Destiny and help out newcomers.

There just isn’t enough left to hold my interest now. New gun?… Cool, I guess… Raid helmet?… RNG gives to everyone else, so no big deal. I only play now because my clan mates are great to play with and talk to.

I put too much time into the game.. Do I love it? Hell yeah..but now I am starting to wind down and become more casual.. Just got Suros, so all I can think of is “well I guess my primary gun is set for life… until an auto rifle exotic better than Suros comes out”

We are social creatures, we want to game with our friends. All of my friends own Destiny, but very few own other games I may wanna play. This creates a bias where you’re obligated to play Destiny simply to play with your friends. How many times have you heard: “It’s not a fun game unless you play with your friends, then it’s amazing!” Destiny isn’t what’s amazing here, your friends are what’s amazing.

What Should I Do About Burnout?

There are two possible scenarios. Both are perfectly healthy, and you can easily evaluate which scenario is best for you if you feel it coming on. I put the most drastic first.

Take a Break

Are you deriving so little pleasure from the Destiny experience that it feels more like an abusive relationship or a chore? Are your friends all abandoning ship and leaving you grinding for reasons you can’t even recall anymore? Do you feel your life slipping away, walking through the days like an apparition hollower than Eris Morn’s eye sockets?

Perhaps it’s time for a break. No one ever said it had to be goodbye forever, but absence can make the heart grow fonder, and time heals a plethora of wounds. Who knows, Bungie may patch things, add enough content, and win you and your friends back in a few months.

Just remember that all things run their course. There’s nothing at all wrong with that. There are no marriage vows or children holding you to this relationship.

If you wish to walk away, walk away to something that will bring you more joy. But if you wish to stick around, keep reading.

destiny plague of darkness

Get Back The Destiny You Loved

No one wants to be smothered. It isn’t a rewarding or healthy experience for either party. But we often approach Destiny like a man crying to his wife, “I’ll die without you! Don’t ever leave me baby! PLEASE!”

It isn’t good for us, and it certainly isn’t good for the Destiny community at large.

In order to move forward, we’ve got to clean up our act, which means remembering what we first loved in Destiny and partaking in healthy doses.

Here are a few pointers on that road that I’ve begun to apply myself:

Evaluate Your Priorities

Ask yourself what you wanted out of the game to begin with. No one buys an MMO or an RPG with the sole desire to grind Strange Coins and Glimmer till they collapse in exhaustion.

Were you wanting time with friends you don’t see as much anymore? The chance to experience all the raids and Nightfalls? Collect all of the most powerful Exotics? Or did you just want a great multiplayer shooter?

destiny burnout normal

Often an underlying priority is just to get better at a game, which can be especially dangerous with Destiny. There are Exotics and Legendary weapons that everyone wants, but the amount of work you must go through to get them, frankly, isn’t usually worth the time.

We owe it to ourselves to question the motives behind our behavior. If we see the root cause of our burnout is our own skewed desires, then it’s time to re-prioritize what we want out of the game.

Evaluate Your Play Style

I had a Thorn Bounty once. Got all the way up to the Crucible part of it and agonized for two days with the thing clogging up my bounty list. Then I pulled the trigger. Deleted that bounty into oblivion. I just can’t stand the Crucible.

Destiny is really two games in one: PvE and PvP. There are some who enjoy both – many of my friends among them – but very few people enjoy everything about both.

Now, I’m admittedly old school. I still believe you should play a game because you enjoy the experience.

I hate the word grind, largely because I hate the idea that I should have to do it (and boy do I have to do it – the shame! The horror!).

So do yourself a favor: decide which parts of Destiny you enjoy, and avoid everything else like the plague. There’s just no sense in wasting your life farming for something if you’re hating yourself while doing it.

This isn’t always possible, of course. Bungie has made a certain level of grind necessary to the experience – a necessary evil as it were – but if you can partition the game off to only bits that matter to you, the grind won’t be as rough going.

destiny burnout

Evaluate the Best Use of Time

Some things aren’t worth your time in this world, and Destiny is chock-full of time sinks. The best thing you can do, especially if you have multiple characters, is decide which bounties, missions, and weapons are worth bothering with. Do you die a lot? Then don’t mess with those ridiculous “get 9000 experience without dying” bounties – which, by the way, only net you a whopping 2,500 experience: a drop in the bucket.

While on the topic of bounties, how about giving us some Glimmer for completing them? Glimmer is important, and giving us more ways to earn it (see: dying in the Exclusion Zone) would be much appreciated.

Also, if you have a collector’s personality, I’d seriously advise questioning how healthy that is for this game. There are weapons and equipment that require a disproportionate amount of time and effort to acquire relative to their usefulness.

Sure, Truth might be considered inferior to Gjallarhorn in PvE, but it’s still pretty fantastic. Weigh the benefit of such things against what you give up to get them. Don’t gain the whole world but find you forfeited your soul in the process.

Which, incidentally, is also true for our friends at Bungie.

What Should Bungie Do About Burnout?

As with all relationships, this one is a two-way street. Bungie has a certain responsibility just as we do, which means there are things the developer can easily do to help halt the tide of burnout.

Here are just a few that come to mind, though if people want to sound off in the comments with others, keep them coming!

Reconsider Crucible Bounties

Sure, when I enter a Control match and do an all around terrible job, that’s on me. But when I enter a Control match and do a terrible job because my bounties encourage me to ignore Control points and just headshot everything that moves, that’s Bungie’s fault.

Bounties shouldn’t break the experience, they should complement it, but so many of the Crucible bounties only encourage behavior that counteracts match styles.

destiny burned out

Not only does that rob the Crucible of much of the enjoyment, it sucks out the very essence of what the Crucible is. More bounties would probably be easy to add, and they should be.

Furthermore, Iron Banner has had the same bounties for awhile now. Why…? 

Stop Encouraging the Grind

Am I the only one who slapped my forehead when I saw the rank level I’d need to simply buy a Runed Core from Eris Morn? Murmur’s great and all, but it isn’t THAT great. Speaking of Eris Morn, rank 4 offers little more than some cosmetic upgrades.

The system, unfortunately, pushes players to spend their time in agonizing ways, often for hours on end, to get the things they want. Much of burnout stems from feeling like our time isn’t being valued – and if we’re honest with ourselves, it isn’t.

Bungie’s statistics must look fantastic. I’m sure we collectively spend billions of hours in this game over any given week, but what is that worth when the turnover of frustrated players is equally high?

Grinding is one thing, and for many it’s not even a big deal, but there needs to be better and more consistent rewards for ranking up and completing challenges.

house of wolves comet

Increase Content

This is a difficult one, largely because Destiny is not a subscription-based game. How much content can we reasonably expect when there’s quite a lot there for a standalone game?

But that doesn’t change facts: if Bungie wants to maintain ‘MMO’ retention rates, there’s got to be more to do.

The same strikes and story missions drag quickly, and motivation wanes when you begin going through the motions and running through all the enemies just to send a rocket into the Nexus Mind’s face and be done with it.

Expansions help, but it will be interesting to see how many players stick around long enough to care about House of Wolves.

So much of Destiny’s future seems to hang on HoW’s shoulders, so let’s just hope Bungie can sustain the weight.

Add Meaningful Customization Choices

Anyone with a Light Level over 30 basically looks identical.

We look the same because gear is what affects level and stats, and everyone knows the best gear (for now) is from Crota’s End. This means that the only variations will be with a Shader, Emblem, class item, and maybe an Exotic.

There’s no easy solution for this, but more cosmetic items or a “Transmogrification” system could help. Customization is a huge part of Destiny that unfortunately still needs a lot of work.

Guardians need more options and freedom to look how they’d like. With so many armor choices, if only a handful are logical because of Light level, what’s the point?

Quality of Life Changes

There’s so many small things, that would improve the experience as a whole. Here are just five changes that would enhance Destiny:

  1. Vote to kick (AFK) players in matchmade activities.
  2. An option to skip cutscenes.
  3. Ability to Reforge Crucible/Vanguard Legendary gear.
  4. More Glimmer from completing any activity.
  5. Repeating the same Crucible map or Vanguard Strike in a row shouldn’t ever happen.

These changes, while seemingly unimportant, would make a big difference in the long run. Think of how many times you wished to skip a cutscene, remove AFK Guardians, or wanted new perks to choose from. It’s safe to say that everyone would appreciate these changes if implemented correctly.

An Enduring Relationship

There’s no doubt that burnout is curable, even if Bungie chooses not to implement all or some of the suggestions listed above. That’s because Destiny should be, at its heart, a social experience.

If we can learn to love it for what it offers: a stellar multiplayer shooter that connects disparate people, then I think there is much hope for a relationship that endures.

But in the end, we have a responsibility to fight those tendencies that entangle us in an experience we aren’t happy with. Which is why, if you feel yourself burning out on Destiny, take a step back and re-evaluate. You will be glad you did, regardless of where it leads.

And if you do step away, you might just find that you bump into Destiny again. You admit past wrongs, confess your failings, pick up where you left off so many months ago and discover, though you never looked for it, a way to start again.

Destiny will obviously continue to evolve over time, and we look forward to its growth.

Taylor Bair
I write about the intersection between the games we love and the lives we live. When I'm not working on websites and marketing projects, I'm writing with a hot cup of chai tea in one hand and a computer in the other. Makes typing exceedingly difficult, let me tell you.
  • ErisTaireJ

    i’m taking a veeery long break, back to battlefield 😀

  • Jacob Westmoreland

    I’m glad its not just me nearly half my clan has simply quit the game. The only ones to blame are unfortunately bungie and this is only because of the sheer repetitiveness of the grind to reach that level 32. After getting my titan to level 32 it was over I just couldn’t enjoy the game especially with poor drops and Xur always selling gear I have already obtained. Unless bungie does something soon my copy of Destiny will be buried under dust.

  • Adam Bryan

    Love the article, Ive been looking at bounties and deciding to just redo the small things with my friends, and try and enjoy them more. I use the weekly heroic as a fun tool this week, but the nightfalls are just becoming unfun because of the risk/reward and stress of it. It gets tedious, and i love some of the ideas here.
    I wish I could directly speak to a person who could make a difference overnight or in a week about what I think would be great, id love to hear what they think.
    To be honest, the game creates a burn out for more than a few people and I enjoy the grind, a lot in fact, but the cosmetics of the game become bland after 30 and overall, the guns are starting to appear boring and need some new perks.
    We don’t or shouldn’t have to wait till DLC drops, these changes should be implemented BEFORE HOW drops, as this will make me want to get more and more into the game.
    I like the bounties but;
    Bosses should be 5000 xp not 2500
    3 kills with a super 20 times is tedious, reduce it to 10
    9000 xp for 2500? nah 5000.
    Sorry to rant but christ, this article makes me rethink the game. There is fault in the game ive put HOURS into.
    The guns and everything else aer becoming a bore. I want to see some feedback, rather than a weekly update. I want bungie to talk to us rather than just soak it in.

  • ROUCynic

    I agree about the crucible bounties! Keep the two parts of destiny distinct! I’m going to delete my Thorn bounty now!

    • Maybe hold on to it… it really is worth finishing.

      • ROUCynic

        I dunno – even with a void sniper rifle, void shotgun and void heavy machine gun I’m not keeping my K/D ration up!

        • MSUMC25

          Thorn is pretty awesome for a Exotic Bounty

        • Jason

          I like that the most about the Thorn bounty, I can’t count the number of people I’ve met who hated the Crucible but the Thorn bounty encouraged them to get better and now they love it.

        • Taylor Bair

          To be honest, I deleted it largely because I just don’t much enjoy the Crucible. I have a buddy who has Thorn and absolutely loves it, but he also only uses it in the Crucible (rocks Fatebringer for everything else). I just weighed how much use I’d get out of it and decided it wasn’t for me (as I also have Fatebringer).

    • Scott Pam

      I’m ready to do that too. I just ain’t that good chasing down guardians.

    • Paratrooper2000

      I hate Crucible as well, but I did it. Took me one week to complete that part with my hunter, because after 45 minutes of crucible I needed a break. 😉
      I really value the gun now. It is my main primary. Take your time, but it is worth some frustration.

  • Ben Redenbaugh

    Voting to kick Idle players would be great, however I can see this going awry as some ppl are dicks, and will kick players even if they aren’t idle.

    • Brian Collins

      I thought of this too. I could see a scenario where a fireteam of two are in a strike, and vote to kick the third guy to allow one of their friends to join. I know I’d be pissed to be at a boss battle only to be sent to orbit for being kicked.

      And now that weekly missions are going to have matchmaking (as per Bungie weekly update 2/19/15), getting kicked would bite even more.

  • I have most of my armour/weapons stalled at a certain level because i need Ascendant shards. More grinidng for public events.
    What is the max level? Is there one? I would have assu,ed it would be level 50 or something

  • and it would be good to have the raids joinable by randoms, like strikes. I can never find enough people wanting to do them

  • Damnil

    I’m definitely going through some major burnout myself. I found myself getting to that point when Bungie keeps repeating the same daily heroic mission over and over and over again. I get that they want people to buy the DLC but is it really necessary to play the same mission almost daily?

    Also, didn’t we just do the weekly Omnigul Earth strike and Nightfall like 2 weeks ago? It’s getting old.

    I’m also tired of Crota’s End due to all the bugs I seem to encounter weekly on the Crota fight. It’d be nice if Bungie actually tried to fix bugs for once.

  • sophiazoei

    Great article with so many great points. I feel that the grind is what makes it so difficult, especially the rng looting with doing raids. I always have difficulty trying to get a group and when I do get people, they are rude and expect me to know how the hell to do everything. Not to mention getting the gear barely happens with my main character (meanwhile your friend gets every single damn thing!). I gave up because it was not worth the weekly grinding, the pressure and the up keep. And the fact that once raid on hard mode came in, no one in your group of friends wants to do normal anymore. And yet you are still a Level 31.

    The one good thing I have done was try to get better and try to enjoy crucible more. I feel there I can do the best I can and maybe succeed in where I could not in PVE. I just hope that maybe HoW will be a bit better. Maybe I can get lucky there. /Maybe/

    • Damnil

      What’s worse is to finally get a piece of raid gear for your character only to have the worst possible stat roll imaginable on it.

      Currently my warlock’s raid set has nothing but discipline and no way to change that unless I want to waste Radiant Energy upon the off chance that I get a piece of raid gear with the stats that I want.

      • sophiazoei

        Yeah, I just started to see that as I do the first part by myself. The stats are so annoying. You feel its like (what is the point of it? this is not worth it at all…) and yet we all have enough ascendant energies up the wazoo.

        • Damnil

          Exactly! I’m exactly at that point myself and highly frustrated by the stats. At the very least give us an opportunity to re-roll the stats or in all honesty I wish they would start doing like in other MMO’s where certain raid sets have set stats. I mean we already look the same anyways so why not all have the same stats?

          And why is it that every other piece of armor requires 6 shards but suddenly the new raid set requires 7? The part that causes me to also scratch my head is why did the Crota weapons still only require 6 energy to upgrade?

          • sycoteck

            All raid gear and weapons need 7 for Croats and vog

      • NLK3

        I find the need of stat rolls, considering it’s only one stat, stupid. It’s not like you are measuring out one thing over another (more intellect for less armor, etc.). Everything but that one thing, or 2 (which are always almost the same number), shouldn’t have to force you to keep grinding for another one with an extrememly low chance. My brother got 3 Mythoclasts and no Fatebringer or Praetorian’s Foil. I do as well (3 Mythos), but only need Found Verdict and Corrective Measures. He has everything from Crota’s End but Swordbreaker and Necrocasm. I only got Hunger, Song/Yut, Light/Abyss, and Hammer. Fuck the primaries until after the level update.

    • Sara Sikes

      I join PUGS like that, someone is rude to me. I usually tell them to fuck themselves, and leave. Even friends, or people I continually play with on Destiny will get quit on if they act like a cunt for a few minutes.

    • NLK3

      The weekly thing is kinda stupid, or at least not giving you new rewards of any sort. I don’t know why you can’t just keep getting the materials and let the gear be weekly. Luck usually ruins a game, IMO. It’s just thing happening because of “why not?”, “whatever”, or “fuck you!” Nevery meaningful or fair. All my exotics are from Xur except 6 (one being an armor), and that’s me playing ONLY this since September with the excpetion with when my brother is playing. They should make Xur sell everything once, at random, in a loop. Like 1,2,3,4,5… 1,3,4,2,5… 4,3,1,5,2… etc. I still want Gjallarhorn and Red Death, but got NLB 4 times in 2.5 months?! Really, Bungie?! REALLY?!!

  • SimianGeorge

    More customisation would be a massive draw for me. Before destiny released one of the key selling points was the look of the guardians, cool kit and so on. I’m more than happy to grind for something a bit different looking. At the moment some of the best looking stuff can be green or blue grade, yet we’re all shoe horned into one set of raid armour.

  • Eddie Burns

    U first mistake is that u actually think bungee give a crap about players. They dnt they are just interested in making us pay what I think is a lot of cash for basically a couple of new levels and a raid. I see alsorts of thing about what they wanted to be put into the game like trading and stuff but it’s all b.s. just too keep the players hopes up for something good like that to happen. House of wolves should be given to us on a free download for all our time wasted playing this poor mmo

    • Damnil

      I’ve got to agree. I was highly disappointed with the lack of content in the first DLC considering the price.

      The only problem is this is the way it seems to be going these days with games. Look at Evolve for instance which they plan on anywhere from $60-$120 worth of DLC not covered in their season pass to get the “full Evolve” experience.

      The frustrating part is that so much of the “new” content that we’re paying for is content that was already on the disc itself and removed for one reason or another. If I’m going to pay for something then fine.. but don’t turn around and make me repay for what I’ve already purchased when I bought the game to begin with but they chose to remove for once reason or another.

      • Eddie Burns

        Yes I’ve noticed it’s becoming a new trend with the big gaming corporations these money junkies are going to waste gaming completely with this sh#t

        • Guest

          That is the point. Haha. It’s not the job of Game Developers to make the dreams of gamers everywhere to come true. Gaming is a service. It’s not to make people happy. It’s to give people something they can’t possibly resist in exchange for money. The whole point of a company; it is generate money to enforce the cycle of an organisation developing games and generating money. A lot of people think that Game Devs “Owe them”. They don’t. It’s like going to the counter in a super market and complaining that “you deserve more” because you have bought the same sandwich for lunch there very day and it no longer satisfies you because the chicken isn’t cooked right or something. They don’t, nor, shouldn’t have to care about gamers. It’s their job to put forward something you might want to buy in order to earn money.

          Gaming is the same. If something is on show, you buy it because you want it. If you are wise with your money you’ll check reviews before hand. People buying a game then playing it for 500+ hours only to regularly complain about it is simply ridiculous. People can move on, but they don’t. They are still obsessed with the idea that Games Companies owe them, even though they basically just used a service to entertain them for more time than anything else could value for money wise.

          If Bungie ever did care, they probably don’t now. And why would they? Gamers have been nothing but greedy and demanding. I honestly think Bungie has lost hope. Why try to show love to something that hates you?

          If Bungie really are being Lazy, it’s the Gamer’s faults. If they ever did put in the effort, they have probably lost all motivation to do so now. We only have Iron banner, will there be new weekly events? Nope, probably not. Why would there be? They will just end up spending money to develop something that people will just moan about anyway. It’s now just a lost cause.

          If you went into work every day and people always just told you that you did a terrible job, even though you tried as hard as your could, you can’t say that you wouldn’t just stop trying and accept people think you do a terrible job. Because I’, pretty sure we all would.

          I agree with all the criticism. It’s very true, but we can’t expect anything to get fixed with the attitudes like this. Frankly, I expect all of the overly aggressive complainers have ruined Destiny 1 already. I don’t think it will recover. Bungie can’t possibly feel motivated to fix any big problems. Hopefully people will be more humane when Destiny 2 comes out and just not play the game instead of holding on to it and complaining for 6 months.

      • J.T

        I can’t really agree. $17 for 4 to 5 hours of content isn’t a bad price at all, especially considering the average price of DLC nowadays. Just a map pack for a game like Call of Duty runs around $10 to $15, and that’s fairly normal. Mass Effect had some really pricey DLC, especially Mass Effect 3. Destiny was fairly generous by comparison.

    • Timothy

      I Ger never somting good i play vorm day1 end stil totaal exotics are 0

    • Álvaro

      This is really tiring. “U first mistake”? I find it really difficult the brilliant mind who has written this article has made an error. Probably because it is a subjective text, it is an opinion, is quite difficult to find a mistake. And how do you know Bungie don’t give a crap about players? You’re some kind of omniscient mind who knows everything? Because I think you’re just a whiner.

      But let’s go further in this direction. There are people who play Destiny daily and others that are getting tired of it. But surely most are tired of the typical irritating people who get into useful and informative sites like PlanetDestiny, to tell us how unhappy and annoying they are.

      In short. A few days before Destiny release I got into the official website, I watched what the game offered and got into a nicely made recreation of the explorable area of ​​the game based on Google Maps, so I bought the game, I saw that Destiny was what I expected and liked it. I don’t understand all those people who thought Destiny was totally different from what actually is.

      Same with the DLC, we had enough information, from Bungie and of course from PlanetDestiny, we knew exactly what we were buying, so if after playing it you don’t like what you’ve acquired, not for the quality but for the amount of content, you are complete fool, so it’s not Bungie’s fault, it’s yours. And as J.T. said it is a normal for what we are accustomed.

      The final touch is when you claim free content like Bungie has a debt to you or to the horde of withered people who think like you.

    • Scott Pam

      U first mstke: cutting school to game.

  • J.T

    Meh. Been there, done that. I burned out on Destiny around November. I came back for the Dark Below for a few days, then I lost interest again. But now a few months later, Destiny has sparked my interest again, and I’m back in full swing with a new character. Funnily enough, the story isn’t nearly as bad as I remembered.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      Sounds good!

  • Eddie Burns

    I get so Pissed off with the game I actually feel like I’m getting one over on bungie with all the cheesing on the raids but really I am the mug for even playing it.

  • Jared Heldt

    Im just going to try to play it every once in a while, to get all my weapons leveled up and get a few more exotics and new raid weapons (only one i don’t have so far is black hammer!), but been taking 2-3 day breaks from Destiny, I still try to do most of the weekly activities though.

    • Lee Juriet


      • Scott Pam

        I am heading down that path too. Tried some other games but found them boring at best compared to Destiny.

  • Dee

    HoW is Bungie’s last chance, if it’s still glitches and shit, I’m not continuing.

  • MSUMC25

    Maybe give be an exotic weapon or two instead of Sparrows and Ships every time I complete a raid lol

    • Scott Pam

      I have gotten and dismantled more ships than I have hair.

  • MSUMC25

    I don’t understand why people think Bungie doesn’t care about their players when this whole game is based on network effects. They’ve made some good adjustments like making it easier to acquire materials for upgrades etc. What I’d really like to see is some form of guaranteed currency for completing a raid and then after you complete 5 raids you can buy one item you really want from the raid etc. Getting BS for completing a raid is soul crushing.

  • inquisitor314

    very compelling argument even though the solutions are small, but i understand your point with bungie and their high minded delusion. From its fork tongue community trickster to its one line next patch managers. bungie has lost its way to understand what makes a game survive. the solutions from the past do not work in this day and age. Have you seen whats coming in the new patch. yup weekly match making. so if i cant make friends i will be pushed with people who might not work well or will be non cooperative. they may actually talk. who knows. more then likely they wont. heres to hope someone with authority and a brain at bungie who will at least give this 3rd you have been warned letter. its sick to work on a destiny 2 when your first game was hyped and overall weak in many aspects after a lie of previews then release. But content wont help because they dont know how to entend the inner parts of the story without risking their investment in destiny 2. But honestly may HOW and for feb, march, and april there is nothing. small tweaks in guns and some cosmetic attributes but overall game function will still be boring and weekly nightfall and strike will be the same boring attribute. well i guess it is okay to walk away from a game and play others. it was a nice start and nice try but the lie has caught up to the company and to many feel jaded. hope you dont lie to much about destiny 2 and try and charge us 60 bucks for an expansion.

  • Lee Juriet

    I happen to agree with most off what you say; I started playing from Day One, so I certainly have burnout. Several things helped accellerrate that though; the first being the fact that, for me, the RNG is fraking BROKEN. It took me 32 VoG hard runs to get Mythoclast. I only recently got Fatebringer. I STILL don’t have Praetorian Foil, or the Pulse rifle. And I get really angry when some idiot in my Strike who got far less kills and did jackall gets legendary or exotic gear. I mean, at that point, why bother trying to do well?

    The second thing is the removal of the ability to turn in materials for marks, especially for Crucible matches; I don’t like Crucible, I never have, but a lot of the gear is useful, so I used to spend a hour gathering materials and turning it in for marks. Well, that no longer is possible, so now I am FORCED to play Crucible for low levels of marks per game.

  • OhSnapItzKing

    I ma

  • Just another opinion

    I don’t mind the grind if it’s worth it. What is burning me out on Destiny is how unpredictable the grind is. I am so tired of getting the same thing over and over. I get that it’s a random reward, but maybe it could be improved by not allowing you to get as a reward something you already have in your inventory. Not in your vault or in your other characters inventory, but whatever character just got the reward. It would give you some slight influence over the random reward system, but at the expense of your inventory. Hoping to get another VoC? Well, you can’t play the raid with it in your inventory. Trying to avoid getting your 17th Chatterwhite? Keep that crap in your inventory. Next, why does the inventory never change with the vendors?? You know which vendors I”m talking about. Your mentor, the quartermaster, the armory, Dead Orbit, FWC, etc. We can only save up to 200 marks, so we have to buy or miss out on marks. The inventory hasn’t changed since the last expansion. I don’t know why I even look at what they are selling anymore. They haven’t changed. I know all their stats, their names. When I inspect another player, I instantly know if they bought their Badger CCL or if it was a random drop. When I see it has Firefly, I think “You lucky so and so, that’s a great gun”. When I see it’s the one the armory sells, I think “It’s a much better gun that what you think it is”. So, even a monthly refresh on the vendors inventory would be very welcome. Better yet, I’d spend quite a few marks to change perks or optics on purchased weapons. Last few thoughts…Xur needs to sell 2 or 3 exotic weapons every week. More other choices (armor, telemetry, etc) would be nice too. All bounties need to be freshened up, they are mighty stale and some are not rewarded appropriately for effort put in. There need to be more types of Public Events. They need to be more interesting too. Maybe one could be 3 minutes or so of absolute nonstop enemies pouring in from all spawn points? Something more difficult like killing 300+ enemies in 180 seconds would be a nice change of pace compared to taking out the Fallen walker in the Divide in 15 seconds. Get rid of the 25k Glimmer cap across 3 players. I can burn that 25k up just buying heavy ammo synth getting 3 characters through CE.

    • Scott Pam

      I totally concur with the 25k cap – three characters and it’s gone in seconds for heavy ammo synthesis.

  • Thomas Crane

    I burned out at 330 hours. The last time I played was back in December. I think it’s important for players to remember that they don’t have to treat Destiny like a job. Once it becomes that, then the enjoyment is gone.

  • awsimo

    For a while, I was trying to run Nightfalls and Hard Raids with all three of my characters. As you can imagine, that was taking up an enormous amount of time, especially when you factor in finding new pick-up groups when people quit in the middle of Raid runs, and all of the bounty grinding to level up new gear. I made the decision to narrow it down to just my Hunter, and I haven’t regretted it since. As much as I loved running around the Abyss with a Bad Juju/Obsidian Mind combo, what I love more is having the extra time to play other games.

    Right now, I’m just trying to collect all of the Raid-exclusive gear, which means I just have to run one Nightfall, one VoG, and one Crota’s End per week. Then I can just drop in and do bounties/play Crucible as I please, without feeling obligated to go Raiding. Once I collect and upgrade that elusive Vision of Confluence*, I’ll probably take a break until House of Wolves drops.

    *How do I have three Mythoclasts, and no VoC yet? RNG MAKE HULK MAD!

  • Scott Pam

    My last serious gaming was Syphon Filter in 1999.

    There was something about the Destiny trailer that I saw and I was intrigued. The graphics on the PS4 were phenomenal and I was sold.

    As this was my first major gaming investment in many years, I too have reached burnout. I am not the greatest at Iron Banner/Crucible (usually in the bottom three or lower) and after seeing the same maps over and over and over and over and over for the past few days, burnout has occurred. (Having the flu added to to my time playing this past 7 days….)

    Burnout has occured from the frustrations with the game over time. The latest round of glitches while in Iron Banner were beyond annoying. It’s time to upgrade the server farm and make sure that the millions of players are not bounced out of the game with another round of error codes.

    The bounties are the same grind every day, the Vanguard Strikes are just as repetitive and while the raids are challenging, the rewards for all of this are low.

    While Bungie is not responsible for this aspect I note, it is part of the frustration and burnout as well: participants on raids are sometimes immature at best, throwing tantrums and fits if everyone does not know exactly what they are doing. Major bummer….I am well beyond my teen years and still remember programming games by hand into a TRS-80 Model IV.

    The social aspects of the game are what draws me back and without the usual fireteam, I’d rather watch TV. Some folks all invite me to help them, but are unwilling to return the favor – this selfishness is noted. That’s why I stick to a small group of players who are around my age and we have worked together for a few months playing the game.

    Every company has the right to make money and I won’t judge Bungie for making one of the most graphically and intellectually immersive games I have ever seen. The levels of programming to get Destiny to even work is mind-blowing to a computer guy like me. The concepts in the story line excite this sci-fi buff and I hope they DO NOT MAKE A MOVIE. The game is enough….

    Enemies know when I am sniping from a cliff and hide. Higher levels enemies do barrel rolls out of the way of the incoming firepower. It is an incredible job of programming and work to bring about this level of immersion and content.

    The graphics continually amaze me – the attention to detail is appreciated. However, the levels of intricacy involved in knowing which weapon to use on what shield and the fact that the same weapon has more variants than the flu bug, makes it overwhelming.

    The need for radiant/ascendant shards/energy to upgrade weapons and armor with the fact that they are so damn rare in public events and other events at times are also part of my burnout. It’s damn disappointing to play and play and play to get ONE when you need over 75! There was a long period where nothing at all was rewarded and it got highly frustrating. My team and I played for days without any gains whatsoever for the items needed to upgrade anything.

    Unless you spend your entire living day chasing these items needed to upgrade, they might never be maxed out.

    Exotic Weapon bounties are a frustrating grind 90 percent of the time. As much as I would like the Thorn, 500 points with void damage is nearly out of reach since I have to pay bills and earn a living – I can’t cut school for a week and stay in my room to get it.

    With that being said, it’s time for Bungie to get their developers to get the current strike/bounty/ story content more random and open up some more maps for all areas of the game.

    It would also be of great help to be able to swap gear with my characters in less than 20 minutes. Tower/Vault/Store, change character, Tower/Vault/Pickup, change character, Tower/Vault/Store, change character, Tower/Vault/Pickup – now join fireteam.

    The vault size needs to be increased and there needs to be a seperate group for the different item classes rather than one giant bucket that gets filled instantly when you change over.

    Bottom Line:

    1) Increase cap on glimmer.
    2) Increase Vault size and make it convenient to switch between characters, perhaps create a weapons package that holds 6 good ones that can be easily picked up in the tower after we load them up from whatever we are logged in as.
    3) Increase the rewards – there are not enough hours and days to even remotely get most of my gear upgraded as of now.
    4) Change inventory at vendors would keep my interest.
    5) Change around the darn maps already.
    6) Change the bounties.

  • LokeMata

    All I’m saying it that all the whiners are going to ruin everything
    for us true Destiny gamers. I purchased this game after reading all the reviews
    and watching the YouTube videos and did all my research. I started playing it
    and it’s exactly what I expected and then some. Idk what ppl were thinking this
    game was going to do. It’s like they want this game to suck ‘em off. But no. It
    is what it is, and Bungie has worked hard to present us this product; and if
    you like it you play it, and if you don’t just leave it alone for us true fans
    to enjoy. I almost got everything and still look forward to other things to do
    in this game as there is so much, you just have to look into it knowing the
    game. And that’s how you go thru the game and eventually you will get rewards. Here
    are the two different mentalities in this game. One positive (of a true fan)
    and the other negative (like whiners) With me and my friends, every time I get
    a cool item (like an exotic) that my friends don’t have, immediately they start
    “hating”, saying “oh i hate you”, or “hope that’s the
    last exotic you get”, or “you suck”, But when that same friend
    gets a cool item, I give ‘em props and am happy for that friend because they
    found what they wanted, there is NO reason to “hate” because that’s his character
    and I’m just worrying about my character. And that’s the problem with this
    game, the main issue here is players NOT getting what they WANT already so they
    get sour. I been there. I’ve wanted that Raid helm forever. I’ve wanted that IB
    and Ghorn for a while. I want that Fatebringer that everyone and their momma
    has (which i still haven’t gotten and with 3 character at lvl 32) {you see there’s the
    complaining part, except ppl exaggerate out there}, but you know what, if I
    keep enjoying the game eventually I will get those. So that’s a huge part of what
    drives me. I mainly play PvE, but those days I do get bored… hey, there’s PvP. That’s
    what’s up. So Bungie. Just forget about the whiners, because they’re the fools
    that get mad for spending MONEY on a game they don’t like just to go on social
    media and whine about it to get attention. I put mad hours into this game and I
    do have a social life that is unified with this game due to many of my friends
    having it. I play alone, with friends I know, and friends I just met online
    thru this game. This game is a great investment for boring times or when alone
    time comes around (why do we buy game consoles for?). Keep up the good work

    p.s. For those ppl that complain about RNG… The R stands for
    RANDOM! Look it up in the dictionary.

    • Joshua

      We’ll see you have knowledge based when the game came out. For those of us who bought it day 1 we were promised something entirely different. If you like the current crap game my hat goes off to you. You can enjoy mediocrity

      • LokeMata

        There the proof…. I rest my case.

      • sycoteck

        Bungie said over and over this game is not an MMO it’s a FPS, and for a FPS it’s pretty impressive

        Name one other like this

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      I totally agree, with all of your points, but especially that a lot of people had ridiculously high expectations for this game, and continue to have stupidly high expectations of bungie. I did my research, I knew what I was getting, and I am very happy with what I got.

  • insanetrasher

    I agree with everything mentioned in this article.

    I may add that to sustain the interest in the game, they should definitely add a challenging and different PvE mode that does not rely on weekly reset. Regular Strikes are not challenging at all.

    • Taylor Bair

      Especially not when you can just run past everything 😀 It’s like an art these days with my buddies: what can we run past to get to the boss quicker?

  • Brian Collins

    1000 hours in, almost all weapons and gear attained, and I’m starting to feel myself drifting away from this game. Anymore, the only things I’m doing are activities with a “greater” chance of exotic drops; i.e. raids and nightfalls.

    Okay, so what if all of my grinding pays off and I get my hands on that must-have exotic rocket launcher that everyone raves about. Then what???

  • Gabstep

    Great article! Destiny grinding have been THE thing on everyone’s mouth since the start of it. ”Will people stay addicted? Will they still play in a couple months?” It is true that HoW is an awaited expansion by players and will determined the future of the game but the wait is way too long. 6 months between expansion is too much. They expect us to doing the same thing over and over again until the expansion, thats a flagrant lack of content from bungie. I hope it will be bigger and longer than Dark Below, ’cause it didn’t take too long to get trough it and reach level 32 for a lot of good players.

  • Forge

    This is definitely becoming an issue for my clan, we have a lot of hard-core gamers in it who have sunk thousands of hours into the game already. This means the game was clearly worth the price we paid for it, few other games last that long in actual play time. However many of us now spend as much time talking about other games we can play together as we do on destiny.

    My solution has simply been to cut back on play time and to never grind. I have two level 32 chars and my third char has had all the gear necessary to hit 32 for a couple of weeks now, all he needs is a few more bubbles on his chest piece and that’s all 3 to level 32. If I played like I used too my chest piece would have been maxed the first day, now it has been edging its way up slowly over weeks.

    I used to hit raids, weekly and nightfall on every character on Tuesday/Wed, then do every vanguard bounty available every day while re-running raids, weekly and NF to help clan-mates and max out tokens. Between this was farming for glimmer and materials and occasional but rare jaunts into the crucible for exotic bounties and random fun.

    I had to re-evaluate my play and cut back before I gave up on the game entirely like so many friends have. Now I do Crota’s end once on Tuesday or Wed. I might do it on my other chars during the week, but I am not really fussed about it since I have the gear and guns I want, I see Atheon maybe once a fortnight is lucky. I generally get the NF and weekly done on all chars over the week but I don’t worry if I don’t. I have enough coins to buy 500 heavy packs today and still have a stash big enough to buy any guns that turns up next week so why fret about it? Grinding of any kind is simply not done. Each char has an exotic or two and at least 2 or 3 raid primaries and a couple of secondaries that need leveled but I know that if I took the time to grind out the bounties every day and spam strikes that I would quit the game very soon after.

    So now I have devolved into somewhat of a casual, sure I play a lot more than most casuals but I only do what I enjoy. Right now my clan is having fun in the IB, Many of us are not really PVP guys but we simply have fun playing somthing a little different together and winning more than we loose helps that. Next week I might do more strikes with them in a playlist to gain a bit of xp. Overall now I will only do what I enjoy, the grind means death so I will simply play and let my guns go un-leveled.

    • Taylor Bair

      I’m now in a similar stream with my play frequency. And yeah, it’s not exactly “casual” by normal standards, but then… what is it? I think it would be fascinating to look further into what exactly casual means in a game like Destiny.

  • vIRoninIv

    I’ve certainly seen my fair share of friends move away from Destiny. Just this week my cousin got the “kill-switch”. He just said “I’m done with Destiny”. I’ve felt a bit of the burnout before Crota’s End DLC, but quickly went away when Last Word came out for sale. I then started to realize a few things that people should consider moving forward in Destiny:
    – Don’t race through the content to achieve max level. Raiding 3 characters and hoping that you’ll eventually get that elusive piece of armor to complete your set will just end up getting you pissed.
    – Combine the daily mission with bounties and hit farming locations along the way. I’ve started doing this when I’m by myself and its a different way to experience the game. Take your time going through an area. Stop and help some guardians. Maybe hit a public event(or 2). Enjoy the mechanics of the game, because they are unmatched by any FPS.
    – Keep your expectations for RNG extremely low, non-existent if possible, and when you do get blessed, you will be ecstatic! I was doing ROC strikes just getting some vanguard points to work towards a weapon. I completed the strike and went to refresh my drink between strikes. I open up my character to trim out my inventory and lo and behold I got a MIDA Multi-tool! I was absolutely geeked about it.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      Great points!

    • sycoteck

      Bravo man, claps all around. I’m glade to see that there are people who are not all in the hate clan.

      I’ve sunk over a months worth of play time into destiny, and I gotta say there are still some alien scum to slay.

      • Charles Weidner

        personally, I love just randomly meeting any level and helping them go through things at a higher level. its always fun to see how stoked they get.

  • David Harp

    Brilliant article. Hit the nail on the head. I haven’t played Destiny in over 2 weeks. Like I’m sure everyone was, I used to be totally addicted to it. Now I’ve definitely hit full burnout. It’s all about having nothing to play for anymore. Like you said, everything hinges on the House Of Wolves – that content will determine whether I stay in for the long haul, or put Destiny aside for good.

  • Andmatsu

    Excelent article! The only good thing of getting tired of the game is… spending more time with real ppl.
    And other thing I dislike about the game: The schedule, weekly resets and … Xur, why he came only on weekends?? to busy doing more important things on weekdays, like playing CoD? why he cant stay all days and just change what he offers each week?

  • Octus

    Lots of good points. I have recently hit the burnout(been playing since beta), so I only play a little each week now instead of hours every day. I have recently started playing some other games and I find Destiny more enjoyable now when I return to it. I’m not focusing in the grind anymore, just doing whatever my friends are and not stressing about it. Warframe recently had an update that I hope Destiny will add..”space battles”.
    Its pretty fun. 🙂

    • Taylor Bair

      Same here. My friend asked me to do the weekly heroic, which I’d already finished, but I said, “Hey, why not” and had a complete blast. It really is about time with friends – that’s what brings me back.

  • Sara Sikes

    Burnout on D3 when it first came out was REALLY bad. But, Blizzard fixed it up, and it’s a great game! I know Bungie can do it as well. Hire someone like myself as a supervisor, I will tell the developers what the game needs, and what it doesn’t need. Bungie, at this point NEEDS outside consultation. They either need to hire a long time MMO developer (someone from Blizzard), or hire some folks from the community to give their experienced opinions and direction on what types of content to add.

    Eve Online has a system sort of based on that idea. The community sends people from each region in the world to Iceland once per year, this group meets with the developers, they vote on ideas, and the developers implement what ideas won the votes. They do what the community wants, not what they want.

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    If you’re tired of grinding stop grinding. The moment my PS4 Warlock hits 32 I’m only playing if I FEEL like it. I know people with hundreds of strange coin and ascendant crap laying around they will never use. Who cares when HoW hits and everyone gets level 33 overnight anyway?

    That said, Bungie could fix some very obvious things. You should NEVER have a strike repeat immediately, let alone 3 or 4 times straight. That’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t see the same strike within the next 3 or 4 rounds imo. Stuff like that is exactly what made strikes feel less like fun and more like I was supposed to take a grind mentality, and I don’t strike much because of it.

    The path to the highest level shouldn’t be so constricted. For the moment you can only hit it with Crota gear. Sure I saw the Iron Banner stuff but the armor figures were substantially lower…so what for? Maybe I don’t want to dress my Titan in necromonger garb. How about an upgrade path for your “special” armor of choice?

    Why did they add those stupid commendations for again? I’m nowhere near what many players are and my time is divided between 3 profiles each on Xbox and Playstation, but I already have commendations laying around I’ll never use. Or radiant shards? How many currencies do they need? Wipe out commendations. They made no sense to begin with. And enough with the different shards.

    Small aside…it’s a little weird that the most exotic gear is often legendary stuff. I don’t entirely mind, because you can equip them all at the same time. But maybe some exotics should be more exotic? I don’t see, for example, why exotic primaries don’t typically have a burn of some sort. It just seems to make sense that some should. No Land Beyond shouldn’t because it by definition is crap you don’t want. Probably a polite way to ensure that when RNG turns up an exotic it manages to not be anything worth keeping. And some great exotics like Hawkmoon probably shouldn’t have burn either. But Hardlight seems like a natural fit for an arc weapon. Thorn could be void or solar. Otherwise they just don’t all seem that exotic.

  • ProfessionalCitizen

    Hi guys, I want to speak out for a moment here. I am a big time destiny player, I have been since the beginning. I played the beta, I bought the game on launch day, and I have been playing non-stop ever since. That being said, I AM NOT BURNED OUT. Sorry for shouting, but I feel it needs to be heard. I’ll get back to that at the end. The thing is, there are a lot of people out there, you are likely one of them, who are level 31 or 32, and have 3 characters at high level, possibly all 32’s. I’m almost there myself. But what we long timers with multiple high level characters need to remember is that we are very much so a minority. I play on PS4, and I just checked the trophies. What I found may be surprising: 70% of players have never equipped and exotic item. 82% of players have never completed a raid. I encourage you all to check the trophies for yourselves, see how few people have done what you did long ago. While a lot of us may feel like we have done absolutely everything in the game and there is no longer anything to hold our interest, it’s probably because we have. But we should understand that we are in a very elite pool of players. We should understand that the vast majority of destiny players still have a long, long way to go. We should keep in mind that this is a very young game, it’s only been out a few months. We should keep in mind that when bungie releases patches, they don’t get paid. Over at bungie they aren’t saying, “come on guys, if we improve the game balance and fix some bugs, we’ll get a big bonus!” Bungie has been updating, adding to, fixing, and improving this game consistently, and by the measure of other games very swiftly, for months to make the game better because that makes their customers happy. But you certainly don’t see us paying them for it. In any case, I hope somebody out there read this. I hope that you, like me, are not burned out. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I still love and adore this game as the fabulously fun bundle of code it has always been. Burnout solution? Enjoy the excellent game bungie has provided. If it doesn’t suit you, if you don’t like it anymore, if it doesn’t feel right, play another game, one that is fun for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do destiny.

    • Damon Ott

      Your comment that Bungie doesn’t get paid to provide new content (other than DLC) is a valid point that seems overlooked by many who complain. On the other hand, it provides little solace for those who need more content to remain interested. I stopped playing about two weeks ago (started at launch), pretty much like the kill switch approach described in the article. I’d like to go back, but can’t muster the interest without more content. I’d happily pay for it, and I suspect most players would. After all, $60 is actually a steal if you averaged the cost over the hours of play, especially when you compare it to a something like The Order. Ultimately I fear that I’ll never get what I want until Destiny 2 comes out.

  • pickleman227

    You know i feel sorry for the guys who write all these articles and really try to improve the game. Because Bungie will ignore their community, again and again.

  • LeCompanero

    Great article. I have another opinion on this. Why can’t we use more then one Exotic gear (not weapon)? There are better Legendary gear with a lot better perks than an exotic. I would love to use my Voidfang Vestments, with my LIght Beyond Nemesis and Claws of Ahamkara

  • Mal

    I can deal with burnout etc I just play a few times a week now with friends and we have fun (but we are also exploring games like evolve etc)
    But here is my biggest problem – Destiny punishes you for not playing 🙁 I have 2 weeks holidays soon what if xur finally sells gjallarhorn while I am away!
    I don’t even particularly want it but having one increases your usefulness in raids so much ( like icebreaker) it’s almost essential.
    While I have a good clan mate to give my psn password to just in case hell freezes over and ghalahorn is sold … While I trust him to buy it for me you really shouldn’t have to do that.

    Think the game sux now?Just imagine coming back from time away and finding out you missed gjallarhorn for sale ….

  • Ribetsu

    Very good article. I once had a burnout with Destiny, deleted my guardian along with all the top-tier exotics and other gear I had with the intention of never returning. I did return however, but as a changed player. I walked away from grinding to the max lvl cap or collecting all the exotics and never looked back. I’ll max out the vendor gear and hunt for the exotics and legendaries I’ll actually want to use, everything else is just not worth it for me.

  • Ash

    It’s a perfect example of a corrupt game. Feeding on human a weakness. Addiction. .With mechanics (as you mentioned) to bend the players playtime to keep those numbers high for the rich dick bosses. This is not a social game, we hardly get the chance to speak to the real world. The community are what made this game social we formed our own bonds. This shouldn’t be encouraged, join a party, talk and play whatever you guys want 🙂

  • EliteRookie989 .

    The servers are what made me stop playing. I couldn’t do a single raid, nightfall or even just a crucible match without being kicked back to orbit or the ‘press A to play’ screen.

  • ceedoubleyou

    I have this sense that a lot of players are only sticking around for the “House Of Wolves” DLC because they’ve already paid for it.

    The endless grind of the game and Bungie’s constant revisions have taken their toll with my, once, very high level of enjoyment of Destiny. And if Bungie doesn’t knock it out of the park with the expansion, I think a lot of long time players –including myself– will wander off to brighter skies.

  • fam

    Queen of the reefers

  • BAMozzy69 .

    As I have just bought a new console and I bought Destiny for that, it is kind of fun again. My other console already has 3 level 32 Guardians and every Exotic, VoG and CE weapon so it does feel that all I want from it now is new content.
    I am still in the very early stages with my other console where green engrams are still wanted and blues are the best I can hope for….

  • oki_tom

    Really well written article, I’ve been thinking about burnout a lot recently and this article hit on so many topics. I enjoy this game more than any other one in a long time, between BF3 & 4 I had amassed close to 1,000 hours. I can see myself doing that in just this one however, there are points that make this game unbearable. Keep up the great writing and see you game side!


  • StarTsurugi

    Well written.
    I myself, hop on Destiny only for iron Banner and when Xur drops in.
    What else Destiny needs…Raid Matchmaking. I have completed Vault of Glass only three times after getting Destiny at launch. Finding a fireteam is hard, even with forum groups.
    If they had Raid matchmaking, I’d play it a lot more.

  • Joshua

    The answer to destiny burnout is World of Warcraft.

  • Ricky

    Having strikes and maps not repeat is impossible. Every time you get a new map (not repeated), that’s a repeat for someone else in matchmaking.

  • Mr Cline Bricks

    I already hit the kill switch. Lol. Still great article. Very well written.

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    I have no love for the crucible either. There’s only so much you can do about lag, but especially learning about the ridiculous inequalities between certain weapons (REALLY started to explain a lot of incongruencies that otherwise left me scratching my head), thrown in with some bad taste left in my mouth at just how trashy so many people online can be (memories of Halo 2 online, but also immediately recognizable with the antics of some players during strikes when we’re supposed to be cooperating), and I have a hard time thinking I want to invest any time in it. I DO want to eventually get the Thorn bounty done, there may have been one other exotic bounty I was interested in too, and whenever I do it I want it to go as quickly as possible. Which means I’m probably going to research whatever sniveling cheapy weapons get exploited most (I hear a lot about Suros Regime) and only bother the minimum time necessary to just get the stupid bounty, then never play any more.

  • NLK3

    Coming from Bungie, the makers of Halo, I was expecting a lot of extra user-generated content features, like how you have Forge and customizable game modes and rules. Hell, I’d like a competative survival mode where you play with other players to kill the most NPC enemies in the multiplayer maps. And why aren’t the new modes permament? I don’t want to only play what I would enjoy on weekends. I know they are trying to be innovative with things, but innovation doesn’t work if it doesn’t satisfy. Excluding things to be different is always worse to a degree, in my opinion. Like a JRPG removing the ability to select the enemy you want to attack, don’t allow you to customize your characters’ actions in battle, or removing side quests because since it’s done before, it’s “innovative”. NO, it’s lazy! I know this isn’t Halo, but it has less in the PVP than Halo. Other than the use of powers in Crucible, there’s nothing really new. I want split screen (I want to play with my brother sometimes, especially since I have over 80 firends who won’t always play with me), I want team shaders (relying on seeing names has always been stupid, no matter what game), and even custom game features with friends/randoms with no rewards just for fun. I got ideas for PVE, but I’ll save that for later.

    P.S. Is volume controls that hard to do? I may need to use my TV to hear my friends, but the sounds of everything else overshadow it.

  • TJG95

    I feel that what destiny needs are more fun activities to be played to break from the “grind” of getting exotics and legendary raid gear and so on. I’ve got 3 level 32 characters and I don’t find myself coming back to the game to do anything other than help friends complete nightfalls and do the occasional vanguard bounty and 2v2 skirmish. One of my favourite game types is the 2v2 skirmish but they only keep it in the game for a week at most before taking it out for a month… WHY?! Most games don’t add and remove game types just because they can only fit a couple on their selection screen which I feel needs addressing seeing as games like call of duty have many more game types as does Halo.

    The main thing I want is a mode similar to something like forge in essence where you can mess around a lot more and customise your experience rather than repeating a linear boring activity over and over again (like defending Dinklebot while he opens a door)… kind of similar to what CoD has with Nazi Zombies and Gears of War with Horde Mode. Just something to change up the gameplay in between strikes would go a long way. Another thing is that they should to be quicker to address things like vault size issues which I can’t imagine is too difficult even though Deej says he knows about these issues months ago we’re still not receiving the relevant update.. and the various other glitches that they hadn’t managed to fix before releasing Crota’s end which is one of the worst DLC add ons to a game i’ve ever been unfortunate enough to purchase. And it does kind of feel like they put more effort into fixing the glitches that let people cheese the game than fixing the ones that seriously take away from the enjoyment of the game like the heavy ammo which they’re finally about to fix.

    All of that said and done I still love the games mechanics and doing the occasional strike and raid (mainly vault of glass because it was actually really good unlike Crota) I just need the next DLC to be a lot better to keep me coming back to it every week.

    Great article btw sorry about the rant

  • Mark

    Great article, but the more I played Destiny, the more I felt like an abused dog always crawling back to it’s owner. Maybe Bungie NEEDS to see we aren’t coming back. Just to show them they are at the mercy of the community, and not the other way around. So that way they actually improve on everything you said 🙂

  • Oscar Enrique Miranda

    hi! i just came here to liberate some pressure WHY THE HELLLLLLL PPL CAPTURE ZONE C IN CONTROL IN FIREBASE DELPHI WHEN U HAVE A AND B!?!?!?!?!? FUCKKKKK!!!! whats wrong with you!?!?!?!?!? C almost has a sign over its head saying… “capture me if you want to lose”

  • Jason David Anderson

    I quit playing about two months ago now, deleted the game from my system – despite having the next set of DLC purchased, and I will NEVER return.

    I had collected almost every exotic attainable in the game, done everything there was to do – period.

    At the end of the day, it was all wasted time. I was never happy enough with my character, and Bungie continued to do things that I didn’t agree with.

    My solution to Destiny burn out was to finally put the damn game down – and since I have I feel a lot better.

    The only reason I’m even here is I was curious if anything major had changed, I see it has not – and that solidifies my decision to never return to this half-done game.

    I hope they release something with an actual story, and an amount of content to warrant all of the claims they made before releasing this game, in the future.

    Until then, Bungie a huge failure in my eyes. Some one who were once great but have fallen into mediocrity, more interested in making sales than innovation.

  • SavedChris

    I love this article! I love this game! I don’t think we as a gaming community want much in exchange for our time and loyalty.

  • Jake

    One thing I think they should add to the game is an exotic bounty for EVERY gun in the game. I can’t tell you how much I wish this was a thing, mainly because when I finally get an vanguard mentor missive, and it turns into 3 options for weapons I already have I get very disappointed.

    Example (and yes I know it’s OP) but SUROS is a gun I want badly. I’d love for there to be a quest chain as involved as Thorn’s in order to get it because RNG hates me most of the time.

  • js27195

    My problem is raids and the daily and weekly strikes. Because it doesn’t allow auto matching, I can very rarely complete one. I’m finally level 30 and have never been able to do one. The collection of shards is mind numbing when you can only get them doing daily events and eventually a daily strike (solo) because it is low enough level and I can win it alone when playing. My friends just don’t play destiny and when I team with randoms on the Raids (which is really hard to do, I’ll ask 20 people and 2 will say yes) we can never finish without people quitting. They HAVE to allow us to partner up with people to do raids and the daily and weekly strikes/nightfalls to make this game fun for the average person. I’m level 30 but I’m starting to get where I just hate to play because I can’t do the fun stuff. I still haven’t finished Croata because I can’t find anyone to do the final mission with. The first 2, I soloed.

  • Sum4play

    I play Destiny almost every day and i have since the official release date back in September. I think Destiny is a great game, ya it gets a little old when your grinding for your next upgrade or more glimmer or for that last part of the exotic bounty you want so badly. Although the story missions get repetitive and the bounties aren’t all that exciting to complete after a while, there is still a great sense of being part of an elite team of warriors battling through the universe with awesome abilities. The best thing to do when you get bored of what your doing on Destiny is to start a new character and try a different type of guardian. I finally ended up making one of each and learning the new play styles for each one and getting all the upgrades for each subclass as well as trying to get the full set of raid armor and weapons for each is a very satisfying experience when your old lvl 32 gets maxed out and you have nothing to spend glimmer on anymore but heavy ammo synthesis. I won’t give up on it anytime soon and as many of you as I keep running into out there on 360 I bet that there will always be a massive online community playing this game trying to achieve new heights and I can’t wait to play with any and every one of you….or against you….

  • th3cookie

    I have every single exotic, every weapon from VoG and crota MAXED. it is just getting old when the only things worth getting as a reward, have all already been gotten. The fun in the game was when i did the nightfall and wouldn’t know what to expect. Now every single drop from the nightfall and weekly and raids i have already gotten. There is no point in doing it if it doesn’t reward further. I’m burnt out because there’s no further progression available.

    That said i loved destiny and will probably pick it back up when HoW drops.

  • Battle Stig

    I can’t believe that this is basically my entire relationship with Destiny

  • Zacchary Townsend

    Im reaching my burnout. I hit 32. My temporary solution is to level up all of my weapons before I put it down. If I do it before DLC, then I play something else until then.

  • Charles Weidner

    I have somehwere around 500 hours logged. at first I was very bummed by the light leveling. I also purchased the game late so it seemed like everyone was a 32 with raid gear. I didnt even know about xur for a month or so of weekend playing between working and supporting a family. I started to randomly invite people during patrols and after a week or so, we had a fresh bunch to go through the vault of glass, and not too long after that disaster we did crota. I have done vault on hard now. I am addicted again. I find the most fun is to try to invite a lower level now and again and see if they want to try something a level or two higher than they are and it always gives me a kick to see how excited they get over upgrades we no longer need. I find this the most fun. I still need a raid helmet to get 32 and with a full time carreer and a newborn, I am ok if I do and ok if I don’t. I would rather meet interesting people to play through with and if a raid happens, great! just doing that, in the last week I have farmed 28 strange coins and 6 legendary weapons! some of them are pretty good too! you can see my set up on bungie vegascharlie777. all that gear I got when I stopped farming, and started playing with others. way more fun.

  • Damon Ott

    What I’d really like is for someone to suggest a new game that involves the same social aspect of Destiny that we can play while those of us with burnout wait for HoWs or Destiny 2. There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent replacement, which says something about the quality and nature of Destiny (i.e. shared FPS). One would think the popularity of Destiny would result in numerous other games following the shared FPS trail blazed by Bungie. At least I hope so.

  • Brandon Adams

    I avoid burnout by not doing things I don’t want to do. Thus I don’t use many exotics because that would require doing the stupid weekly or nightfall every week. Instead I choose wisely from Xur and just do crucible when I feel like it. Also I have never completed a raid. I have only attempted them on my own for fun.
    Rule of thumb: Its a game, do what you enjoy doing.

  • Future-Bound-Entertainment

    A simple system that would earn them a lot of points from fans, would be for you to be able to reconfigure any armor they are wearing to look as an armor piece tehy ahve previously equipped.

    so even if you have the best chest piece in teh game, you can make it look like your crappy starting chest piece, or any other piece of chest armor you have equipped that you happen to like.

    Its the system DC universe online uses, and it works brilliantly for keepign characters negaged. It has a side effect too that it significantly reduces the anxiety and stress surrounding loot hunting, so that players feel more free to play the game and focus on having fun without worrying that “oh god, new chest piece is going to look like ass”

    A good in-uiverse explanation can be that the ghost is able to reconfigure armor based on previously scanned aesthetics.

    Also a “helmet off” option would be appreciated (although obviously the helmet would go back on when you are on the moon, but every other planet is breathable… also exos wouldnt need to have a helmet at all) like mass effect it would just be visual.

  • RaZuel

    You people at destiny are trying to convince us that the things you are trying to do are so hard and need so much thought to bring to the table. I call bullshit. You have all the code “you’ve already bought it” , nothing you are doing here is new just a different “skin” on game types you have done. You dribble ideas at us on a baby spoon. Stop with the rhetoric and give up the rest of the game that was promised and already developed from the beginning. Treating us like idiots is the reason why people are getting angry. Please tell me I don’t understand and make me feel as though I, and thousands of others, do not know what you are doing. Give it up, or give up it’s only a matter of time till they all wise up and then the gravy train runs out. By the way I still play, but only for the friends I’ve made. You have pulled a fast one on us, now you should make amends so we can be friends again.

    Ra Zuel

  • Will Page III

    Bigger Vaults!!! I agree with all said talk points to some point in the article but my final “kill switch” was the lack of space. I didn’t mind the grind, I enjoyed the game, hungered for more content, and alas was the last of my friends to stay with the game as we all had pretty much burned out after reaching 32 with three different characters and finding no more space to put things as they filled the vault, character spaces, even overflowed in the postman hold spots. I love the game but need the game to be ready to keep up with the gamers who play it.

  • helloguy

    Really good points in the article, who’d have thought a game could have such an impact on someone’s life? I know it began to suck me in, but I stopped playing a long time ago. I’m very stubborn and particular about things I do, and when destiny says ‘to be this level you must have this gear’ I say ‘no thank you, I like the LOOK of this one better’. My character, my rules. If it means I cant be thst level then so be it. This and a couple of other factors made me stick to crucible, been wiping the floor with ps3 players since level 5 🙂
    Ps I have quite a lot of points to make on destiny, if anyone wants to discuss anything just reply to this comment, lets all hate it together 😛

  • Vibe037

    I think this would bring something fresh to Destiny. Armor Skins! Check it out!–wI

  • J_Recon

    you can blast thru bounties. be efficient. use checkpoints. target only the areas/enemies you need then move on. if your not doing well in pvp, follow and cover your teammates until you figure out the mechanics. i play dcuo. its four years old now. as a comparison, in the beginning the highest CR (combat rating like our light level) was 47. now its 114. this game is still growing.

  • saverx17

    I would really love to see harder modes in the raids like adding modifyers or something to the to give us a new challenge, I also would love to see a very difficult survival mode with all enemys that cant shoot but only melee. that would bring me back to destiny

  • comment95405

    destiny went with a burnout loot mechanic. They need to soften it up substantially and add more character slots if peeps want to level up new peeps. Add some new content.

  • Asukota

    Great article! I agree that the grind can be rough but it’s not as bad as say WoW but worse than something like Guild Wars. I think for a shooter the grind is a little over the top. More than 2 options to get to 32 would be nice. Kicking that lazy random would be AWESOME! Eris leveling is ridiculous! Leveling exotic weapons is just retarded. Lack of story pissed me off. Where did exo’s come from? What is the traveler? Why am I doing this? LOL! Otherwise this is one of the best games ever! They could take PvP out for all I care.

    Oh and fix the shard/energy system. Seems like when you need shards all you get is energy and vice versa. I have 90 shards just sitting there but 10 unfinished weapons. Raid gear is all still lvl 31 but raid weapons are all maxed. Makes no sense.

  • Oryx

    I dont like AFKers but I dont like your idea to fix it either. Two friends playing together with a third person could decide to kick the third person for no reason. This would create a lot more issues with the game. Terrible idea!!!

  • Oryx

    Apparently my response was deleted. Like I said, I hate AFKers but your idea is terrible!! Two friends playing together cluld agree to vote a third person for no reason. Dumb idea.

  • Oryx

    Idiot you dont like the fact some of your ideas are terrible so you delete the posts?

    • RaZuel

      You need to change your “sorting” options son. Although anger is the proper response to being an idiot. No disrespect but come on.

      Ra Zuel

      • RaZuel

        Oh yeah I would definitely kick you.

        Ra Zuel

  • Jay

    I think yous should improve by making the raids so that you can search 4 a team