Destiny At Comic-Con

Legendary composers Marty O’Donnell & Mike Salvatori are interviewed, and Marty says that the concert is “music for the sake of music, and reflects the coming world of Destiny.”

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Destiny Concert!

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  • Guest

    Here’s a download to the MP3 my friends

    • CaptainNoah

      Thank you for that, sir. The sound quality is much better.

    • Yayap7

      Darn, the link is no more..

  • CaptainNoah

    I’m a little disappointed that there weren’t many new images. Most seemed the same or from a slightly different view. Still a great piece though.

    • Jikar

      I believe there may have been a couple, there were drones popping out of the Devil Walker that I’d never seen, and an odd structure against a grey sky that looked like the place that I think was called the citadel

  • Yayap7

    Anybody have a downloadable audio file of this performance?
    It’s great in video, but I want to listen to Destiny on my listening device, or in the car.
    Can’t wait for Marty to give us some more tidbits of awesome in the future!