Dark Below Changes [GUIDE]

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New Legendary Gear

You can view all of this new Legendary gear in the middle of this article.

  • Existing Legendary gear on display in the Tower will be replaced
  • New Legendary gear will feature higher Attack and Defense values
  • Legendary items will still require Ascendant Materials for upgrades
  • This new, more powerful gear will be available to all players of Destiny
  • Legendary gear will not be as powerful as new Raid gear or Exotics

New Rank Commendations

  • In addition to Crucible or Vanguard Marks, purchasing new Legendary items will require a Crucible or Vanguard Commendation
  • Commendations are received in Reputation Reward Packages delivered by the Postmaster upon reaching a new Reputation Level

Exotic Talent Changes

  • As part of the December 1st Destiny Update, Exotic Armor and Weapons no longer require Ascendant Materials for upgrades
  • The final power node of all Exotic Gear will require an Exotic Shard
  • This new material is obtained by one of the following means:
    • Purchased from Xûr for 7 Strange Coins
    • Dismantling unwanted Exotics

New Exotic Upgrading

xur exotic shard

  • Exotic Gear in The Dark Below will have higher Attack and Defense values than current Exotic Gear. For players and their current caches of Exotics, a path will exist to bring them forward into The Dark Below.
  • Starting December 9th, Xûr will offer players the opportunity to upgrade Exotics to the higher Attack and Defense values
  • Upgrading an Exotic in this way will require an Exotic Shard
  • The upgrade will reset the progression invested into the item
  • Each week, Xûr will possess a selection of upgrades for existing Exotics in his inventory

Crucible (PvP) Changes

Trials of Osiris emblem in the middle
  • Expansion I will include two new exclusive competitive playlists – Inferno and Hardcore (and Trials of Osiris)
  • New Crucible arenas (Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron) will be featured in map rotation
  • Playlists available in the Director will change week over week
  • Experiences will alternate between 12 and 6 player engagements
  • Map rotation will alternate between focusing solely on new expansion arenas and including original launch maps in the mix

Heroics and Nightfall (PvE) Changes

  • With the Light level increase to 32, Heroics and Nightfalls will be increased by 2 Light levels to keep up with new content, level increases, and gear items

New Raid: Crota’s End

  • The new Raid, Crota’s End, will unlock on December 9th
  • Players at Light level 30 can lead a Fireteam immediately upon release
  • Raid loot in Crota’s End will drop at a higher rate
  • New Raid gear will contain a wider variety of potential perks
  • Weapons and Gear from Crota’s End will not require Ascendant materials for upgrades
  • Radiant Shards and Radiant Energy acquired in the Raid will be used to upgrade new Raid gear
  • Unwanted weapons and gear from Crota’s End will dismantle into Radiant materials
  • Primary weapons will only drop in the hard version of Crota’s End, released sometime in January

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  • Lee Juriet

    First. Okay, so does this mean I’ll need to empty my glimmer bank to upgrade all my exotics I already have? Secondly, why do Exotic Shards cost so much and why can’t we get them as a drop from legendary engrams, nightfall, or raid? Third, what the hell, why did they make the raider even harder? Getting the templar to fall off the edge still was a pain in the ass that could kill you!

    • You’ll need to be selective with what you upgrade first I guess; I’d prioritize armor

    • You’ll need to be selective with what you upgrade first I guess; I’d prioritize armor

    • Thomas Harrison

      that was the origional method to kill the templar quite simple if you have a coordinated team if your on ps4 ad me TLR_Cruentus i can help

  • BaeSuzy

    So Xur will no longer be selling exotic items for strange coins? Edited: I apologize, I thought the very top exotic row in Xur’s inventory is also the one to be upgrade.

  • Roman Ataman

    So when upgrading at Xur it makes no difference if the weapon is already maxed (1 Ascendant Shard used)? I just lose that?

    • Paratrooper2000

      Yep. You will start at zero anyway. Although it is told that the upgrade process is faster than it is today.

  • So only the mythoclast does not need an update? Why in someones name would they also want to reset your progress of your weapon? This seems like punishing everyone who spend a lot of time levelling up exotics… 7000 glimmer and an exotic shard seems enough…

  • Brighton Molina

    hey Ryan…..your weekly polls are more like………… monthly polls

    and btw nice post. i’m loving the reset. yay. start over, if you want to be a badass with your vex and be equal to a dark below rare weapon. awesome. i can deal with it.

    but where’s the dragon strikes? huh? what happened to badass mode? don’t tell me it’s just the nightfall increase. cause i can only do that once a week. or will they make dragon strikes to be lv 28? still. i want my dance machines to be EARNED as in a strike, not bought.

    wait a sec. xur is selling the NEW exotics on a weekly basis.

    your telling me we will acquire the new cool weapons for 23, 17, or 13 strange coins.

    wow. couldn’t bungie at least give the dark below 2 weeks before putting them in xur’s inventory.

    and to all warlocks: i sense voidfang vestments in xurs roster this week. 🙂

  • CJ

    Rendering current legendary items now useless just lost a loyal fan/player. All that time getting each character fully loaded for specific weapons just down the drain?? And what, after the next 20+ dollar DLC we all get to start the mindless grind all over again? I think not!
    I wouldnt have lasted on this game for more than a week if it wasnt for this site so thanks Ryan for all the help and info but I refuse to restart a game ive already mastered and I highly doubt I’m alone.
    This could have been the greatest game ever made.. WHAT A BUST!
    The newest Bungie hater

    • Christian

      It’s not mandatory. Your current weapons aren’t going anywhere. They simply added new selections of more powerful weapons and ways to upgrade your current weapons to that power. If you don’t wish to upgrade, then you don’t have to. They added it to give progressive players the option to get better gear for the harder experiences awaiting them in the DLC.

      They never rendered anything useless, I promise you that. All legendaries currently in the game remain the same, still as powerful as they ever where. Now people can get stronger versions IF they so chose. I glad they made this change because the new DLC would be so much harder if it weren’t for the new Legendary equipment. If you have faith in your skill, you shouldn’t need to swap out for the new legendaries. I know I’m not. I’m already well past that stage and will just keep playing until all of my weapons are eventually replaced by the raid weapons. The Legendary upgraded weapons are basically redundant if you are Level 29/30 already.

      • CJ

        I should have been more specific, my problem is with the armor/light level not the weapons.. I LOVE the weapons in the game.

        My problem is that I dont have time for raids ( I’m a super casual gamer..I wont use a mic, refuse to use an outside site to find a team, and dont have much free time to invest into games anyways)
        So I did the best I could and got my titan all set for auto rifles, hunter for hand cannons, and warlock for pulse/scout rifles.
        I would be fine with having to re level my exotics since the game is stupid and will only let you use one exotic armor per character. But the legendarys are what make weapons even better with being able to speed reload and hold more ammo.
        So my problem here is that I spent all that time getting everything the way I wanted and now I’m going to be 3 levels below everyone. And whats the motiviation to re level anyways? Obviously the dark below perks will be irrelevant when the next dlc rolls out.

        • Christian

          Pretty much the same here. I get only about an hour a day to play Destiny in the evening after college, that and I am usually busy on weekends working or writing. Iron banner gave me the good opportunity to reach level 30 by getting the iron banner gear. I got everything I needed after 4 days (4 hours) in the IB. Bungie (I think) mentioned there will be more ways to reach LV30 in the DLC.

          As for weapons. I see your concern, but you will be happy to know they are basically doubling the Legendary equipment in the next DLC (No Kidding, they are adding about 90 Legendary weapons), so I expect you’ll be more than motivated to pick a couple up. Different methods of buying these weapons mean they should be easier to obtain. I’ll slowly edge on to them myself, but It’ll take me some time. I find it’s half the fun working for the new stuff. I try to block out the people who play the game too much and solo most stuff. I sometimes get the chance to raid but it is very rare.

          So I would be lying if I were to say I don’t share your concern to level, but I try to assure myself I’ll be motivated to get the new equipment because it looks fantastic and is very good.

          The Dark below perks are just Extras on the Raid weapons. They don’t (Thankfully) take up any of the perk slots, they just add an extra one on the end, so they wont be made redundant (:

          Anyway, I hope you find love for the DLC one way or another. It’ll take some getting to know it.

    • Leo Garcia

      I don’t know what else you would expect from an expansion :/

  • awsimo

    I’m a bit confused about all this new Exotic stuff.

    I’m inches away from completing the Thorn bounty– just need to kill Xyor, the Unwed. Should I wait to do that until AFTER Dec. 9? Will it have a higher attack rating if I do it then? Or when they say “higher Attack and Defense values than current Exotic gear,” does that only apply to new Exotics added in TDB (i.e. Dragon’s Breath, Radiant Dance Machines, etc.)?

    I’m not sure I like this new upgrade process. I already put a lot of work into upgrading Truth*, and I don’t want to have to think about doing that all over again. Granted, it will be a bit easier without the need for Ascendant Shards, but still, I was happy to have a baws weapon and be done with thinking about upgrades.

    On the other hand, if it allows me to reach Level 32 with my existing Knucklehead Radar (which I quite like, and prefer over TDB’s new Exotic Hunter helm), then that’s pretty nice. I hope they allow some upgrade path for existing VoG Legendary armor to reach 32, as well.

    *A highly underrated weapon, IMO– it completely vaporizes Praetorians,
    and is a blast in Crucible. (Pun very intended.)

    • Finish the bounty, get the weapon, but don’t spend anything on upgrades yet.

    • Neil

      It might be too late for you to see this, but I would wait until AFTER the dark below drops to complete your bounty. That way, you’ll have an already upgraded exotic without having to upgrade through Xur.

      • awsimo

        Thanks, fortunately I saw something to that effect on Twitter and the bounty is safely waiting in my inventory until Dec. 9. I’m also waiting to buy any Exotics from Xûr for the same reason, even though I’d love to get Light Beyond Nemesis for my alt.

        Sorry, I probably should have thought to share this here:

        • Neil

          I don’t want other people to make the same mistake I did, and turn in their invective bounties a day before Deej says to hold your bounties.

    • Justingoska

      You can kill xyor now, but wait until next week to turn it in, that way you’ll get the better version without having to spend an exotic shard

    • Justingoska

      You can kill xyor now, but wait until next week to turn it in, that way you’ll get the better version without having to spend an exotic ahard

  • Foreverwasted

    Its lucky I have 100 Strange coins for all these Exotic Shards im going to need to buy. That sucks that your weapon is reset. They should just add a couple more damage upgrades to each Exotic even if those ones take much more XP its better than losing our perks from our Exotics when we upgrade. Im only missing 2 Exotics to have them all. Think how many shards i’m going to have to use 🙁

  • WildmanDan

    I guess my question based on the images, no more exotic engrams for our motes of lite? If that is so that leaves on the Speaker. I see most of his items as fluff, so motes now after update a more common drop in public events just became useless?

  • Captainbirdseye

    Nice to see your back, my daily fix is here again.

  • Oriel76

    I have heard their will be a LvL31 VoG. Will the Gear be equivalent to the one from the Dark Below Raid ?

    • I don’t know if VoG gear will be changed any, but I’m pretty sure (99.9%) there will be a level 31 difficulty for the VoG

  • Gour Kernow

    So the weekly nightfalls will be level 30 from dec 9th. That means too hard for those who don’t have the VOG gear and are stuck at level 29, at least til they can aquire some new upgraded DLC armor, but will still only be the same level 30 as the strike, making it harder than it currently is. That sucks!!

    • Justingoska

      Only if you really suck at fps. I can usually do missions 3 levels above my character.

  • krisow

    so that means like those old cool legendary weapons from The Vendors like The Devil You Know is getting deleted from Destiny and you can’t get them anymore?

  • BaeSuzy

    So this week is the last week Xur will sells those Sparrow coils?

    • Oriel76

      Their’s no more Exotic Engrams already 🙁

  • Leo Garcia

    What I really want to know is if there’s any chance xur will show up at the tower on Tuesday.