Crota’s End, FLAWLESS Crota Kill

Published on: Dec 9, 2014 @ 3:20

This article will contain gameplay footage from PD staff members, as well as a flawless kill of Crota.

For a complete guide to Eris and The Will of Crota Nightfall, click here – or check out all of her bounties and quests here.

Crota Kill

For those who don’t know, Wally is a member of the PlanetDestiny staff, and recorded the following footage:

Crota’s End Gameplay (first attempt)

Guide to Part 1 & 2

[in-depth guide coming soon]


You can check out all of the raid gear here.


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  • Paratrooper2000

    Question: Will all raid-gear drop from normal crota-raids, or everything but the crota-raid-helmet (like the VoG raid)?

    • Not sure, we know gauntlets drop at this point though.

    • Skarush

      in the streams I’ve seen all except the helmet so far

      • Paratrooper2000

        thanks for the info!

    • Micah White

      There are no armor restrictions, but no primary raid weapons can drop except in the hard raid

  • Christian

    Those Sword bearers look awesome. Really nice.


      I know right, like samurai

      • Zander Sabbag

        devil samurai

  • chris

    finished the weekly and nightfall at 5:36 am central time

  • Danisdope

    Can anyone with an Xbox one confirm what dlc content was released? Was one gun and a strike mission the only ps4 exclusive content?

    • Micah Yang

      I think so. There might be an exclusive crucible arena but that might be entirely wrong.

    • Christian

      It’s just one raid and one weapon, you are right. No Crucible maps are exclusives (: Everything will be available December 2015

  • Brighton Molina

    post a pic of the second crucible cloak. that thing is so awesome i can barely resist not buying it, instead i have to get a helm first.

  • Micah Yang

    I just got secret hand shake out of a blue engram 🙂

    • Scarred_Blint

      Same here man, right when i joined the tower on the 9th i turned in the dark below package engrams and i got it…pretty sweet huh?

  • Drew Wilcken

    Next DLC I’m going to make sure to level up my dude at least one level beyond the pre-patch max. I bet you most of these groups would have been through already had they saved up the marks, commendations, and bounties to both buy and max the new armor before going in.

  • Lucas

    I got a ice breaker from the VoG yesterday, but it started with 274 atk… It shouldn’t be 302 by this time?

    • Erick

      I got it with 302 from nightfall

      • RAPTUR3isBACK

        Exotics obtained from the VoG will not drop the new exotic level items. They will still drop the old exotic level items and you will need to upgrade with zur if obtained that way. This excludes the Vex mythoclast I believe they are all post patch upgrade at drop.

    • Guest

      I remember them saying they nerfed it back down to 274 since 302 would be to overpowered

    • Brooksie

      I got the same but with Plan C attack 274, I thought all new drops were 302…? Are both in the loot table do you think?

    • Micah Yang

      I remember getting the strangers rifle at a lower atk rating than other peoples strangers rifles…maybe you can get either.

    • Micah Yang

      Yesterday I got a legendary shotgun and a rare hand cannon and they both did 274 atk. I don’t really understand

  • delta 6655

    anyone else think this dlc is a load of bs? i expected more from bungie, at least some form of story! this isent story, its some person i care nothing about giveing me a talking to about how she survived crota, well i find that only giveing us 3 story missions, if you can call them that, is bull crap! destiny, which we all know has been criticized for lack of story, decides to add story missions with even less story! i feel so frecken betrayed. is a story mission really this hard for them to write? honestly, this all feels so cobbled together at the last min. and the programmers, the code monkeys arnt to blame here, they did great with what they had, the blame goes to the freacken writers and actors, am i the only one who thinks this new vendor sounds like some girl who they paid to speak a few words, not a actual character? this is a shameful display.

    i know a lot of you probabily think this dlc is the best thing ever. and if you like more endless grinding, you may. but anyone who likes a good, deep, game with a epic tail and a reason to play, like myself. shouldent buy this dlc if you dident already. bungie youv betrayed me. and i know i wont be getting destiny 2. im going back to playing a videogame with serious effort.

    • Micah Yang

      I think YOU are a load of bs 😛

      • delta 6655

        have you not seen what the game was suposed to be? this game feels like its still in beta. dont get me wrong, the game is good. but the story is bullshit, corection, there isent one. at least, not one in the game.

        • Micah Yang

          Remember way back when Bungie said this game would bring gamers from all around? mmo fans, rpg fans, and mmo fans? WelI come from the rpg fan group. I’ve basically never played shooters until now. I like a good story in my games. I agree that there really isn’t a story. I think thats why Bungie made the grimoire cards. Its more lore than story. I think I know why destiny has practically no story. Its because there aren’t any characters. Sure there’s you and all the troll vendors but other than that…nothin’. Halo had an actual story. You can’t really have a full story in an mmo though because there aren’t any characters with personalities and flaws. Its more of a big scavenger hunt for loot. So I understand what you mean but I wasn’t dissapointed because I know from previous mmos that this wasn’t really going to have a story.

          • delta 6655

            i dissagree, you can have a story, but it wont be told to you the way they tell you here, or like they do in halo, have you ever played fallout, at no point in fallout do the people say, “ya, this is what happend here” unless you dig and ask them, while i agree thats not how it would be done here, the story first need not be about us, though my clan and i actualy wrote up a quest we could go on that would allow us to learn a bit about our final moments andget a bad ass weapon based on 21st century weapons, but thats me getting off topic, what if first the grimore were on destiny, in game, second, what if the quests told a story to you through visuals, like finding an exotic at the end of a unique exotic bounty with a skelton, and the way it would be situated with surounding details giveing a nice image of what happend there? i hate how any form of exposition is just told to you. why cant we see it happen, maby cutsceans that let us see things happening. and what if they pulled a bioshock and had people on the world show us this stuff? maby find the fallen tortureing an unname=d guardian to show how evil they all are. or what about a mission where you lose your ghost, and have to travle through a dark path, it would be filled with suspence until you find a dead guardian and a dead ghost, and that guardian could be in your armor. then youd see some sort of evil being, and barily escape, but when you get out and find your ghost, it pursues you, then your guardian finds the “new sub class special ability” kinda like a dident know i could do that, and kills it. that kinda crap. i know as well as you do bungie could have done way better, and i expected more.

          • Zander Sabbag

            The way i see it, they made the story/lore very apart from the actual game. Take Mass Effect and Dragon Age for example, they differ a lot from Destiny, yet they have a similar system to grimore, the codex. The difference is that it is IN GAME, not disconected from it, but within it. Take another game, Warframe, for example, it also has a codex like system, and they display some of the info, like weapon description and history, during loading screens. These systems work much more fluidly than grimoire, and are a lot more objective and fullfilling. It is a way to complement, or even tell, the story, a way which i think bungie should have taken

          • Zander Sabbag

            Honestly, the real problem with destiny’s story was the presentation, before release they gave an idea and the game came with one completly different. The way i see it, it’s ok for destiny to have a seemingly absent story, it ins’t the game focus, it should act much more as a way to give context than the focal point of the game, like many RPGs as the ones i’ve listed. Destiny is not an RPG, it’s not an MMO, it’s not a regular FPS, Destiny is Destiny, a mix of the good and bad of many game genres. Because of such, they’ve done right and wrong. I just hope they keep trying to improve, the game has a lot of potential, you just have to stay open-minded (sorry for any spelling and punctuation mistakes, not used to write in english)

    • Christian

      I thought the DLC was incredible. Best DLC I’ve ever bought. Every other DLC has only ever given me Multiplayer maps and maybe guns if I’m lucky. For an FPS DLC, this is incredible and revolutionary. The amount of content in comparison to others is incredible. I’m surprised people still think Destiny lacks content when it has at least 5 times as much as a normal game. Most game only offer Multiplayer and a Campaign you’ll only play once. Destiny, I think, has really blown my mind, a revolutionary FPS. Core campaign was a bit dry, the new missions were much better.

      • delta 6655

        compaired to destiny, yes, this dlc is way better then what we had, except its short, and feels like it was removed and modifyed from what already existed, have you ever played a game like fallout? each dlc was a full campaghen, and each one took me days to compleate, not minets, and afterwards when i finshed fallout, i immedeatly replayed it, becouse that game knew how to make you satisfyed. destiny cant tell a story to save its life. and this dlc is pathetic compaired to any other rpg game, dlc that gives you maps is something games do when they have no story to expand upon, i guess thats the case with destiny.

        • Zander Sabbag

          CoD and Battlefield get more maps and guns, every now and then. Mass Effect, Skyrim and so many other rps get story driven content, frequently more characters with missions an even decisions and paths. Destiny gets all of these, but not as focused, it gets then in its own abstract, weird and strangely fun way. Different games have different standards

        • Christian

          Well, the first thing right there is you are talking about Fallout. I played it a lot too, amazing set of games, but they aren’t FPS games. (Yes I know you shoot from first person, but the industry has deemed it an “RPG Open-world” game). The nature of the game is much easier to develop content for. It doesn’t have to be so stable, servers aren’t taken into account. In short, it’s far easier for the industry to develop DLC content for this type of game.

          I should point out you didn’t complete the DLC for Dark below. The three story missions aren’t the whole thing, you have the Quests, the Gear, the Raid and multiplayer maps to experience too. The progression system incorporated into this DLC will take players weeks, possibly months to finish all of the dark below content.

          An FPS game is very different to a traditional Single Player Open world game, they simply aren’t comparable. Destiny is an FPS, just like “Halo”, “CoD”, “Battlefield”, “Farcry”, Etc.

          The Content in these games is developed very differently to items in different genres. A simple single player open world game is very easy to develop content for because it cuts out all of the other mess that you need to consider like balancing, multiplayer, progression systems. This is why FPS games generally have a lot less content. It’s much harder to develop for these more sophisticated and intricate projects. Simply said, when comparing content Destiny should only be compared other FPS games, like mentioned. Fallout is a part of a range of games like “Syrim”, “Oblivion” etc. You’ll notice the content for these games are very similar too, in regards to how they are developed. It’s just the way it works.

  • Micah Yang

    Does anyone know which vanguard/crucible weapons are good? I have secret handshake which I think is amazing but I was looking for a good primary. I use them all but I like hand cannons and scout rifles