Dark Below BOSSES?

Published on: Oct 31, 2014 @ 6:38

After a little digging through Bungie’s files, the Dark Below ultra’s and major’s may have been unveiled!

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3leJLF-FYCo’]

Awhile ago we posted about the third subclass/Dark Below enemy rumor, which you can read here. While I’m still very skeptical of a third subclass coming any time soon, the enemy names listed at the end of that article have been confirmed!

You can check this out on Bungie’s website here.

Enemy Names

I’ve copy and pasted the important information (removed some miscellaneous info – which you can read on Bungie.net), and highlighted in bold are the actual the names.


  • Gnath, the Diviner“, — RaidHiveship0Major0″
  • Cryth, the Siphon“, — RaidHiveship0Major1″
  • Noctu, the Lightslayer“, — RaidHiveship0Major2″
  • The Wall“, — RaidHiveship0Major3″
  • Voldor, the Willkeeper“, — RaidHiveship0Major4″
  • Divined Vision“, — RaidHiveship0Major5″
  • Dredge Exploder“, — RaidHiveship0Major6″
  • Storgor, the Shatterer“, — RaidHiveship0Ultra0″
  • The Veil“, — RaidHiveship0Ultra1″
  • The Oversoul“, — RaidHiveship0Ultra2″

Will of Crota Strike

  • Omnigul, the Adjunct“, — StrikeCosmo1Major0″

Omnigul is the only new enemy that’s been directly confirmed by Bungie; She is the boss for the “Will of Crota” strike.

raid crota

We can now assume that this piece of information (from Reddit user FrancisGX) is also correct:

Crota’s End will take place on a Hive ship. Beating the Oversoul on hardmode has a chance to earn you the Necrochasm, an arc auto-rifle that frequently triggers a cursed thrall explosion on precision kills. Gear obtained in this raid will effectively raise the light level cap to 32.

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  • Petr Švancara

    The game itself is not that game that Bungie are making for us, for fans if not for normal players. Missing huge story sequences, have a numerous closed locations already existing in the game, and much more. I think that Destiny is already made a huge proffit, so let the people pay especially for those kind of DLC’s are a biggest nutshot in the whole Bungie’s history.

    This first DLC will give us just only one new strike, one new raid, three new story missions and a few new things like new exotics and new gear. It’s not enough, if there would be atleast 3 or 6 new strikes, but only one new for Xbox owners, and 2 for PS owners? This is sad, very sad.

    Those already existing areas should be for free for every player that already pay for this game. And those new strikes (only one new strike for Xbox owners) are also a huge disappointment, in standart version of the game there is only a 4 strikes at all, and after that we get just only one new in DLC? Bungie, this is not enough!
    I can imagine more than 50 strikes in one game. For example, 343i that made Halo 4 made also a 50 spartan ops missions that are totally free for all players. Yes, you read it well. In Halo 4 there is a totally 50 missions in spartan ops, all for free. The content itself is all about 2,5 or 3 Gb atleast totally. So if 343i can create a 50 missions for less than a 2 months, than question is. . why I should pay for this nonsense Destiny DLC?
    – Halogen cz

    • Hemlax

      Vey true, looks like this game is gonna have kind of… sad destiny

    • Raxs

      Do you really think “Activision” (A publisher!) will allow the contract signers, Bungie, give anything away for free? Heck no. I am certainly on board with you about PS getting exclusives in a DLC. DLCs are when players are looking to expand the game, I don’t mind core exclusives, but when players are specifically paid for an expansive product, to not give them all of the expansion is just painfully ironic.

      Spartan ops wasn’t really much of a package. It has 50 missions, sure, but about 18 actual new levels. Many of them just one small arena. I remember playing different missions on the same map about 5 times! Strikes are certainly much much better than spartan ops in my eyes.

      It sure is a balls ache. But you need to stop blaming Bungie. It’s not their decisions. Activision is the publisher they signed up with, Activision has all say in what get released for the game. Activision wants one thing from Bungie, money. They gave Bungie tens of millions of dollars to make Destiny. So they want a hell of a lot back. Bungie didn’t make the formal deadline so they had the unfinished content cut. Activison likely has their own contract with Sony, which is why Play-station gets exclusives.

      Sure Activision seems pretty heartless right now, but at the end of the day, they are investors. They have millions in annual wages to pay, a company and business to maintain, high working standard expectations to meet. They need to pay for their company too. The best we gamers can do is to not be ignorant about this sort of stuff. I am just saying so now everyone knows, I did 3 years in game studies so you didn’t have to 😉 Hope this helped.

      • Petr Švancara

        Of course Activision is publisher, of course Activision wants money like every other Publisher in game industry. But still, Bungie should decide whether they want it or not to be part of this damned Activision policy. And I think that they wanted to be part of this.
        Please don’t tell me about your 3 years in game industry, this is not kind of information I needed right now. Don’t tell me about spartan ops. I know, sure, strikes are much better than some kind of missions in spartan ops, yea. But atleast try compare those different expansions. Spartan ops give you some cgi story cutscenes, hell, perhaps there are more cutscenes than those in full game of Destiny, and what about main story in the Halo 4 campaign that I not even mention yet hey?
        Bungie are making Destiny since the launch of Halo 3, that was in 2007, so it’s more than 7 years from now. Don’t tell me that you can’t make a good story driven game with the 7 years of hard work.

        • Raxs

          Bungie can’t pick and choose what parts of the contract to follow. Activision was undoubtedly the best publisher to promote and publish that type of game. Besides, all Publishers are like that. EA, Microsoft, GT Interactive all have a track record of financially destroying companies and their games.

          I’d mention my experience just so I don’t come across as someone who assumes they understand this knowledge. Surely you’d consider my information more positively if I supported it with the fact I am fully educated in that area. I know I’d be more likely to take the word of a dentist regarding mouth hygiene as opposed to one of my friends.

          Destiny actually had a very, very intricate story. There are a lot more details in destiny than Halo, I would say. Destiny’s story telling methods are just very different.

          Halo, CoD, Battlefield, Assassins Creed and most other Triple-A titles all have very linear and singular tangent stories. Destiny is much more complex. I do agree that Destiny’s main story could have been more enjoyable with more cut-scenes. But, the problem stands is that most people still think the main conveyor of Destinies story information is the Cut-scenes. There is nothing wrong with the actual story, people just didn’t like the story telling elements. Your ghost, the characters, Grimmoire travelling scenes all have huge amounts of story in them. But people tend to just ignore them because they aren’t cut-scenes. None of my friends even know why the Queen has fallen guards, what is so significant about the multi-player maps actually tying into the story, how humanity fell down to the last city, who discovered the vault of glass. They don’t know any of the story to start with, yet still complain about the story, even though they didn’t pay attention to it. It’s just FPS players aren’t used to this kind of story. It’s more like MMORPG stories, WOW, Skyrim, Runescape did pretty well at making reasonably good stories without cutscenes most of the time. Destiny is the same, people are just confused by the fact it’s an FPS.

          Besides, Bungie are stripping their whole concept of storytelling just because people complained. It took them months to foundate their methods and they are now throwing all of that away to keep the fans happy. DLCs will house very, very different story missions, so hopefully there wont be many more issues.

          • Petr Švancara

            I like Destiny’s story, just don’t think about me that I only complain about it. I also already played few other RPG or MMORPG games, so I understand the different way of storytelling. I have no problem with that at all. But, if you want to talk about Grimmoire cards and story inside of them, you should know that this kind of addition would be much better if it was be in the game itself. You are playing a videogames, you don’t need to check the Internet for some extra stuff in it. This Grimmoire cards just tell you much more than entire game, so why separate this content and place it somewhere on the Internet, this is nonsense. Players want their games to be played, if I want to read some book, I can go to library for somehing, you know. This Grimmoire cards have a really good collectible value, they just should be conclusively in the game no matter what.

            I understand that you are trying to defend this game, I also really like this game, and even I can defend it. It’s o.k. But still, if you look at the price of this game, if you look how much time was put in it, if you look how quickly you can finish the story, if you look how repetitive it is right now, if you look at all this issues, you must say hey! Why it is just like that? Destiny should be much bigger game than it is now. I know that it need it’s time to evolve somewhere in the near future, I hope. But still, let’s be sober-minded o.k. . this game was meant to be huge project, Bungie was responsible for one of the best games in their previous years. Everything just tell you that Destiny should be at the end much bigger than it is now, in every possible way.

            Look at the trailers, hell. .you even see some locations in the trailers that isn’t in the game yet. This locations are DLC’s, but how they even can be? they are in the trailers, and Bungie just saying, no, this locations don’t exist. . we are making them right no, well, I can tell that they are lying.

            Look at this trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TljtC5qnb-s

            if you look carefully, at the moment in 0:16 you can see a future DLC location on the Venus, how can be this location already a DLC if it’s not yet even created? Hmm, this is strange enough. And you know what? Music sounds so great at this trailer, can you hear it at 1:08? This sound piece is not even in the final version of game, why?. . It sound really epic, it’s almost forces me to think about why Bungie fired Marty O’Donnell. . he was one of their best weapons, and of course one of the best music composers of all time.

            You know, I’m just really upset by all this nutshots that are happening inside of Bungie. And Destiny is after all just a tip of the iceberg. I believe that Destiny would be some day a much bigger and more elaborate than it is right now. But it would be a long journey.
            – Halogen cz

          • Raxs

            I agree, I certainly don’t consider you as someone who complains. I’m just saying the vast majority of people don’t have a very good grasp on Destinies methods and so find it more difficult to enjoy.

            Bungie is already considering the in-game Grimmoire. Every game Bungie ever made has had a very similar feature, however, Destiny seems to be the only game where it is actually notably popular. So they have discussed this and are considering expanding this into the game. Which is a good step.

            I’m not defending the game. God no. That would just be foolish. I’m more concerned about people not understanding the industry practise and making very profound statements (I’m not specifying anyone, just a lot of people do this). I don’t care what people think about the game. If that actually bothered me it would just prove I’m not mature enough to be playing games in the first place, haha. I have both good things and bad things to say about the game myself, I’m just never outward with my negativity because it’s not going to drive a cause and I don’t want to irritate people too much.

            I’ve never complained about the price of video games. They are currently the best-for-value means of digital entertainment. I spent about 200 hours on destiny before noticing the more intense repetition. I got the game new game at £50. So I’ve only spent 25p an hour so far. I also bought 4 new CDs at a similar time for about £50, also. They had about an hour of music on each (You don’t have to do the maths to know which is better value), DVDs are the same. So I have never had it in me to complain about that, especially since Destiny has a lot more to do in than a Typically FPS (Only at the cost of a slightly less climactic story).

            These locations where the ones I was mentioning before. They were planned for release in the core edition, but because Bungie was behind schedule, Activision made the movement to have the unfinished levels pulled, reworked and then published at a later date. This is the only reason the unfinished levels weren’t added. There were about 3-4 of them. Activision and Bungie have now arranged for free content to be distributed in a nearby update to make up for it as they have noted the controversy. It’s likely these levels will be free also. Which is nice. Reworking the story telling methods is going to be interesting also, as an FPS I do side with you and agree there should be a more cinematic aspect to it with more climax in missions. Some missions where great but some where soon forgotten. None where timeless.

            I am going to stop playing soon, grab another game, and then pick up on Destiny again when the DLCs come out. It will feel more refreshing that way for me. Nobody is going to make us grind between each release so it would be a good plan to round up another game or two to fill the gaps (: I share some of your sceptical thoughts about the game, but I have faith in their methods. They are already showing that they are adding more and more things that people demand. I wonder if practical purposes for jump-ships will occur? I certainly await some crazy barrier breaking features.

      • Jason David Anderson

        I see you defending this game in every single post in these articles.

        Face it, you’re a Bungie apologist.

        If so many people are upset with the game, let them vent their frustrations – there’s obviously something largely wrong with the game itself if it’s receiving this much criticism, and the criticisms are not just blind hate that other AAA titles receive, they are directed at specific problems the game faces due to poor developement choices.

        If anything, Bungie might start to shape up because of them.

        • Raxs

          I don’t think you understand. I have never actually defended the game… I’ve agreed with almost every negative thing people have to say. Had you actually read my posts properly you’d understand I’d be doing a pretty terrible job of “Defending” it. I still think the story missions where under-par. The Raid could be a lot more enjoyable. I have been incredibly underwhelmed by the weekly events. I have mentioned a couple of time that I expected more from the game on release, but that was my fault for feeling entitled to more or making assumptions about the game’s content.

          I’m not defending anything. People are making assumptions about things and then I correct it. Like saying “Bungie is responsible for the game missing a bunch of story missions and pulled them out to make more money.” Which isn’t what happened at all as it was Activision’s choice. It’s hardly got anything to do with the game. People make assumptions about the development side of it. Which is pedantic as anything as they only think they know all of this stuff because they play video games. It’s just frustrating when people try to make themselves seem prominently knowledgeable about game development when really they know nothing about it. Surely you can see how after studying this subject for years it would frustrate someone to see loads of pedantic people making really profound statements about it.

          I’m not specifying Destiny here, It annoys me when I see it anywhere. Even on games I despise (I’m not going to point fingers here). I try to be nice about it and not slander people. Just try to better inform them of how games are made and marketed.

  • All those Witches and Knights… Guess i start collecting Arc and Solar weapons. Fatebringer, its your time to shine

    • Spidi

      The Vex Mythoclast is apparently the key to this raid. That’s what bungie said but you never know.

      • Robert

        I still haven’t goten that one yet. I haven’t done the hard raid this week yet, so wish me luck!

      • Jason David Anderson

        This might have been true prior to the nerf – as it stands Vision of Confluence is the superior solar damage weapon.

        • Vartio Artel

          You forget that Bungie’s buffing the Mythoclast to basically be at the level of post-expansion exotic equipment.

          • Jason David Anderson

            No I haven’t.

            They’re also buffing Thorn, and Bad Juju.

            All I’ve seen are nerfs. Period.

            Once that weapon is buffed again, it’ll be worth farming.

            Until it is – I’m not putting my effort into it.

            For all I know the next raid could be as easy as this one – with the hardest things to overcome being bugs and glitches.

            If that’s the case – you won’t need a Mythoclast to get through it.

            I’m done listening to what Bungie says about the future, all signs point towards what they say and what they do being two very different things.

        • Spidi

          I doubt the VM is weaker then vision of confluence even in its current state. For PVE its beast gun if only we were able to carry more ammo. Its dmg is still the highest and the 56 clip size is insane combined with 1.50 precision damage. As I said if we were able to carry 300+ bullets for this then it still would be the best gun in pve.

          • Jason David Anderson

            If you don’t own both weapons, then I guess you don’t know.

            Vision of Confluence is the superior weapon right now – the Mythoclast is fun to run around shooting stuff with, but in the raid it’s not very good. It’s accuracy at range is subpar, and the closer you get to enemies in the raid – the more damage you take, the longer it takes to damage them, and the more likely you are to die.

            In terms of overall damage, the VM might come out on top on paper – but in practice the VoC is the superior weapon. At level 29 it’s doing 1.4k per crit to the Vex on normal. I don’t run hard mode since all I need are the boots, but I’m sure it will still out perform.

            Obviously it comes down to playstyle in the long run – but I don’t see people using the Mythoclast for anything level appropriate. Because it’s inaccurate at range, and it eats up ammunition like no tomorrow. I barely saw people use it before the nerf for level appropriate stuff.

          • Spidi

            i own both guns and im sure tou dont if you dont run vog on hard so ehy even state it ? voc full auto mode is not something to rrlay on as a lot of times it stops even if u move the trigger button by 1mm . the damage output is in fact higher on voc but the time to do that dmg output is higher thats why vm wins. its rate of fire and 56 clip size are better then any scout rifle. normal mode is esay with sny gun even rare guns. on hard the only use you will find for voc are the oracles.

          • Jason David Anderson

            I own 4 mythoclasts, lol.

            Vision of Confluence is a better weapon in my opinion.

            It’s got better range, it’s got better damage, it’s got better accuracy, and it doesn’t eat through ammunition like no tomorrow.

            I have only had the problem of it not firing in full auto mode on a handful of occassions – and even then, it only takes one or two shots to kill something.

            For bosses the Mythoclast might come out slightly ahead, but if you aren’t using secondary and heavy’s on bosses, there’s something wrong with your play style.

          • Spidi

            Your arguments make no sense 1st you try to insult me by saying I’m having a clouded argument suggesting i don’t own both guns and making this up and now your insulting everyone who plays diffrent style to yours. How is VM coming out on top in damage when VC has more bullets overall and the damage im pretty sure they are similiar per shot after the patch. Since the scout rifle got buffed, in overall damage VC wins easily. More bullets and more precision.

            VC does not help you in crowd control AT ALL. How can you even say that if enemies are close to you your screwed. TO get kills with this on hard you need to aim for precision points otherwise it takes longer due to fire rate. VM is 2x faster 56 bullets and reloads as quickly if not quicker as VC.

            And how is VM better for bosses? THe precision damage on bosses I believe is the key and I’d prefer to use scout rifles as you can easily aim from the distance. On atheon I can’t see VM getting that precision damage right many times where as VC probably 95% of bullets can land on that spot.

            Did you even play the raid on hard or your making this up with 4 VM or did you just cheese him off and never had to damage him? Coz to me you sound like you never had to do it normally from your points which your making.

            And no I dont use either of the guns as my main I use shadow price ice breaker/truth and now I use Suros regime with the random teleport. Combined with sniper from queens warth as it has good impact and hits atheon hard on precision.

            Not to mention this dosen’t make any diffrence at all which gun you use on bosses as exotic. Legendaries hit as hard as exotics so there’s no diffrence at all in damage. Not to mention most legendaries hit harder then most exotics due to impact ^^ Just because your not using such a weapons doesn’t mean they are wrong. You should stop insulting others just because they don’t play like you and stop thinking your special and god like in this game. I don’t see any reason why I would criticise someone with exotic primary gun.

  • Petr Švancara

    I really like this game, but those DLC’s are just a waste of my money. After all we get from Destiny we just deserve much, much more. And why I need to pay for it? There are many games that also have a free content, and believe me or not, those games with free content are much cheaper than this game in general. I can pay for DLC’s, but this is really inadequate one.
    – Halogen cz

  • BuckshotGeorge

    I’m really interested in The Wall, and The Veil. Those names really intrigue me as they aren’t linked to a character so I’m wondering what they might be. Disappointed Bungie haven’t included my suggestions that we should fight Brother of Phogoth: Brogoth!
    As for ragging on DLC and pricing, it’s all down to a matter of opinion. Would I prefer it to be free? Of course! Will I pay for it? Already have. Should I pay for it? Yes, I think I should. It doesn’t matter when something is designed or in development, it’ll be in the game when it’s properly ready. I might be a little naïve, but you can only go on the explanations they give you. Interviews with Bungie staff have stated the build for the DLC areas are in place on the disc, but that doesn’t mean they are finished and ready.
    Personally, I have never played anything quite like the Raid before. The sheer size and scale compared to other game areas is astounding. If they keep creating inventive, interesting, and fun raids I think the asking price is well worth it.

    • Petr Švancara

      If you can use your sparrow to enter already closed location, it’s strange enough, But if you can enter this closed location and shoot some stuff in it, then it is even more stranger. I mean, those places are already reachable, there are even enemies in it. It would be much smarter if those places would be after the DLC launch free for everone. And for those who pay for some extra stuf, o.k. let’s get those players their extra stuff. But open some already existed garage inside the cosmodrone and call it a DLC is just a little bit sad. Those old/new DLC locations are not even big enough to be considered as an expansion itself. Planet environments are much larger, so why pay for some extra garages in it? I should pay for new planets, new environments large enough to lost in them.

      It’s like you pay for new house, but after time you need to pay some extra cash for opening already existing rooms inside of it. This is pure bureaucratic nonsense, this is all about money, nothing else! Bungie should have already big profit from their previous games, so why those kind of nutshots Bungie? Why? I played a little halo or what?
      – Halogen cz

  • Berend Van Beers

    No, the oversoul is probably not crota, even if it sounds logical. I’m guessing we either ‘try’ or we do succeed in killing its soul, but not destroying the entire entity. That, or crota is just 1 of the few gods and we’ll be hearing more of them later on.

    • RealSpit

      Or Crota will be on later soon to come DLC. So get your wallet ready!!

  • Paratrooper2000

    “Gear obtained in this raid will effectively raise the light level cap to 32.”
    So without buying this DLC, I will be stuck at Level 30?

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  • Elis Ward

    I think the Oversoul might be the soul of Crota

    • very possible

  • Raxs

    Some of this Destiny Exclusive stuff and content cuts sure are a balls ache. But you need to stop blaming Bungie. It’s not their decisions. Activision is the publisher they signed up with, Activision has all say in what get released for the game. Activision wants one thing from Bungie, money. They gave Bungie tens of millions of dollars to make Destiny. So they want a hell of a lot back. Bungie didn’t make the formal deadline so they had the unfinished content cut. Activison likely has their own contract with Sony, which is why Play-station gets exclusives.

    Sure Activision seems pretty heartless right now, but at the end of the day, they are investors. They have millions in annual wages to pay, a company and business to maintain, high working standard expectations to meet. They need to pay for their company too. The best we gamers can do is to not be ignorant about this sort of stuff. I am just saying so now everyone knows, I did 3 years in game studies so you didn’t have to 😉 Hope this helped shine some light.

    • Co

      You need to stop excusing Bungie en blame it all on Activision. Yes, they are the publishers and they are going to push Bungie to milk every penny out of it. But should Bungie accept it? Face it: when you’re a company with a track record like theirs, when you are looking for a publisher, you can negotiate your own terms with them. Without you, they don’t have a game to distribute. Without them, you have multiple other publishers or even other ways to distribute your game without a publisher. A company like Bungie is in that position so they should play their cards better. I bet they win a lot of money on this too and they are fine with it. So I you are just putting your head in the sand here. It’s bungie and activision milking you.

      Little off topic but: the people that keep “accepting” any companies trying to milk the shit out of us because “that’s just the way it is, companies are here for making money” are frankly irrititating me. Your argument about “these companies have to make a living” is pure bs. They are not trying to sustain, but to make huge heaps of profit to the detriment of everyone else. DO you think they need the cash when they have titles like WoW in their catalog?

      That’s not ok at all, at least to me.If it’s ok to you, then there is something very wrong with your values and education. But that’s just people nowaydays I guess.

      Sorry bout the rant but i keep reading this and I can’t stand it anymore. Bloody sheeps are all happy to get screwed over, ffs.

  • RealSpit

    Im having fun with this game, but it feels so empty and not enough meat on the bones. Im now level 30 and the only thing im pretty much doing is leveling up my exotics and doing pvp. They say this new content only has 3 story missions, 1 or 2 strikes, a raid (the only thing im looking forward to) and a few pvp maps and a level increase from 30 to 32(wow) which wont even last a week. This game feels like it could of been the next WoW but they stripped it of so much content to nickle and dime us, that it feels naked. Imagine if when WoW first came out and 1/3 of the game was missing. Im not going to keep throwing my hard earned money at Bungie for a game where you’re repeating the same missions over and over and over and over and over again. Although i was once one of Bungie’s biggest fan i have lost so much confidences and respect for them as a company for releasing what pretty much feels like a half assed cut up game. I predict going into march of 2015 they are going to really be feeling the error of their ways once all the good (fully whole) games are released.

    A Titan has left the fireteam!!

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  • MichaelAwesomeK

    How many of these will be PS4 Exclusive?

    • None, there will be a timed PS exclusive Strike called “The Undying Mind” though, not sure of the name of the boss of that Strike though

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  • Walter Iego

    Still, Destiny is one of those “games” you love to hate.

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  • Reece Hudson

    The Information on the Necrochasm is incorrect.

    You recieve it from Eris as a Rare auto rifle, and as you progress through the DLC you get the opportunity to upgrade it to a Legendary, and then finally an Exotic. It is not a reward for the raid.

    • Neil

      Are you sure you aren’t talking about Murmur, the fusion rifle you receive from Eris?

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  • Jenius Shieh

    Shut up and take my money 🙂

  • Theemo Deman

    I hope the raid has 8 bosses :p