Crux of Crota Has Dropped (Updated)

Published on: Jan 25, 2015 @ 13:18

The Crux of Crota has dropped. People have the Necrochasm!

Keep in mind that you need to have the Eidolon Ally before you can obtain Necrochasm. We’ve outlined the entire process in this article.

We also have a fully upgraded video review for Eidolon Ally.

It’s Here

few days ago we reported that the Crux of Crota was indeed in Crota’s loot table, despite some people assuming it was glitched or bugged.

Here’s our full review:

Before The Dark Below was released, Bungie discussed the new drop refinements, and how loot would work differently in Crota’s End.

Bungie added the ability for Destiny to track the drops you’ve already had, as well as how long its been since you received a particular item.

With the Crux of Crota, they’re tracking who has the Glowhoo shader (a guaranteed drop from Crota on hard mode).

If it’s your very first time completing the raid, and you don’t own the shader yet, the Crux of Crota is not going to drop for you.

Drop Chance & How It Works

The Crux of Crota is obtained simply by completing Crota’s End on hard mode.

You do not need the Glowhoo shader equipped, but you do need to own it on one of your characters. If you’re completing hard mode, you most likely already have this shader, so you shouldn’t need to worry about this.

Following these steps will allow you to have the chance at the Crux of Crota, but it’s still not a guaranteed drop.

crux of crota drop rate
Max Attack: 339 at Level 32

In summary, to acquire the Crux:

  1. Once per week, have at least 1 character complete Crota’s End hard mode.
  2. Own Glowhoo  – it doesn’t need to be equipped, but it can be.
  3. Following steps 1 & 2 will give you the chance to get Crux of Crota, but you’re not guaranteed to get it.
  4. Each of your characters can attempt this each week.

Fully Upgraded


The database shows no required XP amount to unlock Necrochasm‘s perks, and we suspected this may be a bug, but it’s actually not.

When you unlock Necrochasm via Eidolon Ally, all of its perks will immediately unlock! This is a neat feature and the only weapon that has this capability. After all the grinding that needs to be done to acquire it, it’s certainly appreciated.

Necrochasm also has a new max Attack of 339, slightly more than the standard 331. The Attack value might be linked to the Light level, and could be 331 if you’re below level 32, but that’s just speculation at this point.

Like the Vex Mythoclast maxing out at 323, Necrochasm might also stay static, and not increase to the new House of Wolves max Attack value.


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  • Neicik a Kajuska

    i do have 3 characters, ive done it 5 times this week, no crux at all

    • Kou Vang

      I beaten crota in hm over 10 between my 3 char. Lol. No crux. Must be rare.

      • Sean

        No really?!?!

      • just had to reply sorry

        Impossible… lmao there has only been 2 resets for hard mode so unless you deleted and releavelled characters there is no way you could have done it 10 times for loot

    • Rowen


  • Rafael Santana

    Pleas don’t let it be a thing you have to do a raid for….

    • daedae

      Hard raid for new dlc

    • tsubasajunk

      That’s the whole point… the item only drops from completing the DLC raid on hard mode.

      • Guest

        What ever….

    • d0pe

      Where is the point on giving it to any casual gimp who isn´t even able to complete the raid on hard? Did you ever played games with MMO-elements?, guess not.

      • Rafael Santana


    • Guest

      Goddamnit *facepalm*

    • Your mom

      your dumb as fuck

  • Jason Filar

    It probly has the 339 damage for the same reason Mythoclast has 323, because it will be un-upgradable via Xur…. This way it feels a bit stronger now, but still feels ok after next DLC, and yes expect a buff/nerf on either the damage or something as we saw with Mythoclast

    • Yep, I expect that’s the case

    • Hector Otero

      i doubt it with this one the impact is low enough as it is

      • Thomas Harrison

        actually the impact is quite high for the rate of fire this gun has

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I didn’t think you could get more than 1 drop a week? I have completed it 3 times on hard this week and the one person n our team who had already beaten it got nothing.

    • I’m pretty sure the Crux isn’t affected

    • tsubasajunk

      the article is saying the the Crux is on a separate table from the regular loot table. The regular table is once a week, but the Crux table can be farmed.

  • owen lattin

    so does this mean that you can do it an infinite number of times a week to try to get a crux?

  • True Radiant Free

    Hey Ryan, I think you guys should investigate this more, because isn’t it impossible for a lv. 27 to even enter the lv. 33 hard mode? I have a lv. 29 titan, and I can’t enter it.

    • He’s 27 right now because of his current armor. I’m just using the current Light level as a way to differentiate between his characters.

    • Occor

      Swapping gear with his other toon would get around this.

    • Peter Rosetty

      you gotta be 30 to enter crota hm or nm, i beat it on my 31 hunter and got glowhoo, i have 12 husk’s so necro here i come!

      • True Radiant Free

        Yes I know

  • drew156651

    so can you keep killing him to try and get the crux even without the reset?

    • tsubasajunk

      That’s what the article stated, so yes.

    • th3cookie

      I’ve done it 5 times now (2 of them i didn’t get any drops only to help my clan beat it) and i got nothing. I doubt that they’ll let you have a chance of this drop more than once a week per character. It will have a chance to drop once per character per week like every single other thing in detsiny.

  • Jimmy

    Bad investigations, dude. This is made by photoshop or something. Nobody got it yet…

    • Jimmy

      This article is nearly as ridicolous as the exotic weapon ranking you created.

    • tsubasajunk

      Uh… You can’t photoshop or hack your Bungie profie. He does have the gun, and as the article stated, the upgrade likely didn’t reset the xp progress on the Eidolon’s Ally. I believe it since it upgrades by filling the last node — no other gun does this.

      • mike

        No you can’t hack your bungie profile, but you can certainly hack your console. This is the second person to have allegedly gotten the Crux of Crota/Necrochasm. The first person who got it, also had it showing up on their bungie profile. However they have the attack power listed as 354:

        here is their profile even:

        So please tell me which one is real? I don’t trust any user from Europe as a lot of them are cheats/hacks. Unless there is video of the Crux actually dropping I’m calling BS

        • d0pe

          This one is fake, the first one is real

        • d0pe

          Look at this guys levels and crappy tower weapons. Guess he didn´t even kill Crota on normal

        • that guy supposedly got it in the demo. but yes, there’s video of it

        • Oscar Enrique Miranda

          this one is fake loot at the number’s font! looks fake!

        • Kitsubane

          “I don’t believe any user from Europe as a lot of them are cheats/hacks” .. Come on, you can’t be serious stating this. There is so much heat between America and Europe on so many topics thanks to people like you, putting most of the players in the very same bag. You perhaps experienced some of it, but believe me that doesn’t only happen in Europe and isn’t by far a majority of European players. You can even log in on lfg, set your own location and you will tell me how many groups already mention “cheese” in their CE requests. I’d be really surprise if this amount was any different from anywhere else, dirty cheating hacking Europe included. So please don’t spread such ignorance next time, especially on such a well done and gamer helping platform like planetdestiny.
          Have a good one.

        • Callum Gray

          u better watch ur mouth about europeans u fucking cunt

          • RufusKakler

            Fuck Europeans chief

    • OS SAIKO

      Info available thru destiny app

    • There’s gameplay video proof.



  • I find it incredible that it would be available to get multiple times a week, hopefully it’s true though.

    • d0pe

      Well, if not, let´s waste some time today 😀

  • Stanley Lee

    Hmm, i got the Glowhoo shader for the my first character after defeat Crota.
    Then i transfer the shader to my 2nd and 3rd chac, and wear the shader while defeat Crota.
    And that probable why i didn’t get any shader dropped at 2nd and 3rd.
    I am really worry now if the Glowhoo shader is a required condition have Crux of Crota dropped.

  • Dragon of 88

    So I guess time will tell, I have 2 more goes before the week reset, hopefully I can get the Crux. If i do i’ll let everyone know.

  • d0pe

    Hey Ryan, do you really know, that he got it at second run or did he maybe just switch the shader to another character ( needed a fresh ID)? I´m gonna farm Crota all day. Already killed Crota with all characters and I´d like to avoid senselessly doing it again and again

    • He has 3 shaders, he’s completed it on each character

      • AmWa_d0pe

        Alright, thank you. Now I now what I gotta do today 😀

        • AmWa_d0pe


        • good luck!

  • Christian

    Yet, I still haven’t even gotten Husk of the Pit! Man, the drop rate is infrequent. I’d so much rather it dropped from much stronger enemies, but had much much better odds. Hate farming weak units :/ When you are farming tougher ones, at least there is some fun in working strategies to defeat them.

    • MailOrderLesbian

      Husk of the Pit is easy. Just do the Blades of Crota bounties whenever they pop up. I’ve had five of them drop so far.

      • Christian

        I’ve definitely killed 100+. I kill a good few a Day. I must just be getting super unlucky.

        • MailOrderLesbian

          Sounds like it. I had two more drop last night. I think they also drop when you interrupt the rituals you did for the murmur. Don’t remember what they’re called off the top of my head. You could try running those. They’re a little quicker than waiting for the blades of crota to spawn.

          • Christian

            Okay. Thanks for the tips (:

    • Octus

      if you keep going into the first level of the DLC on earth, I think its called “fist of crota” there is a blade knight right in the room after the first little battle. You can just jump on your sparrow and ride right past this first battle and go straight to where he is. Kill the three acolytes to get him to spawn, kill him, see if it drops. It shows up in the corner of your screen on the right side(like when a bounty is complete). If you don’t get it, go to orbit and restart the mission. Just keep doing this until it drops. Took me 6 times to get it. Not sure if there is a better chance on heroic difficulty, but I ended up switching to that and that’s when it dropped.

      • Christian

        Yeah. I have tried a few times. Killed at least 100+ times. I’m just quite unlucky, as it seems. Not as bad as my brother. He’s grinded it since the start of last week and to no prevail.

  • SGT_Pannenkoek

    First Necrochasm has dropped and a Warlock holds it 😉 Warlocks ftw!

  • Axium

    So according to this article you have no way of proving if the crux dropped during his first run on one of his characters or his only second run. So that says you have no way of proving if beating the raid once is a prerequisite for the crux dropping… Unless I’m mistaken everything in this article is pure speculation written in a near factual format.

  • ds404

    Does it have to be fully upgraded to get the crux drop??

  • Guest

    This article is speculation and needs to be written as such. There is no concrete proof of anything other than someone got the drop while having the shader equipped. It’s to early to start claiming facts.

    • Lex

      Proof Destiny Crux of Crota X 2:

      • Joe Zaccone

        if your watching this video the glowhoo isn’t on this person

    • Matt

      I can support the fact a shader must be aquired but not equipped

  • ThrillHousex

    I just got the crux of crota and I didn’t have the shader equipped! It was equipped on my other character if that means anything. Gamertag: ThrillHouseX

  • Lex

    Destiny Crux of Crota X 2: shader not.needed

  • Tomas Esteban

    i got necrochasm, the damage is to low. in pvp headshot of 15.

  • victordu115

    Did Crota once last week, did Crota again today with the same character and I got the crux

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Someone in my fireteam got the Crux today… He doesn’t even have Eidollon Ally upgraded enough for it and still missing the Fang…

  • poloscen89

    Not true I have it and played normal and hard lol do not post fictional info especially on planet destiny cmon how lame,I am trying to post a pic it says too large ,where can I show you?

  • poloscen89

    There you go.

  • Ronin|3

    Just had it drop for me today on my second run through hard mode after 5 runs total across 3 lvl 32’s, another party member had it drop on an earlier run today. You’ll get it, just have the shader on it seems.

  • Lex

    Destiny Crux of Crota X 2:

  • Derrick Faria

    My buddy just got CRUX!!!! check it out

  • Formingdeath

    Just got crux of crota and it’s awesome

  • just a hunter

    This articleis incorrect i got mine yesterday after completing normal then hard mode

  • RockstarGFU

    Lot of rumors about it so heres my point of view

    2nd completion on titan
    Glowhoo was on alt
    Had husk of pit
    Skipped deathsinger

    Drops were

    Word of crota
    Radiant Energy

  • BAMozzy69 .

    So can this drop IF you have already completed the raid or is this like ALL the other rewards and a once per week chance??

  • MrHayami

    Got crux Tuesday with the refresh. Not sure if it will drop even after you have beaten it already though.

  • TRUE NYG I got the shader and crux in the same drop, but owned the shader with 2 alternative character

  • Matt

    I’ve got the Crux to drop within 4 tries, and i was wondering how many it took other people?

  • Kento Numata

    I have done it like 4 times each with all my characters on hard. I get Glowwho, but never Crux.
    What’s the drop,rate?,?!

  • MakkinjeM

    Just wondering; You need to own the Glowhoo, but don’t need to equip it, right? I was told you should have it in your inventory, of the character you were playing with. So that isn’t a necessity at al? You just need to own it? No matter where it’s stalled?

    Please clarify!