Crux of Crota

Update: How to get the Crux of Crota

Many people have been asking about the Crux of Crota, and DeeJ actually weighed in on it:

Checked in with the dev team. The Crux will drop. It’s in the loot table.

It’s either a really rare drop, or maybe it will only drop for those who use the Eidolon Ally? Or perhaps its drop chance will increase the more times we complete the raid?

Either way, we know it will drop, we’ve just got to figure out if there’s anything specific we need to do.

If you haven’t already seen, we have a guide to the changes of hard mode:


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  • Str8 Lurk1n

    We have not been doing the left stairs as usual. We found it too time consuming to focus on boomers and worry about the wizard all the time. We all sit on the outside of the glass above the gatekeeper and when running sword we dedicate one person to stunning right side boomers when sword is in position on the right side. Do not get too close to the glass as the thrall will slash you, stay still for rockets, and don’t fall off! The sniper does not kill the boomers, just stuns them and draws their attention only while we are running the sword. The Wizard is then taken out of the equation and come ogre time we can kill the boomers for a fresh pair of em. We run sword from the right side and down crota as usual. After first sword run we run inside through the left and wait until crota is center. You get good at dodging the boomer shots while running inside and the first people in don’t get shot at as much or at all and can turn to stun them. Rinse and repeat until its ogre time. We sit up on the ledges inside the glass room for a second then run to left stairs and kill ogres just as you did on the stairs with a titan bubble. Even with having to run inside when crota moves, far less people die from the boomers, only the occasional straggler who ran in too late once the boomers got their act together. We beat it with 3 times in 4 hours and on our last run had two lvl 31’s.

    • Mezi-Crochet

      Same as us yesterday! Exact same strategy…

    • NOVACAiNE9393

      If your on psn please add me. The accounts the same as my name on here

    • Blacklitelust

      Keep in mind, if you only kill one boomer, the wizard will not spawn and another boomer will spawn shortly after. Doing this, you can minimize risk from accidentally not stunning a boomer or what have you.

  • Reflex

    Has there even been a confirmed drop of the Crux yet? I wanted it to be really rare, but not this rare. I have seen about 5 videos of teams killing Crota and I have done it myself 3 times on hard with not one drop. hmm.

    • Juan Jose Cano Garcia

      6 raids more and nothing in spain