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Crucible Radio – the show for all things Destiny PvP.  Join Bones, Birds and Stache as they discuss strategy, the metagame, and their journey to git gud.

Each week we feature interviews with Destiny’s top players, streamers, and Crucible scientists.

Destiny is an evolving, exciting, and intricate game. From the beginning, Crucible Radio has aimed to keep positive mindset while providing advice for all levels of play. The hosts have their own successes and failures in PvP, and hope that something can be learned from sharing these experiences.

New episodes arrive every Monday at midnight, so please check us out on iTunes, subscribe on RSS, and follow us on Twitter to stay updated. If you could, slap that subscribe button and leave a review – it really helps!

Interested in being interviewed, contributing music, or advertising on the show?  Email all inquiries to [email protected]


Crucible Radio was inspired by the CruciblePlaybook forum on Reddit, the #1 spot for discussing the finer points of life in the Crucible.  Join the conversation there, but be sure to read the rules first, because Birds is Sheriff and he doesn’t take too kindly to rule-breakers!


bonesAvid podcaster and resident Voidwalker, DryBonez has always been of the philosophy that vigorous practice should be paired with thorough research. Most of his strategy and work ethic comes from a history of playing sports and being an annoyingly competitive person.  When he’s not deleting characters just to design a new Awoken Hunter, Bones is fine-tuning his sniper game and practicing the art of dodging Nova Bombs. As he claws his way up the rankings in hopes of trading supers with the top players, he pursues that ever elusive Seventh Column medal/human girlfriend.

  • Favorite Gun: Bad Juju
  • Favorite Gear: Light Beyond Nemesis
  • Favorite Map: Rusted Lands


birdsFounder of the CruciblePlaybook subreddit, famousbirds discovered a podcast is the perfect opportunity to be a control freak and listen to the sound of his own voice.  All-around decent player, some days he’s a relentless min/max’er, other days it’s all No Land Beyond.  While he sometimes flirts with space magic, Birds is a Hunter at heart, mostly for the frabjous cloaks.  More than anything, he believes a positive, reality-based community makes Destiny better for everyone – so stuff your salt and check your spec(ulation) at the door!

  • Favorite Guns: The Last Word and No Land Beyond
  • Favorite Gear: Lucky Raspberry
  • Favorite Map: Pantheon


swainMeet Swainstache: the stubborn, MIDA-loving Titan of the group. Considering Destiny to be his first real FPS, Swainstache spent the first half of Year 1 immersing himself in PvE activities, but has just recently discovered how amazing the world of PvP can be. He aims to bring analysis of PvP tactics and strategies for improvement from the eyes of someone who is just getting started. You can find him in the Crucible pretending to be AEGabriel and Titan-skating his way into your hearts.

  • Favorite Guns: MIDI Multi-Tool
  • Favorite Gear: Armamentarium
  • Favorite Map: Exodus Blue