All Crucible Medals in the Beta


There’s a ton of medals for you to earn on your way to becoming a champion in the Crucible. Every medal that was available in the Beta is listed below, though keep in mind, there may be more once the game is released, and some of these could be altered. All of these can be viewed on your profile.

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Ability Medals


Medals by Game


Spree Medals

Medals by Wins


Special Kill Medals



Multi-Kill Medals


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  • Squatchmen

    I got 2 triple kills in the Beta. My highest KD was 3.2 and my highest amount of kills were 19. When the full game comes out, I’m going to aim for 20 kills and a 4.0 KD. After that, like the old saying goes

    “The sky’s the limit”

    • Yhgi117

      I was playing a game with a full fireteam and we would constantly get the “Strength of the Pack” medal. Also, my buddy finished a game with a 19.5 K/D ratio. I’m pretty sure the highest amount of kills I got was around 25.

      • DrowningFish

        I saw a few people with around 35-40 kills x_x the most I ever got was 29 and once I went 18-0 but I never managed the “Strength of the Pack” medal. im a bit jealous

  • Karl Derwin

    skewered is in it twice and there is also a mistake on the (merciless) enforcer – is merciless ment to be there ?

    other then that i hope them multikills for 6 and such are story mode also xP as that would be ROCK HARD to achieve

  • Yhgi117

    I happen to notice that the medal “Heating Up” isn’t there.

  • KMGommster

    I’m not sure if most people noticed but the Seventh Column medal (killing 7 enemies rapidly) would be extremely hard to get, seeing as there are only 6 people on the enemy team. Just wanted to point that out.

    • DrowningFish

      In halo 3 (the last one I played alot) I got a killtrocity (6 Kills) in a 4v4 match. Just got lucky with the timing and the spawning of people.

      • KMGommster

        Nice! Haha, I was just thinking that none of the matches were really small enough. although I guess if you were to use a fist of havoc or a nova bomb on 6 people on the moon map and then pulled out your sniper and got somewhere with a good line of sight… you could do it. It would be cool.

        • DrowningFish

          the way I did it was I killed 2 then 2 seconeds later I killed 2 more then I rounded the corner to an open area where the first 2 I killed ran out to the open then I sniped them. if you get them all at once your chain would probably break while you were waiting for respawn. but regardless it will be hard to do

  • Carl

    Some medals weren’t on the website, like “Firestarter” (when Hunter uses grenade to get like 2 or more kills).

  • Mohak Bhatt

    Is there a place to view your “medals” and how many times youve gotten them, or other players youre inspecting?