Crucible Gametype Prediction


If you’ve played Destiny Alpha, then you’ve probably paid a visit to the crucible. If you’ve gone to the crucible, you’ve seen the photo above.

These are the crucible gametypes. The only one that is confirmed and playable is Control, (like Territories) but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some pretty good guesses based on the seemingly obvious symbols given.

From left to right: Control, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Multi-Team (4 Fireteams of 3) and Ghost Ball. (Maybe like Oddball or Griff Ball?)

So, Guardians. What do you think will be your favorite gametype? Granted, even if I am correct about these game types, they could play out differently than the conventional ones we’re used to. That being said, for me, I think I’ll be enjoying Multi-Team the most. I have two older brothers, so the glory of the victory will be that much sweeter when it’s only shared between me and my brohambones.

Get stoked Guardians! Beta is around the corner, and hopefully these gametypes will be unlocked!

Keep your eyes Starside,
Medicine Man


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  • Karl Derwin

    well i know its probs not the best for people choice – but i would like if they brought out a snipes only mode – 1 shot kill – teams ofc 🙂

    but i don see that happening xD

    but eitherway ik the game will be great – haven played the alpha as of yet as i am an xbox one player – but as u said the beta is just around the corner

    • Fruitloop

      No possibility of specific loadout game modes, everyone has their own setup remember 😉

  • Zanide

    the last game mode (which looks like a diamond with a circle in it) is the same icon that is used for a beacon mission in which you have to scan a data terminal so thats what im assuming the last game mode is. A game mode with scanning in it like hardpoint from cod mw3 or something similair.

  • Sara

    I like the idea of Multi-Team. I didn’t get to tryout the Alpha since I don’t own a PS But I’m looking forward to playing the Beta on the Xbox One. Soooo excited.