Crota’s End Loot Table

Published on: Dec 10, 2014 @ 21:50

Crota’s End drops loot more consistently and in greater numbers than VoG.

If you haven’t already seen all of the new perks for raid gear, click here.

If you need help with Crota’s End, we have a full guide here.

From Bungie:

For Raids, players cannot earn new raid-specific loot from the raid more than once a week per mode. The normal and hard Raid modes have their own separate loot tables, so the two modes can be completed separately or can be combined.

Completing normal mode does not lock out earning loot on the incomplete hard mode. However, if a player starts the Raid on hard mode and completes it, they will receive the loot rewards from both the normal and hard difficulty mode.

Our Loot

Chest Locations

Chest #1


Weight of Darkness Zone


Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Gauntlets Dogged Gage Willbreaker’s Fists Deathsinger’s Grip
Weapons Category Mode
Oversoul Edict Primary Hard


Click here to watch our mini-guide about this area.


Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Chests Relentless Harness Willbreaker’s Resolve Deathsinger’s Mantle
Boots Tireless Striders Willbreaker’s Greaves Deathsinger’s Herald
Weapons Category Mode
Abyss Defiant Primary Hard

Chest #2

Ir Yût, the Deathsinger


Class Items


  • Random Exotic Weapon
  • Random Exotic Armor




Armor Hunter Titan Warlock
Helmets Unyielding Casque Willbreaker’s Watch Deathsinger’s Gaze
Primary (Hard Mode) Special (Normal Mode) Heavy (Normal Mode)
Random Exotic Weapon

Word of Crota
Fang of Ir Yût

Random Exotic Weapon

Light of the Abyss
Black Hammer

Random Exotic Weapon

Song of Ir Yût
Hunger of Crota



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  • Verkakker

    One of my friends got the 4th horseman in the 1st chest

    • We’re actually reviewing that weapon soon 🙂

    • Christian

      Nice. Lucky guy! 🙂

      • Neil

        I got a rock.

    • jovianghost

      Nice! Looted a Dragon’s Breath from that chest on the first day. You can imagine the kinds of things my fireteam said…

      • Joe

        You think your lucky. In the first week I got dragon’s breath from it and on the second I got Thunderlord

  • Christian

    That warlock helmet is so sweet. I’m a titan, and still like the helmets we can get, but the House of wolves Titan helm looks incredible!

  • Alex Davis

    I’m a bit confused. When you list the Crux of Crota, then Necrochasm in parenthesis, is that just to clarify that CoC is required for Necro or that the Necro itself can also drop on hard mode?

    • CoC is required to upgrade Eidollon Ally to Necro

      • Alex Davis

        Yes I know that. I’m asking if the Crux only drops on hard mode? So essentially the Necrochasm can only be obtained come January?

      • EnderCreeper01

        do you play on xbox 360

  • Jeuthy

    again, the same weapons only a few things on them but on the core … the same ¬¬

  • video i watched it dropped song of yut machine gun. so possible weapons still drop on normal mode?

    • Weapons drop, just not primary weapons.

  • emerson

    How did you get the 3d models for the Helms? Since they don’t seem to be dropping in CE and that is the only place you get them.

    • Paratrooper2000

      They do drop in CE. I beat Crota yesterday for the first time, and got a hunter helmet. And a shotgun, and a shader, and an emblem. 🙂

  • Y0urDepression

    friend has graverobber already so its obtainable in normal raid

    • Link to his Bungie profile?

  • Jeren Browning

    Does anyone know if engrams (rare or legendary) given to the cryptarch can result in expansion gear? I keep getting old gear even though I saved up tons of engrams…

    • hauntedknight55

      Yes, I got a chest piece from a blue (although for another class) and I’ve seen 2 helmets drop

    • braylien

      if you saved them from pre dlc they will only drop pre dlc gear

  • Adama

    “Crux of Crota” is misspelled as “Cruz of Crota”. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • BenTargaryen

    Any reason you guys have the Song of Ir Yut pictured twice?

  • RandomGuy

    Light in the Abyss? Cosmetic? That doesn’t make sense. My friend got it as a weapon…

    EDIT: NVM apparently bungie is not very creative… just READ the post.

  • The Eleventh

    I think you’re missing the emblem “Crota’s End” in the Crota cosmetic section

    • Jimmymann

      Correct. You get it when you complete it for the first time.
      Exotics are also missing.

  • RtG Shadow

    Also I got “no land beyond” from beating crota, its an exotic sniper rifle which takes up a Primary slot, instead of special.

  • Jimmymann

    Your loot table is not complete. I got The Last Word from Crota?!?!
    It didn’t even show up on the right. I wondered why all I got from Crota were 2 shards. A few minutes later I was very surprised to see a second The Last Word in my inventory.

  • j_linkquent

    the way they made the upgrade pool is STUPID, so apparently there’s no mythoclast type weapon that “drops” from hard mode just a crux of crota that evolves ONE weapon? Um, I kinda think bungie should FIRE all the people that came up with this stupid idea being that if you do the Raid on hard as painful as it already is on normal then once u get the necrochasm there’s no reason to want the crux of crota? Why not have a slew more of weapons that evolve instead of the recently uncovered TWO that evolves yet one only needs the crux of crota. If this is Bungies big investment idea for destiny and where they want to take it then i’m affraid that around half of the audience of the game will never live to even get the necrochasm as stupid hard as it is already to get even a raid with real life friends yet you only need 6 people(and it’s sad because raids I used to do were 24 people even back when the cable modem/dsl were still major and slow, yet we still managed yet the raid was worth it) yet bungie make it IMPOSSIBLE to find people that will be a good role for a pick pick up raid by not including an Looking for Group/etc and chat box to notify and easily contact other players and if people don’t want a freaking chat box give them the freaking OPTION to check it off and disable it as the people that pay good money and alot of damn time that could be used else where can’t get a raid with people whom know what they’re doing, or if you’re in a clan and 3/4th of your clan are in the raid itself leaving many without option to make our own raid(unless we’re magical and know people that play this game as if everyone has friends that can afford a ps4 or destiny) so the servers usually put us with players near our territory like I live in North Carolina and most of the time I ask people where they’re from and they’re from the state I live in, so that’s good to help issues of bandwidth but making it next to impossible to get in a raid without vital tools are one thing, and i’ve already said it why would we want a crux of crota after it’s been used to evolve the Eidellon Ally to the necrochasm? Bungie need new visionaries for the weapons and armor ideas and more ways and weapons and gear to evolve rather than having ONE reason for the crux of crota. Yea, weapons drop on hard, after everyone has their weapons from hard mode of crotas end the what’s the point further where on normal you can get your radiant shards/energies easier. Level 33 hive on hard mode sounds like huge hastle being 9 out of 10 people want to quit because they’re butt hurt being the raid isn’t as “easy” as they’d want it to be, as if raids were meant to be easy to begin with, yet when people get frustrated they then want to focus all their hate and crap on one player that they see make the first mistake yet ignore their own mistakes and cause arguments and such. Please change this, add more guns to evolve, this is a great way to do quest like the urn quest as it made me feel like I was playing a Heritage quest type from Everquest 2 days as longer missions like that are better than repetition of short missions. I also with they’d start a pool of atleast 5 different sub and end bosses to strikes to keep things fresh even if it is the same place, make it feel new by introducing new monsters. We also need the Public Events to be something more, maybe something that starts a quest pending which region of the inner solar system you are to initiate a possible legendary/exotic weapon/armor quest!!!!! I mean if i can sit here and come up with solutions to problems everyone are complaining about i’d be liked greatly. $500,000,000.00 on this game evolving nature for the Expansions(supposed to be 4 expansions for Destiny) then the Comet Expansions for Destiny 2 which is being made this very moment when they’ve not even began to fix destiny 1’s story or understanding of the traveler AT ALL!! Why play a games story if the story is a complete contradiction? There was a story that made much more since up to nearly half a year before the games release but…. we all know and to whse of wolves were including in the initial game to where the original was to bring the original meaning of the “comet expansions” for Jupiter and Saturn and the Reef aka Asteroid belt. Oh well, not sure i’ll get the next Destiny if they get us to buy the limited edition including the two expansions which are legitimate cut content, so I paid $20.00 above the original games price because marketing was to make as much money back as possible. *COUGH* *COUGH*

    • sambo

      You are a F****** idiot. Please stop playing this game. People like you are the reason why big MMOs change for the worse and lose good players. STFU and stop complaining. You are playing a Massive Multiplayer Online game and are on here complaining about getting groups together to do content. Apparently you have no friends or your friends plus you are horrible at the game. Do us all a favor and play solo or quit playing. Bungie did the right thing by having and item drop that requires skill to get, then requires you to have prerequisites to even use that item to get an amazing weapon. Instead of just having the most OP weapon just drop for any random complaining baby in the group. Granted if you are doing HM and getting crota down you and your group probably deserve the loot. However this just adds another piece to the puzzle, more gameplay and work required to achieve the weapon, making it more valuable and worth the time when you recieve it. ” Bungie makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find people”…….??? how? I do 5+ crota raids, 3 VOG raids, 3 nightfalls and weeklys every week, usually before xur is even here. Again, either find some friends, or play solo and quitchabitching.

  • Warlock’s gear looks ridiculous.


    You forgot fang of ir yût in the pics at the bottom

  • zachzombie

    Can special or heavy weapons drop in HM or normal mode only?