Crota’s End: What’s New in Hard Mode

Published on: Jan 21, 2015 @ 18:39

This article will outline what’s changed in the Level 33 difficulty of Crota’s End.

If you need help with Normal mode, we’ve got a complete guide for that as well.

Crota’s End Hard Mode

The first thing you need to be aware of is that most enemies are level 33, Thralls don’t flinch, and Cursed Thralls and Ogres are Majors. Going in at level 31 is not a good idea.

Revives are also not available, so if you die, your team will need to either wipe or complete the encounter before you’ll be able to play again.

In hard mode, only the primary raid weapons will drop. However, the primary Legendary weapons will drop from each encounter except Ir Yût. You can check out the loot table here.

Recommended Exotics

Traversing the Abyss

  • The Weight of Darkness debuff will increase quicker than in Normal mode.
  • The Oversoul Edict is the only possible Legendary weapon from this encounter.
  • If you’ve already completed the raid on normal mode, you won’t be able to get this chest on hard mode.
crota's end lamps
Abyss illustration by Reddit user dummehh


  • The bridge will stay active for 3 seconds.
  • Abyss Defiant is has the chance of dropping from this section.

Ir Yût, the Deathsinger

  • Shriekers will respawn if you’re not fast enough.
  • Liturgy of Ruin will start about 1 minute quicker than on normal mode.
  • No Legendary raid weapons will drop from Ir Yût.
  • If you’ve already completed the raid on normal mode, you won’t be able to get this chest on hard mode.

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Health Regeneration

Since there’s no Chalice in the hard mode of the Crota encounter, which means no health regeneration, you’ll greatly benefit from Red Death or SUROS Regime.

You could also use the following armor:

The following talents have health regeneration effects as well:

word of crota review

Fighting Crota

  • All Boomer Knights and Wizards are Majors.
  • A Wizard now protects Crota instead of the Knight.
  • Gatekeeper Knights spawn with the Swordbearer Knight. It’s not required to kill the Gatekeeper.
  • The enrage timer for Crota activates at roughly 15% health. Unlike normal mode, it will always activate once you reach 15%, but it’ll also activate if you take too much time.
  • Because The Oversoul will activate once Crota is enraged, be prepared to take Crota down ASAP.
  • It takes about 16-19 sword smashes to defeat Crota.
  • Fang of Ir Yût and Word of Crota have a chance of dropping.
  • Crux of Crota is not a guaranteed drop.

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  • AlexKidd7

    I like that “be prepared to simultaneously take Crota’s shield and The Oversoul down.” Isn’t Crota immune when he is casting Oversoul? Even if he isn’t, at least 2 people are occupied with Boomers, 3 people are shooting crota with G-horns or Hungers and 1 carries the sword. If everything happens at once, how are we supposed to take down Crota’s shield and then immediately take down the Oversoul?

    Plus, if everyone is using Red Death or Suros, then they have Black Hammer and Hunger of Crota for alts. Hunger does less damage than G-Horn.

    • fixed

      • AlexKidd7

        Alright, seems better. Still, amazing job you guys are doing here, kudos!

        • we try 🙂 primary raid Legendary reviews coming soon. we’ll upload our initial thoughts video tonight probably

  • ErisTaireJ

    i’d like to see a “beating crota” video

    • Patrick Casey

      Working on it now. getting a video out of the raid weapons, then ill have a detailed guide video for the whole raid.

      • ErisTaireJ

        Awesome, waiting for them!~

        • and it’s up 🙂

    • Derek Dockendorf

      Here is ours

  • tom

    The enrage is on a timer as well not just 15% health?

    • yep, it’s on a timer as well

  • Octus

    this is the best site! Thanks everyone who helped.

  • O1OO1O11

    You say that the end of Hard mode has a chance of Fang of Ir Yût and Word of Crota dropping. Does it also still drop the Hunger or Black Hammer? Or do I have to do runs on Normal to get those?

    • hauntedknight55

      Personally in all of the completions I’ve seen so far, only newer weapons and exotics have dropped. That doesn’t confirm it either way, but just thought I’d share.

      • O1OO1O11

        thanks. can anyone else confirm???

        • Christian Jimenez

          Only the primaries and exotics drop in hard mode. Specials and heavies drop in normal. getting the heavies and specials with hive disruptor is really helpful, but then theres the ghorn, the solver of all problems.

          • Owen Richardson

            So can you run Crota twice on one character, once for a primary drop and once for a special/heavy drop? If not you’re going to have to pick which difficulty you want to run each week based on which weapon type you need to drop.

          • Robert

            It’s just like vog. You can run hard once for the double hard mode roll, or you can run normal and then hard for both rolls.

          • O1OO1O11

            I have the ghorn but want to roll with the second best which imho is the legendary HoC so as to keep my exotic in my primary. will use the ghorn as backup to my HoC when I finally freakin get it.

  • metalman5150

    Excellent article. Thank you to everyone who helped put this guide together!

  • Dan

    Thanks for all the info! Love this site. I have to say personally though, I had a lot more fun playing the normal mode of this Raid. They made it harder, which is ok in my book, but not the fun kind of harder. I’ll probably play it enough to get the new weapons and then go back to normal mode for enjoyment and shards/energies

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the helpful information! I plan on trying out the hard mode raid rather soon.

  • Royyyal
  • Neil

    I need a little advice for the ogre wave on the fight with crota. We would do the 3 sword strategy and just completely fall apart when the ogres came after the 2nd swordbearer. Any tips?

    • Sebastien

      Hide in the right tower (at 2 o’clock when you face Crota) and stay high. You must kill the first ogre ASAP (he will spawn right below you). From there, you can shoot the second Ogre.