Crota’s End Difficulty: 30 & 33

Published on: Nov 30, 2014 @ 16:49

The Dark Below is being released on December 9th, and it’s now been confirmed that the Crota’s End raid will actually be available that same day!

There’s also going to be an update tomorrow morning (12/1), according to Bungie, which likely will get the game ready for the expansion and might even be for the Exotic buffs.

Bungie’s president said it will “unlock over time” a month ago – so they’ve either changed their mind, or perhaps we’ll need to complete certain quests before gaining access?


Even though Crota’s End will have a starting difficulty of level 30, we do not have to be level 30 to enter.

Crota’s End will have two difficulties: It’ll start at Level 30 (activity power 120), which is considered the Normal version. Luke Smith, Destiny’s lead raid designer, assured us that it’s going to be available 12/9:

Based on the game’s database, the second difficulty will be at level 33 (activity power 156).

Since we’ll only be able to reach level 32, you’ll definitely want to acquire the new Legendary armor and weapons in the normal version to make it a easier for you.

All of the new raid weapons will “deal bonus damage to stronger Hive enemies.”

Speaking of difficulty, what do you guys think of this debuff?

weight of darkness

The “Weight of Darkness” may slow players down more and more.

It’d make sense for a mechanic like this to be in the raid considering that the Hive swarm around you, and not being able to run would make it more challenging.

Light Level

Thankfully with The Dark Below expansion, we’ll also have more ways to increase our Light level – without having to step foot into the Vault of Glass.

This obviously is going to be a welcome addition to the game, as many people are unable to even raid yet, or have been unlucky in their attempts to obtain any Light-raising gear.

If you haven’t heard, we’ll also have new ways to use our Marks as well, which we discussed in this video:

Who’s going to attempt the new raid on day one?

If you need help with getting to level 30, check out our Endgame Materials Guide and our Guide to Farming.


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  • La RAE

    I’m very excited to do a raid where no one knows what to do, so: Yes! I’m playing it on day one

  • dcoded

    Yes, I’m excited to do the new raid and VoG if there’s new loot to get, but not for that level 33 difficulty, when the cap will be 32 T_T

    • jns

      I’m pretty sure it will be doable, they wouldn’t do it if it weren’t

  • munchmill14

    First of all I wanna say thank you for the updates of new things found on Destiny. Now what I really wanted to be discussed was the idea of fixing the bugs in the VOG as Deej stated in one of his updates that they will be starting to listen to those people who complain about the glitches and bugs in the VOG.

    • BOoya956

      As Deej stated in one of his updates that they will be starting to listen to those people who “COMPLAIN” about the glitches and bugs in VoG


  • Dewhitt Ager

    This suck im stuck at 29 only did the raid 2 times since the game came out . I thought making 3 character get you to 30 fool me lol

    • Guardian

      Yeah I’m stuck at level 29 as well.After completing the raid 4-5 times I still only managed to find one peice of raid gear.I still need either the raid chest Armor or helmet to reach 30.I currently have one exotic helmet,raid gauntlets,and iron banner leg armor…

      • BOoya956

        I done like 20 times and still nothing. I have a shit load of weapons that I was excited and now I am like meh.

    • Thomas Harrison

      oh young one you will have to do the raid a lot more to achieve lvl 30 trust me

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Where did you get the debuff image? Haven’t seen that

      • Christian Jimenez

        Just curious, what system do you play on Ryan?

        • I personally play on Xbox One, most of our staff play on PS4 though

  • Godin Intaki

    I stand corrected Ryan, you guys STILL has TDB content to drop lol.

  • Lee Juriet

    I wish i had more people to run VoG with on hard…. I haven’t done a VoG run in 2 weeks, and no, I do NOT have the Destiny App, or a smart phone, so don’t suggest it.

    • Justin Bradfield

      You can get on destiny forums without a smartphone. Just go on your computer.

      • Lee Juriet

        yeah, but after 10 attempts on 15 different forums, no dice.

        • h1zz

          I had a really good experience with I did my first raid yesterday. It took 5 minutes to find a group, then 45 minutes to run the raid (not a single wipe).

          On the site: narrow down the search with the provided options (VoG-hard, North America, Xbox One, etc…)
          Then look through the posts to see which one sounds best.
          When you find one you like, click on the person’s name who posted it. This will take you to private chat with that person. You can then ask if there are still openings in the group. Then just give them your gamertag and they’ll invite you in game.

          There is also if you prefer that site.
          Hopefully bungie makes raid matchmaking so we don’t have to meet up on 3rd party sites anymore. Good luck.

          • Lee Juriet

            I already tried without any success. May be because it is really late here. Will try the other one. Thank you for pointing them out.

          • BOoya956

            What systems do you play on? What is your location? Do you have a mic? Are you chill or you get upset when someone else gets what your looking for? Can you follow directions.

            If your on PS4 I can run you.

          • Lee Juriet

            I’m on the 360,sadly….cannot afford anything better.

          • Christian Jimenez

            Use recruiting section in the forum. Post your level and say you’re either starting a raid it want to join one, and say to message you directly on Xbox by leaving your GT. I think there’s even a specific thread for Xbox 360 raid finding. I’ve never not found a group. I’m on the Xone, so sorry I can’t help you out myself

          • Lee Juriet

            Yep, everyone but me has the money for a One it seems!

    • StrongIsland

      There’s plenty of website if you don’t have the app. Try

  • Kookaburra

    Where is the lvl 33 hard mode for the raid coming from? Data-mined information?

    • jns


  • BAMozzy69 .

    I am really looking forward to the new content – partly as I have played the game for over 800 hours now and want something new and partly because I like the look of the new content and challenge.

    Unfortunately I will likely be a level 29 as it seems Atheon and the VoG refuse to give me the Armour required to reach this level – certain weapons I have had in abundance but not the Armour. Both my Titan and Hunter require 1 piece (gloves and chest respectively) and my Warlock requires both chest and gloves. I doubt that I will get the helmets for any as my clan are unlikely to play and beat the Raid on Hard. With only 1 week and 1 opportunity to get these items before the new Raid arrives (although I suppose I could get the VoG done twice – ie 2nd time on 9th before tackling Crotas End) Its unlikely that I could upgrade any item sufficiently.

    Obviously I could hold off on attempting the new raid but I doubt I will…

    • BOoya956

      I am in the same boat. I done the raid like hundreds times and still not getting gear that I actually need. Even on hard the armor I want seems to delude me. Clans are useless too.

    • Xb0xguru

      The Iron Banner had 30 light Gloves and boots. I did the grind for a couple of days and got my Hunter to level 4 in order to just buy the gloves I needed to get to level 30. Ironically they dropped in the very next raid, but I didn’t leave it to chance.

  • BOoya956

    So VoG will die after DLC. Just asking.

    • cool_herc

      No. Not sure where you got that from.

      • BOoya956

        In The Dark Below there will be other ways to get to Light 30 – and Crota’s End – beyond running VoG

        In other words you can get to level 30 without ever setting foot on VoG

        Edit: Thankfully with The Dark Below expansion, we’ll also have more ways to increase our Light level – without having to step foot into the Vault of Glass.

        • Nikkie Meyers

          True, true, but I think running the vault for people who haven’t will still be a good precursor for the new raid, just to get a feel for raid mechanics in Destiny and what types of situations to expect to get thrown into.

  • One of Nine

    Interesting, I thought Crota’s End was actually level 28 but I’m glad to see it’s 30 going to be hard for sure can’t wait. Also, should be interesting to see the new level on VoG.

  • Alan Baez


  • Ed RM

    I just want another way to get to level 30-32 besides raiding… It makes getting faction gear completly pointless because even if I want my character to have high INT/STR with certain weapon abilities for example, the raid gear is complety random, messing up my build. Raiding should be a SHORTCUT to getting better weapon/gear, give us a way to get said equipment in other ways. Some people can’t raid because it’s difficult to find 5 other people to play with or don’t like PVP for the Iron Banner. Also, I wouldn’t want to be excluded from all the DLC content just because I don’t raid/play IB.

    • Paratrooper2000

      “I want my character to have high INT/STR with certain weapon abilities for example, the raid gear is complety random”

    • StrongIsland

      You could’ve easily got to level 30 with the iron banner gear and no raiding

      • Ed RM

        Lke I stated before, I don’t like PvP. Is it so difficult to allow getting to the highest level without raids/pvp? Imagine that you have to get 5 other friends in order to enter the Iron Banner… That’s what raids feel like to me as a main PvE player

        • jns

          you state that you’re “a main PvE player” – why don’t you play the raid, then? you know, the main PvE experience there is?

          • Ed RM

            I don’t have enough friends with the game. Guess I’ll have to try forums in order to find some people that’ll take someone who hasn’t done it before

          • jns

            do you speak german?

          • Ed RM

            Sorry, only english/spanish :/, thanks for asking though


    If the easy mode on the raid is 30, and I think most of us know on the end of the vault of glass the enemies go from 26-28, would the the dark below in the end be 30-32

    • The level 33 difficulty will have level 32s and 33 I’d imagine. Definitely at least 33, seeing as that’s the difficulty level

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