Cosplays and Fan Art

I recently came across this French Destiny News twitter and found their collection of fan art to be great! I pulled out some of the cooler pieces and put them below. Enjoy!

Source: Kimihiro-kun

14080349323_4ec3b6a6f8_o 14057105531_d4ba8136c2_o 14060772024_7e2b9dbdf1_o

Artist: Irish Liberty

irish liberty

Artist: Jorge Jacinto

jorge jacinto

Artist: huusenurihuusenuri

Artist: Ben Fishcher

Ben Fishcher Back to the future

Artist: Ryan RitterbuschRyan Ritterbusch

Artist: RLyons
RLoyons Titan RLyons


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  • Yhgi117

    These are pretty epic. The poster by Ben Fischer put the Farcry 3: Blood Dragon theme in my head.

    • TimAuthor

      Same here, it has that 80’s style neon grunge.

  • Christopher Cowgill

    all of them are epic

  • M. Asanuma

    That’s my Warlock cosplay! 🙂 If you’re interested to see the build, I have a thread on