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  • Guest


    I would love to read a review of on Gheleon ‘s Demise (Last Iron Banner Scout Rifle ) , because for me it is better weapon than the Vision Confluence.
    Can you pleas do it?


  • Diego Pedrollo


    I would love to read a review of on Gheleon ‘s Demise (Last Iron Banner Scout Rifle ) , because for me it is better weapon than the Vision Confluence.
    Can you pleas do it?


  • kai26w

    It is all rights reserved to the individual sites.

    It has been removed showed that comment to describe the source.

  • Javier Carnicer

    Just got husk of the pit in my lvl 30 hunter, email sent with video

  • Nekomium

    Hey I tried to send a email but it did not work but I got the husk of the pit for proof cjeck your twitter I tweeted at you

  • rix0400

    i just got hust of the pit too , i found it waiting in my lost n found

  • Zach Welch

    I have the husk of the pit to on the full game not ly’ing here I swear to god

  • AntLive88

    I have Eidolon Ally maxed!

  • Shockwave Tasp

    just looted the husk of the pit on the moon (full game ofc) can send ya an ps if needed

  • Shockwave Tasp


  • -Jon-

    Just got Husk of the Pit (on full version of the game) on Earth after killing one of the Blades of Crota

  • Royyyal

    How to beat Crota in under 4 minutes (sword POV) –

  • druss

    got husk of crota last nigh after kill on Earth after killing one of the Blades of Crota full version of the game

  • Derrick

    Got husk of the pit this morning at the skywatch on earth killed sword of crota

  • xia_emperor

    Reached level 32 last night on my titan!! jf you would like you can check him out. :)

  • Aimen

    Hi Guys, love what your doing for the Destiny community. You guys get answers, can you find out why Eris never has the extra mission for the Titan class? Its started to get frutrating.. Thanks :-)

    • Ryan

      What she gives out is random, and either its very unlucky that she hasn’t got one for Titans yet, or there’s a bug. There are Titan-specific bounties though

      • Aimen

        Hi Ryan

        Their hasn’t been a Titan only bounty in nearly two weeks, I’m assuming its a bug.

  • Cleveland Glover

    Hey guys I just wanted to point out because I’m OCD about mythology on your overview of Osiris as a faction Osiris is labeled as the God of Death and the Afterlife but Osiris is the Egyptian God of the Underworld (sort of like the Egyptian equivalent of Hades) and Anubis is the Egyptian God of Death

  • hal

    can you guys do a comparison between the ice breaker and the black hammer?

    • Ryan

      we may

      • xia_emperor

        there is no comparison. Ice breaker is far more versatile.

  • xia_emperor
  • mickael.T

    i just got radiant dance machine and leveled them up feel like doing a review for me it feels great even though the description is lacking

  • NoUxIS

    You guys know that there is a dragon flying on the shores of time map you can see him clearly with a sniper!

  • Suspect Grey

    For the ‘No Land Beyond” buff. They should get rid of the “Mulligan” Perk and change it to “Hawkeye” which is one I made up its perk is that(Every precision shot will always add your shot directly back into the magazine). Then make its magazine size “4”. Last change the up the perk “The Master” to (Precision damage is extremely increased for each shot in a row,reloading will reset this perk)

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Why did you change the format of the Daily Events? Part of the reason it was very useful was the fact you listed what modifiers were on the Daily/Weekly events but this new system just tells me the potential reward. I cannot ask there as there is also no option to comment

    • Ryan

      We’re adding modifiers to it

      • BAMozzy69 .

        Thank you for both the quick response and for adding the modifiers too.

        Its why this site remains the best resource for Destiny and why I visit daily.

        • Ryan


          • BAMozzy69 .

            Thank you – just in time for the weekly reset…

            Although having just checked the 2 weeklies, with the boxes appearing to be the same size, the title is missing on both and the description and some of the first (I assume) modifier is missing from the Nightfall. My view of the Nightfall, at the top of the box, starts with the line ‘massive damage’ and then I get the Lightswitch logo and description. It seems that the image with the information doesn’t fit in the box and aligned at he bottom so the top information is missing.

          • Ryan

            do a hard refresh of the page, ctrl+F5

          • BAMozzy69 .

            That worked – thank you again :)

  • Giles

    Hello. Did you know your ‘Events’ page is a little broken? It always shows “The Cleansing – Kill Majors and Ultras in a Nightfall activity” for Eris, even when the bounty is not actually offered. For example, today it’s showing instead of her actual 4th bounty, “One Of Us – Kill Hive Majors and Ultras with any of Eris’ class items equipped.”

  • dianesnightmare

    recently my parents have anounced a divorce and i will be moving soon and will have no friends so i play destiny to feel happy again however i feel like a man with no heart left

  • James Rontgen

  • James Rontgen

    Efrideet’s Spear!

  • Luis Martinez

    Is there any way to sort the weapons by for instance primary stats or which weapons have the highest aim assistance?


  • VinceM25

    It’s now 10:23am Eastern on Tuesday Jan 27. No “Today’s Events” posted yet? You guys slacking a little? It’s reset day…. Busy writing scripts (lol) for your youtube vids?

    • Ryan

      The daily events automatically update: – the article just redirects to that page, regardless of the date of that article, the events will update by themselves. I’ve removed the date from the title to avoid any confusion

  • JV

    What happened to the daily events links? I use that thing every day! Please bring it back! Thanks!

  • Bebraz

    Heya, guys. I found a new VoG Parkour place and way back, but because no one knows about me – no one knows the way. Look at it and spread the word! No wipe hard is coming!!

  • TritanHD

    Killing Crota On Hard With One Sword “HARD MODE”

    What do you guys think Bungie will do to counter the Fact that Titans can spawn unlimited amounts of Orbs to help the sword carrier beat Crota On Hard in One Sword as Seen in this Video.

  • P4leRider

    Hoping to see some more legendary weapon reviews, was really enjoying those!

    • Ryan

      More are coming, TFWPKY 1969 video review coming very very soon and Against All Odds text review will be up soon too

  • Jesus Freec (Xbox360)

    Is all of this information good Xbox? I have heard that PS has more gear, weapons, maps etc. available.

    • Ryan

      What information? PS does get timed exclusives, but those are also coming to Xbox this Fall

      • Jesus Freec (Xbox360)

        on the site. Thanks.

        • Ryan

          The only ‘PS’ content we have on this site is the review for Monte Carlo and Hawkmoon

  • Seb

    Hello I found a glitch where if my friend goes from exotic armour to legendary then back to exotic then one of the upgrades will be from the next DLC and I think it was called illumination. This only works when you are inspecting a player and they change armour quickly. Sadly I have only been able to do this twice but hopefully I can get a picture or clip of it. Once I have I will send an email with it attached. You should definitely try this but I will keep trying and once I get you will have aswell. Bye

  • kickass leo skywalker

    fucking bungie you suck have so many bugs in my game it is’nt funny anymore

  • Snusooner

    I don’t know when this happened but the DB will not work on iPad at all. Tried both Chrome and Safari and the drop downs will not let me select anything. I’ve never had this issue before. I’ve restarted both browsers and the entire iPad as well. What gives?

    • Ryan

      Working on fixing it

  • Hippie123162

    Can anybody tell me why the VOG armor is light level 30 and then your character was level 30. Now the Cota armor is level 36 and your character only goes to level 32? Now I’ve heard that the house of wolves armor goes to light level 42 and your character only goes up to 34? Please tell me what the hell kind of math they are using to get these figures. Thanks!

    • Ryan

      11 Light = 1 Level, so when you add it up, 36×4 = 144 Light = 32

      Old article, but the 21-30 Light ratings are here:

      • Hippie123162

        Thanks, it seem so simple when put that way. Still seems odd but hey! Still love the game and the grind isn’t as bad if you make it fun. It’s all up to the player. Again thanks.

  • Hippie123162

    The e-mail I rec. said Xur had heavy synth. For sale but I’m checking him out right now & guess what he has no heavy for sale. Is this SOP for you guys.

  • Fabian Elderson

    I thought I saw an article/pic of an exotic sparrow w/ an alpa lupi theme & 150 durability?
    Can someone point me to the link/

  • Stormblessed

    Hi. I forgot my password a while ago but the password reset email doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried both the email address and the username options but I just never receive the email. It’s not in my spam folder ether. My username is Stormblessed. Is there anything I can do to recover my account?

  • Merc354

    I think the database entry for The Calling needs to be double checked. Mine has Single Top Sling and Hammer Forged and those don’t appear at all in its roll options. Thanks, guys.

    • Ryan

      You were looking at the pre-dlc version

  • mateen this should be featured on the spotlight. Its a shoulder charge montage by a youtuber named Mr.fruit its very creative and cool.

  • Geir Åge Humstad

    My spesial gear vendor is broken, now what? must have that for certain weapons and so on! Did not get my tumbler eighter, when i expanded to the dark below :(

  • Onlychance10

    Is it possible for there to be an option for exotic quests? I’m working on the thorn quest and it seems impossible to get to phogoths lair by myself. I’d love help

  • JayMysteri0

    Just wanted to say great work with the LFG feature. Have used it to some great success for raids. Hope to use it for Iron Banner as well. Look forward to any & all improvements on it.

    • Ryan A

      Awesome :) You can now auto-match for multiple activities

    • Raclex

      I love it too, and as a burnt out Destiny player, I’d love a queue that would match me up with noobs who needed help with anything, like a global noob queue, so I can go help peeps. Thoughts?

  • Psyk0tica

    Are you guys planning on reviewing Suros again post nerf any time soon?

  • MFgamino

    What do you guys think an item that would let you use two exotics armor pieces at the cost of no exotic weapons equipped and vice versa?