Congratulations @InvigorateINV

Published on: Dec 9, 2014 @ 10:36

The crew at  managed to complete Crota’s End, and were one of the first – if not the first to do so in just 6 hours!

How can you confirm a completion? Only those who complete Crota’s End will receive this new emblem.


Congratulations to the Invigorate team!

world first invigorate

They managed to score Swordbreaker, Dogged GageWillbreaker’s FistsLight of the Abyss, Black Hammer, and “Light in the Abyss” – among other items.

You can check out all of the raid gear, with all of the new perks, in this article.

light in the abyss

How Did They Do It?

Without giving too much away, here’s the inside scoop:


Spoiler for Crota

Spoiler for Crota

At least one member of your team will need to be level 31, or you simply won’t be able to do enough damage before the enrage timer.

Have the level 31 use the sword to hack away at Crota!

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