Congratulations @InvigorateINV

Published on: Dec 9, 2014 @ 10:36

The crew at  managed to complete Crota’s End, and were one of the first – if not the first to do so in just 6 hours!

How can you confirm a completion? Only those who complete Crota’s End will receive this new emblem.


Congratulations to the Invigorate team!

world first invigorate

They managed to score Swordbreaker, Dogged GageWillbreaker’s FistsLight of the Abyss, Black Hammer, and “Light in the Abyss” – among other items.

You can check out all of the raid gear, with all of the new perks, in this article.

light in the abyss

How Did They Do It?

Without giving too much away, here’s the inside scoop:


Spoiler for Crota

Spoiler for Crota

At least one member of your team will need to be level 31, or you simply won’t be able to do enough damage before the enrage timer.

Have the level 31 use the sword to hack away at Crota!

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  • Diego Pedrollo


  • DES

    So fully level base raid instead of skill based…. Ready at level 30 my ass bungie. Fail

    • Rickjames

      Half their fireteam was level 29… Id expect you would need a 31 if half your team isnt even 30.

      • SandyEggo

        It shows 29 because they put their raid gear on they were all 30

    • NoThanks

      Why are you b!tching w/ vendor items you can reach lv 31 so the average lv has now been increased. People like you can never be please all you do cry and complain 24/7

    • Alex Garcia Ponce

      Let me tell you even at lvl 31 it is complicated… Lvl is not all, but will help for sure

  • Alex Garcia Ponce

    I was expecting a record similar to VoG first run. Second raid may not be as well crafted as VoG

    • Jim Saquin

      Or people are just better now

    • Godin Intaki

      Or maybe you’re just a prick and people have gotten better?

      • admiralvic

        “Or maybe you’re just a prick and people have gotten better?”

        Or and I’m just taking a swing in the dark here, people were better equipped to handle this raid than the original raid.

        Back when VoG came out it was hard enough to find someone at level 28, much less someone at level 28 who had a legendary or exotic weapon and even then there was no guarantee they had a good one or that it was leveled.

        The same can’t be said for this raid, which will naturally make it easier.

  • Robert

    Was one of them 31 before the raid?

    • Yeah, got vendor gear and maxed it out quickly using bounties

      • destiny

        Vendor get goes to light 33

        • Conrade

          Correct which gets you to light level 31. The raid gear goes to light 36 which gets you to a light level of 32.

  • Zelda_1224

    Dang that is pretty impressive. I can’t wait to try this raid. It looks a bit more balanced than VoG. But if they keep the no reviving for the thrall part, that might be a pain

  • Thomas Harrison

    finally a boss i can kill with melee

  • Foreverwasted

    I tried the raid with a team of lvl 30’s lastnight. We got up to the Death Singer but after spending 30 mins trying to do that a few people had to leave. Im almost glad we didnt get to Crota as with none of us lvl 31 its just not possible.

  • Eric Grady Bauhof

    So I have a question. If they completed the raid in 6 hour after the expansion came out (or is it 6 hour after they started) how did they manage to get someone to 31? Even with a full 10 5k bounties that wouldn’t come close to maxing out a new set of vendor gear. So how’d they get someone to 31 in less than a day?

    • Ian

      Not only that, but you have to have commendations for chest pieces and helmets, which you have to get from leveling up Vanguard, Crucible, and Tower Factions. He must have played Destiny non-stop, all day, and then they traded him in for the other person.

  • Robert

    Just beat the raid tonight. We had 6 level 31s though.
    There are going to be so many 31s tomorrow when Xur shows up, and you can reroll exotic armor.