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  • Garrett

    Ryan can u do a review on Trolley Promblem and DoGooder 5.

  • GalactaPug

    I’m surprised that there isn’t any talk of Bungie just putting in a hard level cap for the game. If being maximum light level were not an issue, then it would allow everyone to use their fully upgraded gear without penalty. Bungie could then differentiate different pieces of armor and weapons based on perks, which would lead to more customization. Since under-leveled players are unable to participate in high-level content anyway, there is actually no point in having a level system at all. Most of the ultra-difficult content, like Nightfall strikes and Hard Raids, are made difficult because of things like Lightswitch, Burns, etc. rather than the player’s level or lack thereof. The only way to not make under-leveled gear not obsolete with each DLC is to have an upgrade system, but that leads to there being essentially no reason to raise the level cap in the first place. Having to work to get to max level is fine, but I see no point in level increases with each DLC. I think it would solve nearly every problem anyone has ever raised with Destiny other than the lack of coherent story, if you really think about it.

    • GalactaPug

      double negative needs correcting in “not make under-leveled gear not obsolete.” Oh well.