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Collapsing City Artwork

Collapsing City Artwork

Bungie just posted this brand new concept art to their facebook page with the caption below:

Legends are not remembered by the great deeds they perform, but by the bravery it took to achieve them.


Any ideas of what planet these beautiful ruins are from?

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  • Christopher Cowgill

    same here.

  • Raxs

    Nah, I don’t think humans ever populated mars. Mars is inhabited by the Cabal. Mars is very flat and also has a reddish aura about it. I think it might be a different planet. Uranus i think,or Jupiter.

  • Squatchmen

    Looks sweet, and I think it’s a new planet this time

    Could be the moon

  • Squatchmen

    I don’t think it’s Mars because Bungie said that their art work will have reminiscent bits of info to show players what planet its from – so Mars, the art work would be reddish to some degree

  • Dylan Ridener

    scientifically speaking, the only planet that picture could be is Earth with the vegetation and what looks like water in liquid form. Its also to bright to be further out then Mars and unless that is liquid Methane then it wouldn’t be any of the outer celestial bodies… unless…. I use my imagination then this is the volcanic moon of jupiter named Lo with some serious terraforming. The volcanoes make the surface tempeture pretty hot but only near the volcanoes. The planet itself is very below freazing when there isn’t a volcano errupting at 1200-1700 degrees near by. I’d bet that Jupiter being so large could act like a mini sun making it very bright when facing Jupiter. That explains the brightness and mountains in the back round because settlers would have to remain close to a volcano in order to obtain a viable heat source as in geothermal energy for electrical consumption and outside ambient tempetures that wouldn’t freaze the liquid water instantly. The settlers could put up a very protective barrier that shields from explosions and extreme colds where they could possibly make their own atmosphere…. In that case then it’s probably Lo. I’m obligated to lean towards Venus because the pictures they’ve shown of Venus look slightly similiar to this but if the picture is of a place that they haven’t shown then my money is on the little moon circling the largest planet, Lo. :)

    • Christopher Cowgill

      I think my brain just died from reading all of that.

      • Dylan Ridener

        lol…. that was my game plan the entire time…. to educate so much that everyone’s brains stop working, hopefully for just a short time.

        • Christopher Cowgill

          How could one person be so mean? :(

  • TylerHerndon

    I think it’s the part of Earth that isn’t the last city. You know, everything else. It’s all ruins.

  • Matt

    My guess is venus