There will be three playable races in Destiny: Humans, Awoken, and Exo. Each race has a unique look and dance, but other than that, there’s no in-game benefits for choosing any particular class.

You can mix and match these races with your guardian class. This means you could have a Human Warlock, an Exo Hunter, or even an Awoken Titan.

Humansdestiny human

Described as being relatabletough, and uncomplicated.

Ex. Military, Sports Stars, Action Heroes

Awokendestiny awoken

Described as being exoticbeautiful, and mysterious.

Ex. Elves, Vampires, Ghosts, and Angels


Described as being sinisterpowerful, and tireless.

Ex. Undead, Master Chief, and the terminator

Customization Options

  • Matt

    I found these two pictures in the character development video if you pause in between the vex and fallen you see some hidden pictures that are to fast to see by themselves it has an awoken hunter and possibly a warlock.

    • Trystan C. Edgar

      They are all Hunter’s; they each wear cloaks.

  • fluffitons

    There will be three playable races in Destiny, Humans, Awoken, and Titans.

    Shouldn’t be Titans, should be the Exo.

    • TimAuthor

      Oops thanks for the correction

      • bitchfucker

        lol dumbass three classes titans/hunter/warlock. Three races Human/Awoken/EXO!

        • david christoph

          lol virgin.

          • knownto noone

            You two are idiots. It was an honest mistake. When was the last time you made a mistake? Oh yeah, ALL THE TIME!

  • Yep.. Going with the Exo.

  • HaloFanForever

    exo looks beastly!

  • disqus_ey4Wa0rGhX

    Exo here we come!

  • Exo/Hunter/FWC Damn right!

  • Denzel Pate

    Exo looks like a boss!

    • Christopher Wenham

      i recon they are cyborgs

      • Ink

        What an astute observation.

        • Chris

          thank you 😀

          • knownto noone

            I believe that we should give the other races a chance though… you know, to keep and open mind and all. HA! What am I talking about? Go Exo!!!

      • yolo man haha

        actually their robots made by the humans to handle with the war

      • Meh, they’re just robots 😛

  • titan4141

    exo and titan so gonna be op

  • Patrick

    Well I guess I’m the only person who’s team Awoken

    • toxicoctopus202

      same here bro

      • Bede Fitzsimmons

        same here they look like the shit

    • WolfSkull

      Also her bro

  • Slade Kane

    either Exo/Hunter or Exo/Warlock
    Awoken/Hunter or Awoken/Warlock

    • knownto noone

      What have you got against titans?

  • guy

    On that Exo hype

  • destinyfan no1

    awoken look cool but are all of them just hot girls (albeit hot girls with blue skin)

    • Ink

      How could you possibly say that? We have one source of media that we know for sure is an awoken. The only other thing that could possibly be an awoken was that guy with the two voices in the trailer who says “Out here in the wild, this is how we talk”, and he was a guy.
      You’re an idiot.

  • Project No

    i wonder if the races will have benefits towards your skills? like maybe humans are better warlocks (arcane skills/knowledge) Exos can take more hits, and the Awoken have better accuracy? (human warlock, Exo Titan, Awoken Hunter)

    • JCBell88

      It was said races are purely cosmetic choices.

    • Unknown

      I think it is supposed to be Exo-Titan, Human-Hunter, and Awoken-Warlock, due to humans being ” uncomplicated ” and awoken being ” mysterious ”

    • knownto noone

      That would definitely affect your skills because most people want to go with what they think looks cool, not what they would best work with.

    • Pierce Wise

      That would be pretty cool either way tho I’m still making a human Titan Osiris or Dead orbit character



  • Mudblood

    Probably going with Awoken.

  • Collin Barnes

    Human Titan (Male), Awoken Warlock (Female), and Exo Hunter (Male).

    Either I’ll be all three, or make my friends that and have an amazing Fire Team.

    • Thomas Harrison

      you can have multiple characters

  • Tyler Byers

    Awoken for the win! X3

  • rue the wizard

    i’m going for an exo warlock

    • Aran Lyons

      Same here bro

      • knownto noone

        Well Exo Warlock would be an amazing combination. Why not Awoken Warlock. They look like the magic focus type?

        • Aran Lyons

          I was originally going to have that but I decided I want my character to be a badass take no prisoners exploderize everything kinda guy, but with magic. Not a mysterious person…

  • RemoteCrab131


    Hybrids ofc lol

  • Venge Drac


  • Tim Loeschen


  • Pillarshock

    imagine, a human hunter, an exo titan, and an awoken warlock. BEST FIRE TEAM EVER

  • titans


  • kaZHo͞oəltē

    It’s funny how no one wants to be Human

    • Robert Reid

      well I am playing as a human now in this crappy game of Real Life why would I want to start another Human Character? haha

      • knownto noone

        That’s what I was thinking! If I was reborn, why would I want to come back as the same thing as before. Let’s make our next life (Destiny Life) the best that we can!

    • Pierce Wise

      I’m playin a human tho on another file I’ll play an Exo for a class what do u guys recommend

  • Zach Brounstein

    A female awoken Titan a female awoken hunter and a female awoken warlock best fireteam ever and sexiest too lol

  • Michael

    Gotta go with the EXO!

  • C336

    I wonder, does the city or the factions have their own military forces, like human and awoken soldiers that aren’t guardians?

  • Aaron Smith

    Team Exo!

  • Lone Neon

    Female Hunter Awoken! :3

  • Cole Meagher

    Team EXO all the way

    • Rai_TheNoblesse

      Master Chief is an EXO??

  • Rai_TheNoblesse

    Awoken for me…

  • Exo ftw



    will there be more playable characters in destiny like win the game fully comes out or in dlc eny one know?

    • No other races are confirmed at this time, but I really doubt there will be more until maybe “Destiny 2”

  • Seth Allister Hansen

    It would be nice to see pictures of the various customization options on this page

  • Pumpkin Fone

    I’ll tell you what, Exo’s suck at dancing

  • DudeBro4op

    this is a duck