All Character Customization Options Revealed

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Keep in mind that these are only the options that were available for creating your Guardian in the Alpha stage, and there’s likely to be more choices once the game is officially released.

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  • Jiří Pravda

    Nice faces, but useless when everybody going around Tower in 3rd person. I want option to change my view to 1st person for better view.

  • Mykle D Clark

    Yeah, I’m wondering if they will have more choices. They might just not care since we rarely see our faces.

    I probably spent 2 hours in the customization menu while making my three characters. I was really disappointed in the hairstyle choices. I also hope there is a place in game to change aesthetic features or get tattoos.

    • Drey

      You obviously didn’t read now did you.
      Its an alpah and it wasn’t even suppose to be released to the public…it was a whelm thing.

      Stop being disappointed and look at the facts. I really don’t want to play a game with random people who don’t read, listen, or anything just go in guns blazing get killed then rage quit the game.

      • Mykle D Clark

        Calm your tits bro. I was just saying they haven’t released any info on whether there will be more choices.

        P.S- If you’re going to insult someone’s reading skills, learn how to spell.