XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Jan 15, 2016 @ 03:54

Xur is in the Tower Hangar. Check out what the community is saying about this gear!

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Helm Engram 19
Legacy (Y1) Primary Engram Yes 31
Ruin Wings (29/42 INT, 27/40 DISC) Titan Any Maybe 13
Celestial Nighthawk (57/72 INT) Hunter Gunslinger Maybe 13
The Impossible Machines (28/41 DISC, 30/43 STR) Warlock Stormcaller Yes 13

Ruin Wings541df48f74808c41be590020abb976f5

Worth Buying?

For the Titan who likes to shuffle classes and is interested in his or her Heavy Weapons, Ruin Wings are hard to top. Retaining all the benefits of Y1, the perk Seeds of Ruin turns you into a walking arsenal of Heavy Weaponry. You’ll be rolling in Sword, Sleeper, Rocket, or Machine Gun ammunition, and picking up more every time you encounter a purple brick. This is a universally fantastic benefit and thus puts Ruin Wings squarely in the upper bracket for Titans.

With that said, occasionally they’ll just “turn off” and you’ll go an entire activity without seeing their benefit. In PvP, there’s no point to using them, so just don’t.

Twist Fate? Yes

Intellect/Discipline isn’t bad, but Sidearm Loader is one of the worst reload perks available. Look for Sniper Rifle Loader and Paramuscular Armature for pinpoint grenade placement, then take your pick of MG or RL Loader in the secondary slot. The stat spread is up to you according to personal preference.

Celestial Nighthawk049e2216349f9cd6af6705c3bebf17aa

Worth Buying?

Say hello to the only thing keeping the Gunslinger relevant in PvE. What you get with this helm is a Super that is impossibly lethal to any single target, but downright useless in crowds, even with innate Keyhole. Ironically, the pretty-much-maximum of 4 orbs is better in Y2 with Stormcaller and Sunbreaker maxing out at 5 (w/o Keeper of the Pack).

Unfortunately, there’s no longer a niche for the Nighthawk in Oryx staggering with ToM being basically ubiquitous. Still, with Achylophage in a worse place, CN still earns the A tier in PvE. Now that GG can one shot everything in Crucible again, there’s literally no point to running it in PvP.

Twist Fate? Yes

As usual for PvE Helmets, go with Inverse Shadow and Infusion or Better Already. Next, aim for Int/Disc as a Gunslinger. I’ve been told before that there’s a good roll for the Nighthawk in the blueprint kiosk.

The Impossible Machines6eb83e602efd0261945f7205b2df2775

Worth Buying?

These grant the powerful “Landfall” perk, free of charge. This frees up Ionic Blink or Superconductor – both excellent perks for PvP and PvE, respectively. Landfall deals tremendous immediate damage around the caster, and stuns and disorients any targets who somehow survived. Pair it with Superconductor and Transendence for the ultimate PvE add-clearance.

Take damage, sprint up to a high-health foe, pop Stormtrance. You’ll take a huge chunk off their health bar, stun them, and get full health in the process. These gauntlets are very momentum-friendly, with Landfall getting the ball rolling and Superconductor cleaning up. In PvP, surprise a Defender Titan or anyone beneath you and deke around with Ionic Blink. A tier in PvE, and a recommendation for PvP as well.

Twist Fate? Maybe

You’re stuck with some Strength and Snap Discharge, so at least aim for Impact Induction (though you’ve got it on this roll), and a reload perk you desire. I can’t imagine many of you begging for Auto Rifle and Fusion Rifle loader, though Doctrine of Passing appreciates a little nudge in the right direction. Optimal roll would be Sniper Rifle Loader + whichever Primary Weapon you run for endgame content.

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