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Lore: Battles of the City


In my last report we discussed the Exo Stranger and her possible relationship to the Ishtar Collective. Today, we’ll be discussing a portion of the City’s history. The Tower wasn’t always bright; Six Fronts, Battle at Burning Lake, the Great Disaster on Luna, and Battle of Twilight Gap. We’ll begin with the battle that some  scholars here in the Tower believe ... Read More »

On the Bright Side – Consumable Craze

on the bright side consumables

Guardians pop consumables every day, without giving much thought to where they come from, what goes in them, or how they’re affecting our space warrior bodies. Consumable use in Last Safe City is at an all-time high. Whether it’s to casually gain a bit more reputation per strike, or feverishly farm Draksis with Three of Coins. Xur, who conveniently couldn’t be contacted for a ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 10

tower plaza

Click here to read previous chapters.   When I stepped off the transport jet from the Tower, I had no idea what to do next. There was a target on my back. What was worse, anyone I involved at this point might end up with the same target on them. Perhaps most frustratingly, I didn’t know why. I stopped in my tracks, ... Read More »

On The Bright Side – Disappearing Act


The Moon is a strange landscape. It’s full of imposing Hive enemies, and ancient relics of a bygone era when humanity first experimented with space travel. It is also the setting of the mysterious disappearance of Sammy SwordWielder, a guardian that set out on a journey to collect Soliton Flares, and was never heard from again. While there isn’t much ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 9


Click here to read previous chapters. I sat at my desk for an hour alternatively stunned and angry. Balan’s death could not be a coincidence. I’d asked him for a favor and it had gotten him killed. Someone had just shown their hand. The Shepherds were the key. Rupert knew about them and he’d been killed. Balan knew about them and now ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 8

saint 14 story

Click here to read previous chapters. My shirt dried and I ended up having a very pleasant conversation with Balan. He’d seen some pretty insane stuff, and those were just the stories he felt like telling me. The things he didn’t want to talk about, I probably didn’t want to hear about. What gives a Guardian nightmares? I hope I never find ... Read More »

On The Bright Side – Kill Steal Conspiracy

on the bright side destiny

What would it be like to spend 90 days in the Prison of Elders? A new documentary, titled “Making A Griefer” will be coming soon to a Tower kiosk near you! It all started last December when PulseRiflePrincess, a taken-tot with aspirations of becoming legend, played her first ever Crucible match. As an avid fan of player-vs-player combat, she knew ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 7

new debts fiction story

Click here to read previous chapters. “This is stupid. I’m going to get killed. I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I didn’t usually talk to myself, but I knew from my days as a cop that if you walked into the wrong bar without backup you were taking your life into your hands. People are territorial. They like to feel safe among ... Read More »

On The Bright Side – Hive Massacre

on the bright side - hive massacre omnigul

Is the Grasp of Malok worth the lives of the countless Hive warriors we have slayed for it? The Galactic Union for Combat Labor certainly doesn’t think so. The G.U.C.L. Local 77 announced in a statement earlier today that they will no longer be supplying labor to Omnigul for use against guardians in Skywatch. The Union’s employees voted unanimously for ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 6

new debts fan fiction story

Click here to view previous chapters. I stared at the church for several minutes. The setting sun painted the patchy white cinderblock walls orange. My stomach told me it was time for dinner, probably due to having skipped lunch on my walking tour of this nearly abandoned part of the city.  An idea suddenly occurred to me. I pulled out my ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 5

new debts fan fiction

Click here to read chapter 4. After I took a few deep breaths and got a hold of myself, I started trying to figure out what to do next. Clearly, Kara hadn’t known about this wooden plaque, or she would never have sent me to look into Rupert’s death. Her mother had almost certainly been through the apartment, but the ... Read More »

On the Bright Side – Bubble Train

on the brightside bubble

Despite Iron Banner officially ending for most guardians, 12 Titans are still competing and appear to be well on their way to setting a new Tower record for the longest crucible match of all time. The epic stalemate started when two teams of Defenders squared off on Frontier, each vying for the glory of victory. However, the situation soon evolved ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 4

new debts destiny fan fiction

Click here to read chapter 3. Rupert’s office, and the rail crossing where he died, were only about ten blocks north of my office. I grabbed my jacket and a fleece watch cap and headed out the door. I could have taken a train or caught a cab, but the walk sounded good on a gorgeous, sunny morning like this ... Read More »

Undying Mind Nightfall Modifiers

the undying mind strike playstation

The Black Garden may not stay among us for long. Something has begun to repair the schism torn by its destruction. Vex now flood the Garden channels to protect it. We must stop the weavers before they seal the Garden and begin to summon back its heart. – Ikora Rey The Undying Mind gives us time to acquaint with the harsh ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 3

new debts destiny fan fiction

Click here to read Chapter 1. The Last City is a complex place. New and old, unified yet divided. People from all over the world got here by whatever means they could. It’s a city of survivors, believers, and hopeful people who know humanity is on the edge of extinction, yet most people feel a sense of pride about that. Though ... Read More »

New Debts – Chapter 2

new debts fan fiction story

Click here to read Chapter 1. “Mr. Hill? Mr. Hill—Henry? Can you hear me? Do you know where you are?” The voice talking to me was muffled and it took what felt like a long time to get my head around the simple question. “Yeah, I can hear you. I hope I’m at the hospital. Where’s my team? What happened?” “Everybody’s ... Read More »

Destiny Lore: Eliksni

fallen lore destiny

Welcome back, Guardians. In our last report we discussed the motivations and current whereabouts of Toland, the Shattered. This report will give background on the Eliksni and their purpose. The Fallen are ruthless scavengers. There are hints of ancient nobility to the Fallen—the scars of lost grandeur. The Kells of their scattered Houses still claim to be royalty, but they leave only ... Read More »

Destiny Lore: Toland, The Shattered

toland the shattered

The Shattered Toland was exiled from the City for “getting too close” to the Darkness and communing with it. He was one of the few City dwellers that truly came to understand the Darkness. However, this knowledge was deemed too dangerous to keep within the Walls, and the Vanguard exiled him from both the Tower and the City, his name stricken ... Read More »