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Haakon’s Hatchet: A Legacy of Iron

Haakon's Hatchet legendary review

Haakon’s Hatchet is a popular Iron Banner weapon and continues to see a great deal of use in 6v6.  But who was Haakon? What do we know about him? Why did he have an Auto Rifle for a hatchet? History Lesson The truth is, there’s not much to go on. We can theorize that Haakon and the other new names ... Read More »

Crucible Radio #49

crucible radio 49 recap

Last week the crew spoke at length about Fusion Rifles with The Battlebros. The team decided to get back to basics this week.  00:05 – Weekly introductions, Fusion Rifle perfection & effective ranges. 07:15 –  Benefits of high Impact/slow RoF Fusion Rifles & map/position awareness 10:15 – The squad reveals its encounter with one of the rarest drops in the game. ... Read More »

PD Apparel Available Now

planet destiny shirt store

If you’ve ever wanted to support PlanetDestiny, and look good while doing it, check out our new store! At Planet Destiny we provide you a place to hang out between those late night gaming binges and awkward dinner parties. We try to supply content daily, even in the slow periods, and now you’ve got a unique way to support us and ... Read More »

Rise of Iron & Iron Wolves

destiny rise of iron expansion

Reddit user RWeav2 leaked this image which appears to be official. It doesn’t give us much, but Saladin will likely be a focal point. We can see Lord Saladin wielding a flaming battleaxe atop a snowy cliff, surrounded by his trusted allies. Looks like Saladin is on Earth — Planet Destiny (@DestinyNews_net) May 20, 2016 According to Kotaku, a source told them that ... Read More »

Inspirations for Destiny

New Debts chapter 3

Click here to read the full article @ This week at Bungie we retraced some of our steps. There are times when we get up on Twitch to reveal challenges in your future. Those are definitely fun moments, but we don’t want our channel to remain dark while we work in our secure hangar to move fresh content onto ... Read More »

Hot Fix & Twitch Events

bungie weekly update may

Full weekly update @ On a crisp, clear morning, Hot Fix was deployed to the launching pad. Once the final countdown resolved, the fresh patch rode a tower of fire, boosting clear of an atmospheric layer of space junk to take up residence in orbit around Destiny. This fixed a few minor issues immediately. There are other fixes ... Read More »

Where’s Xur?

taken king xur location

Located near the Crucible Quartermaster. Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin Hawkmoon 23 Legacy Heavy Engram 29 Twilight Garrison Titan Yes 13 ATS/8 ARACHNID Hunter 13 The Ram Warlock Yes 13 Latest Exotic Reviews In other Exotic news, you can find our latest weapon reviews here! For more, please follow us and head over to our community forum. Read More »

Bungie Addresses Melee & Other Bugs


Read the full weekly update @ Next Tuesday, May 3rd, we’re deploying Update to correct a few things that were bugging us. (See what we did there?) It will fix a few chests, quests, and rewards – nothing major. Also included in the bundle will be some changes to help you land a punch a little more squarely ... Read More »

Where’s Xur?

taken king xur location

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin Monte Carlo Yes 23 Legacy Chest Engram 29 Helm of Inmost Light Titan 13 Lucky Raspberry Hunter 13 Purifier Robes Warlock 13 Latest Exotic Reviews In other Exotic news, you can find our latest weapon reviews here! For more, please follow us and head over to our community forum. Read More »

2.2.0 Patch Notes


These patch notes can also be found at Light Legendary and Exotic drops from many sources now attempt to drop with Attack or Defense greater than your current character light level The following activities and items have been adjusted to include 335 Light items: Prison of Elders Passage Challenge Ticket Crucible Weekly Court of Oryx Tier 3 Artifacts Trials ... Read More »

Stranger Than Fiction – Back to the Reef

stranger than fiction reef

Welcome back to Stranger Than Fiction – We dive deep into the internet to bring you all the strange, funny, and awesome things from Destiny’s community. This week we’ll find out how pasta shaped the way we see Destiny, and check out a few of the cool projects players have been working on. Variks is calling, and we’d hate to keep ... Read More »

Zen Meteor Perks + PS Exclusive Armor


Check out the new Exotic sniper rifle that was detailed on the PlayStation Blog! “Complete awareness, complete focus. A mind sharpened by diligence to a single deadly point.” Zen Meteor Perks Dynamite CQB Ballistics Underdog Fitted Stock With a Laser Beam Soft Ballistics — Field Scout — — Smart Drift Control — Injection Mold — Dynamite: Grants explosive rounds. Rapid ... Read More »