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7 Ways to Utilize Private Matches


Private Crucible matches are coming in September for everyone on Xbox One & PS4 – click here to learn exactly how they’ll work. We’re hyped to brainstorm some ideas on how to get the most out of this new feature. Leave a comment if you have any other cool ideas for what to do within the Map Exploration This will be ... Read More »

Wretched Eye First Look ( +Destiny 2 Update!)


Strike Walkthrough Once you fly in, you’ll fight through various SIVA-enhanced Fallen and Hive battling each other as the Fallen try to take control of a Hive nest here. Watch out for the glowing green traps on the ground, they’ll detain you and slowly damage you – fortunately, a few shots seems to free you. Next, youll make your way inside ... Read More »

Forged in Fire ViDoc

forged in fire

Massive Breakdown Podcast New weapons, including more Exotics, Raid Weapons, Vendor Weapons, Gjallarhorn and Thorn, and lots of Sidearms. Private Matchmaking First time we get to go fighting through a social space and in a blizzard. Ornaments look bad ass. The Wretched Eye strike features a blind ogre who had his eye stolen by a Fallen Captain and attached to ... Read More »

Collection Edition & PS Exclusives

rise of iron ps exclusives

Bungie has continued the tradition they began last year, heralding the release of a new major update to Destiny with a collection of all past content to bring new and returning players up to speed. The name of this year’s release has a hint of finality about it, suggesting it is intended to be all-inclusive and lending strength to the ... Read More »

PvP Legends

pvp legends feedback

PvP Legends is a new leaderboard that helps Guardians gain a deeper insight into their Crucible standings. You can research your opponents and analyze your own performance in the same place you find your news, reviews, weapon stats, and fireteams. Legends uses a variant of the standard Elo rating system, adapted for Destiny’s gameplay. The basic principles are as follows: ... Read More »

Iron Banner Returns August 16


Click here to read the full Bungie weekly update. The game is Clash! Begins: Tuesday, August 16th, Noon-ish Ends: Tuesday, August 23rd, 2AM PDT For more, please follow us and head over to our community forum. Read More »

Gjallarwing Sparrow!

iron gally sparrow

PlayStation Bonus Early concepts of the Plaguelands and some new areas have been revealed on Bungie’s latest Twitch stream! 355+ Light is a possibility, and could go higher since the stream took place in a test/dev environment. You can watch the stream in its entirety on Bungie’s channel: Watch live video from Bungie on They show off some of the new enemy types, ... Read More »

Iron Banner Clash Guide

iron banner clash june21

Rewards: Class Items PlayStation Class Items Helmets PlayStation Helmets Bretomart’s Stand Colovance’s Duty Bounty Description Heavy Iron Defeat 3 opposing Guardians with a Heavy Weapon. Iron Gauntlet Impress Lord Saladin with extraordinary feats in the Iron Banner. Iron Hued Win an Iron Banner match with any Iron Banner emblem or shader equipped. Iron Marathon Complete 13 Iron Banner matches and ... Read More »

Upgrading From Legacy Consoles

digital upgrade legacy consoles

This guide can also be found @ Destiny: The Taken King will continue to be available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Legacy Consoles. However, players on these Legacy Consoles will have limited access to the following content: Future Game Updates and Content Releases Some Destiny Events and Content Purchasing Silver Accessing new Eververse Item purchases across console generations ... Read More »

Trials & Iron Banner (Almost) Fixed


Read the full weekly update @ Effective immediately, Hot Fix will correct the Players In Activity feature, and cap the display at a maximum of ten friends. We’re sorry for the trouble this caused, but we’re committed to restoring order to the special events you love to play. Trials of Osiris may return tomorrow. Once we’ve had a ... Read More »

Lore: The Mystery of Osiris

osiris lore

Osiris is a complex individual. We need to step back a few centuries to the period of time at the beginning of the City Age. He was a human male Warlock that was resurrected some time immediately preceding the Battle of Six Fronts. He was called upon to defend the City during the siege, and became known as a hero to the ... Read More »

New Chroma, Exotic Mission Improvements

taken king patch update

These patch notes can also be found @ Classes Titan Sunbreaker Super: Hammer of Sol Hammer travel speed increased by 1.3% Hammer detonation radius increased by 10% Damage increased by 10% against AI combatants Striker Super: Fist of Havoc Base damage increased by 50% and an additional 50% against AI combatants Defender Grenades Spike Grenade: damage impulses per second ... Read More »

New Rise of Iron Images & Art

warlock rise of iron art

Allan Lee, a character artist at Bungie, has been posting up full armor sets he designed for the Rise of Iron expansion on his ArtStation profile. So far he has released the Ironlord Warlock armor set and the SIVA Titan armor set – we hope to see the Warmind themed Hunter Armor soon! A seasoned artist with around 12 years ... Read More »

Xbox One S & Project Scorpio Details

xbox one s destiny august

Sporting two Terabytes of hard drive space (for reference, that’s about 2000 hours of Titan Smash Fail videos or 620,000 screenshots of your Guardian posing heroically in front of the Traveler), support for 4K Ultra HD Video Output, High Dynamic Range (which Google tells me expands the TV’s contrast ratio and color palette to offer a more realistic, natural image ... Read More »

2.3 Patch Notes – Subclass Rebalance

taken king patch update

These patch notes can also be found at Gunslinger Grenades The Tripmine Grenade has been a dominant grenade choice for a while. It’s possible that this because it was the grenade that did everything: set a trap, stick it to an opponent, miss an opponent and end up setting a trap anyway. The original intent with this grenade was ... Read More »

Haakon’s Hatchet: A Legacy of Iron

Haakon's Hatchet legendary review

Haakon’s Hatchet is a popular Iron Banner weapon and continues to see a great deal of use in 6v6.  But who was Haakon? What do we know about him? Why did he have an Auto Rifle for a hatchet? History Lesson The truth is, there’s not much to go on. We can theorize that Haakon and the other new names ... Read More »