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Trigger Beauty

It’s the little things that make Destiny such a unique and and entertaining shooter. That’s because Bungie’s attention to detail knows no bounds, even when it comes to the hand cannon’s trigger animation. For some reason, watching someone apply pressure to the trigger leaves me with an oddly satisfying feeling. Test it out for yourself the next time your in-game. ... Read More »

Xbox One 1080p Footage

With the announcement of the June XDK update, Bungie promised to ship Destiny for Xbox One in 1080p. The video below is the first-ever 1080p Xbox One footage of the game, taken straight off an Xbox One development kit at Bungie! Graphics Engineer Chris Tchou walks us through the development build. For more, please follow us and head over to ... Read More »

Beta Randomness

The Beta is currently under maintenance and will be so until July 23rd. (image by falconbox) How was your Beta experience? For all of the Xbox users, we’ll have download keys to give away just like we did for PS, and those will be given out as soon as they become available on the 23rd via Facebook message. Meanwhile while ... Read More »

IGN Streaming Destiny Beta Now!

Deej joins IGN as they embark on their Destiny Beta excursion. Watch it live below in (choose HD)! The stream will last until 1pm PT (that’s 5pm ET and 9pm GMT) What we’ve learned: No raids until launch. Improved Peter Dinklage voiceover. Beta level cap “up to players to find out.” New weapon upgrade: crouching lets you zoom further. Can use ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About the Beta

With the Destiny Beta launching on July 17th for Playstation users and on July 23rd for Xbox users, it would be useful to know what you are getting yourself into. Check out MoreConsole’s informative summary of everything you need to know about the Beta. You can also read Bungie’s beta FAQ here. IGN | 7 Secrets Bungie Doesn’t Want You to Miss ... Read More »

How you like me now? | An Alphatage

I’ve always been a sucker for a good montage and that’s why I’m sharing this awesome one made by XeroPain. It has great clips, good editng, and most importantly it’s fun. Impressively enough, it looks like the whole montage was created using the PS4 sharing feature. Featured image courtesy of Ztemde For more, please follow us and head over to ... Read More »

New Destiny B-Roll Footage

A new video of predominantly B-Roll gameplay has surfaced on the NeoGaf forums; thanks to MoreConsole for re-uploading it to his channel. In it you will see a Fallen Archon Priest (On the Moon!), a Vex Gate Lord, and even a barrel rolling Pike. Enjoy. Featured image courtesy of Ztemde. For more, please follow us and head over to our ... Read More »

PS4 Alpha Starts Today!

Bungie has officially opened up the Destiny alpha to PS4 users who received an alpha redemption code. If you applied for the PS4 alpha make sure to check your email/spam folder for your code. For FAQ regarding the Alpha visit Although unfortunately if you’re like me, you’ll be sitting at home wishing your Xbox 360 was a PS4. That’s why ... Read More »

Story Mission Gameplay MegaPost

Dozens of new story mode gameplay videos have just been released, I will post them all to this article throughout the day. Also be sure to check out the Destiny multiplayer gameplay mega-post here The Tower Ninja visits the tower Tower Walkthrough Ship Customization in the Tower Explore Mode Alpha Gameplay – Patrol (Open Exploration Area) Free-Roam Strike Gameplay TTL ... Read More »

Multiplayer Gameplays and Livestreams!

Check out the first official footage of Destiny Alpha multiplayer gameplay right here! There are so many amazing details to talk about, but it will take some time to go more in-depth. Share this article with your friends to show them how awesome Destiny’s PvP is going to be. Streams: DBO Sunday_is_over TTL_ Pony Ninja SunBurned Goose Ash GAMEPLAYS For ... Read More »

Secret Areas and Destructible Scenery

In his latest video, MoreConsole digs into Destiny details regarding secret areas, PlayStation lightbar prompts, destructible scenery, customizable ships, Sparrow stunts, loadouts, and much more. Discuss this news and more on our Forums! For more, please follow us and head over to our community forum. Read More »

What We Know About Destiny’s Multiplayer

With E3 rapidly approaching (June 10-June 12th) and Bungie’s promise to show PvP gameplay there, it’s hard not to get excited. At this moment, we’ve only been told bits and pieces about how this competitive PvP will play out. Even with only bits and pieces MoreConsole has put together a pretty comprehensive video detailing everything we know about Destiny’s competitive ... Read More »

PS4 Dev Diary: Armor, Weapons, Loot

“Destiny’s arsenal is vast and varied: fire-spewing shotguns and head-melting fusion rifles coexist beside traditional pistols and rifles. Weapons span three broad categories: Primary (autorifles and hand cannons), Special (shotguns and sniper rifles), and Heavy (rockets and belt-fed machineguns).” “There’s plenty of variety within each category, too. The autorifle sub-category include burst-fire pulse rifles, single-shot carbines, and an array of ... Read More »

Why Destiny will make you love loot

Hey guys, here is some more awesome Destiny content to pour through if you have the time. I’ll being adding any other new pieces of media that come out today to this post. Articles EuroGamer: How Destiny turns into Diablo when you hit level cap. Polygon: The 10 Key Questions Why Bungie’s epic shooter will make you love loot Playstation: The Access ... Read More »

Official Destiny Strike Gameplay

Check out this brand new Destiny gameplay that Bungie just released titled The Devils’ Lair. Things are getting exciting around here. Update: All new Destiny media coverage can be found here “Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship, we’ve located the House of Devils’ lair. Fight the Fallen, burn back the Hive, and ... Read More »

GameStop Upgraded Red Sparrow

For those of you who remember that GameStop poster we saw yesterday, it turns out GameStop has released a commercial for the promotion. Showcasing brand new footage, the video states that if you preorder Destiny from GameStop you will receive the Upgraded Red Sparrow (Otherwise known as the Shrike). The Upgraded Red Sparrow comes complete with better acceleration and a higher top ... Read More »

Destiny is MASSIVE!

Bungie’s lead software engineer states that “each of Destiny’s locations are more or less the same size as the entire game of Halo: Reach” Wow! Check out MoreConsole in the video above breaking down some of the latest info. For more, please follow us and head over to our community forum. Read More »