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Poll: Which Primary Weapon is your Favorite?


Last week we asked you all what class you preferred, and the results are almost equal across the board!   Now that the Beta is over, take a minute to think about which primary weapon you enjoyed the most. There’s been a lot of discussions at our community forums about weapon balance and strength, so I’m very curious to see ... Read More »

Poll: Which Guardian Class is Your Favorite?

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Before you take this week’s poll, I thought you’d enjoy seeing that stats from our last poll which asked players which edition of Destiny they are purchasing. The results are fairly even. Here are the results:              Guardian Class Poll Now that Destiny’s scheduled maintenance has forced PlayStation users to put down their controllers, it’s time ... Read More »

Poll: What was your favorite game mode?

Now that the Destiny Alpha is drawing to a close, it will be interesting to find out which gametype you had the most fun playing. So if you were one of the people lucky enough to play the beta this weekend, give us your answer for your favorite Destiny game mode. For a refresher on what each game mode is ... Read More »

Poll: Do you want a wave-mode?

After seeing a thread about wave gametypes on our forums, I was interested to see what you guys thought about the topic. When I say wave-mode I’m referring to gametypes that put players against never-ending waves of enemies continually growing in strength. Similar to modes like Nazi Zombies from the Call of Duty Franchise, or Horde mode from Gears of ... Read More »