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Destiny Soundtrack Available

Published on: Sep 26, 2014 @ 13:03   Full Destiny Soundtrack Playlist Enjoy Destiny’s soundtrack? If you want to own this phenomenal body of work, it’s now available for purchase at the iTunes store. Get the Destiny Original Soundtrack, available now at a discount to celebrate its release!   44 high quality songs for only $9.99! If you still want to listen ... Read More »

Destiny Music Download

Destiny’s music is incredible, and Marty O’Donnell did a wonderful job. It’s a shame he’s no longer with Bungie, but at least much of his work made its way to the final game. The Beta gave us a limited amount of the game’s music, and everything so far can be downloaded here, thanks to Reddit user LLCooID. Load these tracks ... Read More »

Destiny At Comic-Con

Legendary composers Marty O’Donnell & Mike Salvatori are interviewed, and Marty says that the concert is “music for the sake of music, and reflects the coming world of Destiny.”   Destiny Concert!     For more, please follow us and head over to our community forum. Read More »