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Taken King: How to Get Sleeper Simulant!

Published on: Oct 7, 2015 @ 07:12 UPDATE: The “Firewall” mission is available as soon as you turn in all 4 Relics. The search for Sleeper Simulant starts with “The First Firewall” quest! To unlock it, you’ll need to turn in all four Legendary “DVALIN” Relics (which drop at random) to the Gunsmith. Update: Part 2 If you've collected the items needed to unlock it, The First Firewall is in your Director today. If you haven't, it will return in time. — Bungie (@Bungie) October 7, 2015 [divider] The First Firewall This mission pops up in the Cosmodrome, taking you to Rasputin’s Bunker where Omnigul is first spotted

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Challenge of Elders Guide (Week 4)

  Armor Recommendations The following suggestions are equally valid for all Guardians, no matter what subclass you’re going to use. On your helmets this week, look for Inverse Shadow, but honestly anyone looking for a high score should be gathering Assists and waiting to collect kills until a roaming powerhouse is ready to go. Otherwise, Artifacts are the next most important choice – do your best to match your artifact up to your chosen Element and abilities to land a few extra Orbs. Finally, as you can probably guess, do your best to match up your body Armor to your

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Challenge of Elders Guide (Week 3)

As you undoubtedly already know, this week’s Challenge of Elders may be one of the most challenging yet, with a deadly combination of Trickle and Exposure limiting both our abilities and our health regen. Extra points for melee kills. [divider] Gear Recommendations The following suggestions are equally valid for all Guardians, no matter what subclass you’re going to use. First off, Armor: For a Helmet, unless you’re using an Exotic of some kind, I recommend finding one with Infusion, which replenishes health on Orb pickup. Better Already won’t do much as an alternative unfortunately, due to Exposure heavily penalizing your

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Taken King: How To Get Black Spindle

UPDATE: The alternate ending to “Lost to Light” can now be completed at any time by selecting it from the Director on the Heroic difficulty. The Heroic Mission called Lost to Light is where you’ll be able to earn yourself a Black Spindle. There’s a secret ending to this mission that you can activate to receive this new Exotic sniper rifle. It resembles and shares the perks of the Black Hammer. [divider] How To Get Black Spindle To activate the hidden quest ending, play the Lost to Light Daily Heroic mission as normal until you start escaping the Hellmouth. When you get to the room

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Best Way to Farm Strange Coins?

If you’re like a lot of Year 1 Guardians, ever since The Taken King was released you’ve been singing a very wistful song: Where is my Weekly Heroic? Where is my farming song? Where is that promised loot? Where have all the strange coins gone? Thanks to all of you for indulging me there, and thanks to Paula Cole for twisting my heartstrings. Moving right along… Year 2 Guardians may not be aware of this, but there was a time when we could run a Weekly Heroic Strike for a guaranteed 9 Strange Coins per character, yielding an easy 27

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How to Get “No Time to Explain” (Paradox Heroic)

UPDATE! The alternate ending to “Paradox” can now be completed at any time by selecting it from the Director on the Heroic difficulty. Like Sleeper Simulant, The First Curse, Black Spindle & others, it’s tied to a specific quest. Perks Smooth Ballistics Accurized Ballistics Smart Drift Control Full Auto  Speed Reload – Reload this weapon quickly. Hand Loaded – This weapon is effective at an extended range. Fitted Stock – 25% more stability. Rewind Again – Precision hits are immediately returned to the magazine. [divider] Exotic Quest Guide These are the steps and their prerequisites to obtain No Time to Explain. 1. Collect the three Ghosts

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10 Tips to Prepare for Spring Content

With a higher Light level, PvE content, and new gear coming in Spring, here’s how to make the most of the current Taken King landscape. [divider] Calcified Fragments Anyone hunting for those pesky Calcified Fragments on the Dreadnaught will know it’s difficult to remember which ones you have already found. Luckily there’s a tool to track these per character. Visit and scroll halfway down for the list of fragments you have. See how and where to get to each of these with (45 required for Touch of Malice). [divider] Save Engrams With the Taken King’s Infusion system, once you hit

Destiny Taken King: Complete Clash Guide

Clash is Destiny’s version of Team Deathmatch or Slayer. The only objective is to kill. You win by being the first team to reach 10,000 points. [divider] Loadout Honestly, any and every loadout can be successful in Clash. Each subclass and every archetype of weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, and if you play to the strengths of your subclass and weapons within the confines of the map you’re on, you will be on the right track to winning. Gunslingers excel at ranged, precision shots and their perks compliment that play style. On the other end of the spectrum, Defenders