Buy Last-gen Get Next-gen Free

Published on: Sep 5, 2014 @ 15:21

Bungie has announced an amazing deal today for all those looking to go digital.

For a limited time, when you buy last-gen digital Destiny content, get the next-gen digital version for FREE.

Until January 15th, 2015, if you digitally purchase the base game, Digital Guardian Edition, or  expansion pass for PS3 or Xbox360, you can then download the next-gen version of that absolutely free. This is done via a cross-buy like method, with the free upgrades available only on the same account as the original purchases.

The official information and FAQ about this offer can be found here.

I have reached out to Bungie Help, but at this time it is unknown how this applies to previous purchases or if it works in reverse, allowing those who purchase a PS4 version to then download a PS3 version free. I’ll update here when more info is available.


  • Tuditanus

    Since the FAQ didn’t specifically answer this, if you purchase the digital guardian edition now, but don’t have a next-gen console until after 15 Jan, are you still able to download it for free on the next-gen then? The way I’m understanding this is that you can’t get the next-gen version after 15 Jan without paying for it again?

    • Sociopathic Viper

      If you have a friend with PS4 or XBox One (whichever platform you will be upgrading from) Sign into your account on their console. Then make the purchase(should be free) then start the download and cancel it and delete your account from the console. Then if you get a PS4 for example just sign into your account, then go to Playstation Store and it will be in download list. Not sure about XBox honestly,but I would think it should be similar. You might be able to get away with just doing it on PC through Sony Entertainment Network or XBox Live.

      • blackout201

        does that mean the same with the same as destiny vanguard?

  • randomPst

    Where to get Digital Guardian Edition for 360? Or is that only for PS?

  • Karl Johan

    Here’s a question. I have pre-ordered Destiny Limited edition for Xbox One. If I buy Destiny digital for xbox 360, I get Destiny for Xbox One as well. Can I then use the additional content that comes with the Limited edition on the free Xbox One digital edition? This so I can get the fancy stuff from the limited edition, but still use the digital version (which I prefer and can also start playing earlier).