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Bungie Raid Designer

Bungie Raid Designer

Think you have what it takes to work for Bungie Studios? If so, Bungie has recently opened up a job listing for a Raid Designer position.

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  • Build challenging cooperative gameplay experiences
  • Work with Environment Architects to create spaces that meet experience goals
  • Work with the Design Lead to shape gameplay themes for an encounter suite
Required Skills
  • Prior experience designing campaign/multiplayer levels or mods for action games
  • Exceptional team player with strong communication skills
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Willingness to take design direction when offered and the ability and motivation to work independently when it isn’t
  • Strong, highly disciplined problem solving skills
  • Ability to maximize player experiences with constrained resources
  • Extensive understanding of spatial design in action gameplay
  • Deep proficiency and skill playing first-person shooters
  • Expert understanding of and experience playing highly challenging, cooperative experiences
  • Max level character with significant end game Player versus Environment experience in a popular online game

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  • TylerHerndon

    it probably means like raids for treasure in destiny

    • Raxs

      Nah, It’s talking about designing and engineering Gameplay themes and experiences. Mostly likely edging on the side of Gameplay and how the game works from perspective of the player.

      • Ryan

        Click the “Apply” button.

        “Do you have fond memories of the first time you killed Ragnaros? Can you build encounters that require planning, demand coordination, and reward execution?” – Bungie

        Sounds like good ol’ raids to me.

        • Raxs

          Huh, that sounds like something completely different to what was in the job description :L Okay fair enough.

      • TylerHerndon

        Oh interesting seems like Bungie is putting a lot of work into this

  • Raxs

    Dang, I feel like i could stand with most of those requirements, excepts i don’t have much experience working with a commercial organization on multiplayer and singleplayer mechanics. Oh well, seems like a cool job (:

  • Faceless

    “Max level character with significant end game Player versus Environment experience in a popular online game”


    • Raxs

      Where did you read that? :L

      • Faceless

        Right at the bottom of the required skills

        • Raxs

          Oh okay. It’s basically talking about how the player can oppose the environment and what hazardous features it has to offer… i think.

          • Faceless

            Player vs. Environment is a term used in games to describe the interaction and combat of the player character versus the enemies that the player will encounter. Though the environment is a factor, it mostly focuses on what the player will have to kill or avoid from point A to point B.

          • Raxs

            Makes sense (:

      • N2xN

        I know haha WTF, I remember seeing video game developers play their games before and they always SUCK. Lmao.

        • Raxs

          Lol. But i suppose they haven’t had the chance to play. When you’re working full steam on a game like this you’d be working on it too much to get good at it ;)

  • Squatchmen