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Published on: Oct 4, 2014 @ 13:09

In the recent Dev Notes announcement, Bungie explained that rewards currently don’t feel rewarding enough.

Growing more powerful by acquiring new upgrades, gear or progression is central to Destiny’s player experience. Our goal is to always celebrate when this occurs, both as a reward in and of itself and to communicate to players what is going on.

What they didn’t mention, which many people feel is an issue, is the fact that bosses don’t even drop loot.

How about boss rewards?

Any enemy in Destiny, of any level, is able to drop items or engrams and they’ll be around your level. For example, a level 10 Dreg is able to drop a level 18 chest piece, if your level is 18 or higher. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it ultimately leads to farming ‘loot caves’ because of how easy it is to get loot this way, and doesn’t promote actually taking the time to kill the bosses.

Diablo 3 also allows Legendary items to drop in the wild from low-level, easy-to-kill enemies, but the best loot most often comes from the enemies that are hardest to kill. This can be “Elite” packs of enemies, or from one of the game’s myriad of bosses.

Majors and Ultras have a slightly better chance at dropping items, but don’t appear to give anything that’s actually better than normal enemies. As for the bosses at the end of strikes or missions, they’ll almost always drop nothing. At the end of a 20 minute Strike with a final boss that takes at least 5 minutes to kill, to see the boss dissolve only to reveal nothing but House Banners or other practically worthless items (exchanged for Glimmer) is disheartening.

Players are rewarded with random gear at the end of the mission in the stats screen, but these rewards should be in addition to guaranteed loot from a boss. It’s just silly, and somewhat frustrating, to not have any sort of immediate tangible reward for defeating the toughest enemies of the game.

Thankfully the Vault of Glass does consistently reward players for their efforts, but shouldn’t this system be in implemented in the strikes and missions as well?

Raid Loot

Speaking of the Vault of Glass, Reddit user noz3r0 has some helpful tips for the loot we can acquire there.

You can obtain all sorts of items from the Vault of Glass, to include Ascendant Energy, Ascendant Shards, Legendary/Exotic Weapons, and Raid Gear. Items can be received from:

  • The 1st chest after unlocking the Vault.
  • After clearing Phase 2 of the Templar fight (Oracles).
  • After defeating the Templar
  • From the left chest in the Gorgons’ Labyrinth
  • From the right chest in the Gorgons’ Labyrinth
  • After defeating the Gatekeepers
  • After defeating Atheon
  • Additionally, there is a chest in a hole to the left of the Templar which provides Spirit Bloom. There is also a rumored “5th Chest” in the secret pathway from this chest, it is currently unconfirmed.
  • Completing the Vault of Glass on Hard Mode before Normal Mode will reap “double rewards” much like completing the Weekly Heroic at Level 28 includes the rewards for Level 22/26.



Video: XV0 Timebreaker, Legendary Sparrow


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  • BenTargaryen

    I started the Vault last night with a group of friends last night, opened it with no problem, beat the Templar, and found our way through the Maze and all I got to show for it (this time) were some Ascendant Shards 😐

    • Micah Yang

      Dude that is harsh

    • AnthonyReyes

      Buddies did the raid and everyone got shards and energy the whole time, only person that got something was the lowest level guy and he got raid armor

    • BAMozzy69 .

      My first 3 completions were like that – all I had was Chatterwhite, class items (cosmetic) and lots of ascendants.

      I still only have 2 pieces of Armour now – 1 on my Titan and 1 on my hunter and complete it 3 times a week – every week!

      A friend of mine, on his first attempt, got 2 pieces of armour and a weapon and didn’t even beat Atheon at the end. They can already get to a higher level than me and have NO completions!!

  • Micah Yang

    I have been waiting for this. It’s always so frustrating to beat a boss and not get a thing. It kinda makes it feel pointless.

  • DBMgamer

    I do want that Sparrow, time to go raiding again

  • Raxs

    All in all I think destiny’s end of match random loot system needs a complete overhall. They took the right path by avoiding the “Players who did well should get the best stuff” because it makes the good players even better and hard kill while giving the newer players and less skilled ones worse gear so it is harder for them to get better (I’m looking at you battlefield). But this is still not great, having it completely random makes players that don’t contribute just as likely to get as much stuff as the players that tried really hard. I’ve been in games seeing AFK players that did nothing the whole game get legendary rewards. For what? There should be a better system in play. The higher a player’s kills and deaths should get better and better rewards. Players that have 10 kills and 20 deaths just get good stuff just as a 25 kill to 5 death player would. Both players contributed and both get fair rewards even if they did bad, they tried. Not players that got 5 deaths and 2 kills. They should get minimal stuff.

    As for Strikes and Raids, because it’s a cooperative, rewards should be completely equal or more kills better rewards. I’m tired of being that guy with 350 kills and getting a class engram while the 50 kill guy gets rare weapons and armour shaders. They did it right with engrams. It still has a random reward system to it, but you still have to put in the effort and earn and find them to get the rewards in the first place.

    Lastly, Exotic engrams in Crucible really should only be for players that did really well. You should only be shuffled for an exotic reward if you got at least 20-25 kills and then make them slightly less likely to get. I am still completely against the idea of Exotics in crucible but some players don’t play vanguard and so would mate bungie for that.

    • disqus_QHqudtgcJs

      Agreed, the thing that really pisses me of is when you have people in strikes that don’t even try, they literally hide when it comes to bosses or big fights that you must go through, or how people show up in the last few seconds of the final boss and get 0 kills and get better rewards after all the time i put in, this happens all the time and pisses em off more than anything, i’m used to grinding and getting crap, but this is stupid.

      • Raxs

        It’s better than a progression system, but it’s exploitable. Bungie said they really don’t want their game to be exploited, so hopefully they will target this. I don’t mind people getting better rewards than me at all. As long as we are part of a team and all tried, I’m not bothered. It’s just when some idiot piggy backs off your hard work for a cheap reward. And when they get something better than you? It really is crossing the line. I wish I had more time to play destiny, I don’t get much time to play it at all, and I don’t want my spare time filled with disappointment like that.

    • ElekTriX

      You first said that; They took the right path by avoiding the “Players who did well should get the best stuff”
      But then went on to say: Exotic engrams in Crucible really should only be for players that did really well.

      Really unsure if you want the better players to get better stuff, or you like the system in place at the moment. You contradicted yourself so heavily.

      I for one, go roughly 25-6 every single game and don’t often get legendary engrams, when players who go 3-15 and do get one, yet I’m still not complaining. Random is random, you seem to be just upset someone got something good when you didn’t from a random chance drop-rate. A better way to fix this would be to give no rewards for crucible, but put up the amount of marks and rep you get from winning. Therefore you’d get a definite legendary (buying with marks) much quicker than those who lose consistently without having to complain someone who did really poorly that game came away with something good.

      • Raxs

        That’s not a contradiction, just so you know. Exotic items in Crucible are still pretty balanced as opposed to many common weapons. The Exotic Autorifle “Hard Light” is no better than the first weapon you find in the game. What I am saying is players that contribute should be randomly shuffled for Common – Legendary stuff. Rare weapons aren’t necessarily better than Common ones. So, players that contribute all get equally good stuff, but with some randomisation as to exactly what it is they get. Players that just exploit the current system shouldn’t get anything good, and this is bungie’s exact words. When people “Exploited” the loot caves they stated “This is not how they want their game to be played'”, they don’t want players to exploit the game, so this is their next stop.

        I’m saying there are players like yourself, perhaps. That do well in games and want something to show for it. If everyone got anything just from trying (Like I suggested) The exploitation would be fixed, but what would be the point playing crucible if you knew “just trying” gets you anything you want. There is no physical progression system in crucible asides from the mere level that gets you some slightly better looking guns. So, players that play hard should get the chance to be awarded something actually worth some praise. That way it’s fair. Players that don’t give a shit get nothing, Casual and competitive players alike get rewards and play-hard and progressive players get trophies. It’s fair, honest system. Random loot is exploitable, unfair and not progressive at all. Which get’s on most players’ nerves.

        I should say that just because the random loot system doesn’t get on your nerves don’t mean it shouldn’t get on everyone else’s. Most people don’t like working their asses off just to have “that guy” get a freakin’ huge reward for AFKing the whole time. It’s like the game just displayed a giant middle finger to your face.

        You are suggesting what is known as a “Progression System”. Bungie have said (for crucible) they want to avoid it as much as possible. Progression systems in multiplayer are very generic and Bungie wants all of destiny’s modes to work in harmony and there shouldn’t be a hundred different level systems for everything. It should all be linked. It’s fair, unbiased. But not what they want for crucible. I appreciate the response, it’s good to hear perspectives.

    • Damian

      i hear what your saying,but that would be totally unfair,to players who are casual,or do it for fun,or to players that never go to the top.This would make some percentage of players never or more rarely than now get the good stuff.Therefore as it is not often you get an exotic weapon from the crucible,i have been given one,the truth rocket launcher,and bought 2 from the agent,we should be happy for them,as we all get something sooner or later.I am just about to go lvl 28 warlock,and as frustrating as it is to see few rewards,i like it like that,i mean sooner or later it wont matter as we will see a lot of powerfull guardians on the battlefield.Exotics and legendarys are not meant to be handed out as their name suggests.less is more in this case because i for one cherish the ones i have.If i had a whole arsenal of legends and exotics,you would not care for all of them ,and anyway you can only have one exotic armour and weapon at a time.No offence but it is pretty selfish.Imagine your on blind watch,playing clash,and you just want to get the most kills on your team?,so you get the best rewards?thats competing against your own team!,and you could imagine how many players would drop out when there was no chance of reward,so it is not in the spirit of the game,in fact it would bring the game into disrepute.

      • Raxs

        I am suggesting a way that should benefit both Casual and Competitive players. If you just get in there an play the game you will have contributed, did well or badly you still get rewards from the same range as the good players. So both players that did well and bad get decent enough rewards. And players that Exploit the random reward system by AFKing in games shouldn’t get stuff.

        And yes I stand by what I say. I am saying that players that try should still get good rewards. Exotic weapons aren’t really much better in crucible than most of the other ones. A player with “Super Good Advice” is just as evenly matched as someone, with say “The Swarm”. I trying to say that it should be a fair exchange between good and bad players, but players that try really hard and want a good reward for being good should still be able to get them, they would be more like trophy items. That way someone could say “I did an awesome game and got “Thorn” from it!” then people could say well done and give them praise. Not “I got “Super Good Advice” from the random reward system!” So? Anyone can get it, it’s nothing special you just got lucky. That way it pleases everyone. Bad players still get good rewards and players that want endgame stuff can still get it with effort. If I was really good at crucible I would want some bragging rights.

    • BAMozzy69 .

      I kind of get what you are saying (IF I understand it correctly)

      The better you do in the Crucible the higher the probability of a Legendary+ reward. It doesn’t change the Randomness of the loot system as those who do badly will still have a probability of getting something but those who do better just have a higher probability.

      It may mean that some matches those higher scoring people still don’t get anything whilst the lower scoring people do but over time the consistent higher scorers get slightly more rewards than those that consistently get lower scores.

      Maybe each kill should increase your probability of a reward by 1% 😀

      I don’t play PvP very much at all, but most of the time all I see is Blue item rewards – something I would instantly dismantle anyway. The most recent matches I played (to get the Savage Achievement and complete the Thorn/Invectus Bounties), I never once saw anyone rewarded with purple+ items

      • Raxs

        You pretty much have it. This is how I think the system should work: When you play crucible there should be a system that takes your kills and deaths and adds them up, this value is the points that determine your loot. The more points you have the better your chances are of getting loot. But if you get 20 kills in one game you should have the chance to be shuffled for an exotic. Here are some scenarios:
        -The AFKer: Didn’t move the whole game. [Kills:0, Deaths:5 Points:5]
        -The Camper: Camped the whole game in the same corner: [Deaths: 2, Kills: 8, Points:10]
        -The Noob: Did really bad, but tried hard: [Deaths: 14, Kills: 3, Points: 17]
        -The Intermediate, did alright: [Kills: 12, Deaths: 5, Points: 17]
        -The Pro, Did very well. [Kills: 26, Deaths: 1, Points:27]

        As you can see it is in order. The people that where just assholes in the game got very little points and everyone that tried got a good amount. This system also makes it so if you where playing the game from the start you will have more points than people that joined towards the end, so the scale of time played is good too. It’s much more fair.

        • BAMozzy69 .

          Personally the AFK should have 0 points, camper maybe 8, Noob 3 etc but I would also take assists and score into the equation too i.e points for captures, kills, assists so the Noob who tries should get more points than the camper. Its not just about kills everytime – Revives in 3v3 could also count. It shouldn’t be based on kills alone (unless in FFA/TDM – but assists should be included too)
          A fairer way may be to look at the score per min average over the course of a game. A noob would probably average a higher score per minute than someone AFK and the Pro a lot higher. A camper probably won’t get a high points score per minute as they contributed very little overall. Those that join late would have a very low points per minute even if they get 1,000 points in that last minute of a 10min game, they get 100points per minute overall.
          The higher the points per minute the greater chance of rewards – it doesn’t mean that those AFK’s have no chance just not much!

  • Justin Gill

    What’s going on in that first photo of all the different enemy types? The only one I recognize is the hive thrall.

    • Just early concept art

      • Justin Gill

        Most look more “Last of Us” then Destiny. Right?

  • Adamo Baradello

    The drop system ABSOLUTELY need a fix: today i played an Avanguard tiger Strike mission with a friend; my friend lost the connection to the match and he was kicked; he joined back exactly when the mission ends and get instantly a LEGENDARY engram and earn a legendary HMG…. 😐

  • Alastor Lakiska Lines

    But pls don’t make mayors drop more…the 3 Hive Mayors in the Steppes (very 1st area, but with level 18) can respawn extremely fast, so this could become the new looting place then

  • KMGommster

    There is most definitely a 5th chest. It is just super hard to describe. there is a youtube video showing it.

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  • BOoya956

    Even the strikes feel pointless. I simply due public event which are more rewarding than and easier than strikes, plus rewards are better and you can complete some bounties at the same time.

    To Bungie, the strike is broken and useless, because if you play you from beginning and start doing bounties you will get all the gear you need from vanguard and not have to go to single strike.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I have beaten the Raid and got nothing but Ascendant materials at all stages! It is highly disappointing!! Personally I would like to see ‘Raid engrams’ introduced and everyone gets one for completing the Raid as well as the rewards they already get. I also hope that enemies have a chance of dropping these (as well as legendary) throughout.
    Raid engrams could contain any of the rewards above (armour, weapons etc) and work like Xur’s Exotic engrams (could be for any class).
    I am yet to get ANY raid armour despite completing it various times – I do have the Vex Mythoclast, 2x Visions of Confluence, Praedyths Revenge, all class items (Cloak, Bond, Butt Cloth) and Chatterwhite on all classes, Both Ships and also got Plan C through the Raid too.
    I have had more rewards from completing the Nightfall as I have completing the raid (I got 11 Ascendant materials as a reward) and get increased rep for the rest of the week too….

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Personally I think the Raid should have a guaranteed reward for all completions (and I am NOT including Ascendants or cosmetics like Chatterwhite!) 1 way to do this could be to add a Raid Engram that contains a random weapon or piece of Armour and works like Xurs Exotic Engram in that it can be of any class but guaranteed to be an ‘item’ – not materials! On completion of the Raid – EVERYONE gets a Raid Engram as well as the other rewards they were getting – at least everyone gets something this way. Maybe seeing these drop from Atheon as you destroy him – It would also encourage you to beat him properly – you can’t get engrams IF he is knocked off the edge…

    I do think that higher level activities should increase the likelihood of Legendary+ engrams from being dropped. Patrols etc should have a very, very rare chance of Legendaries being dropped (this would stop people just sat waiting for those spawning enemies – especially if all they give is green with a few blue engrams for the majority of times.

    Each level of the Vanguard Strikes should increase the probability of Legendary+ items dropping and things like the Nightfall, Daily/Weekly lvl 28 Heroics and Raid should have the highest probability – particularly from Bosses with maybe even a rare opportunity of Exotic engrams dropping too.

    I rarely if ever see ANY engrams during the Raid…

    Its wrong that you can get more engrams and rewards from doing low level ‘patrols’ than from completing higher level activities

    I have never used Ether Seeds,Black Wax Idols etc as Glimmer is not difficult to get. In fact more often than not, I have to buy Ships and dismantle them to cash in items at the Cryptarch – I already have at least 40 of each Ammo synth packs too. There appears to be no way of deleting these either – only use 1 every 10 mins to get rid of them – how many hours will that take as I have well over a hundred of some…

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