Exotic PvE Tiers | Best & Worst

Published on: Jan 5, 2015 @ 17:49

Now that we’ve reviewed each of Destiny’s Exotic weapons, we’d thought it would be useful to rank them in PvE and PvP. This article will focus on PvE.

Awhile ago, before the Exotic patch, we created a Top 5 Exotic list for overall use. This list will be for every Exotic.

We’d also like your feedback on which Exotics you feel are the best. Everyone has different playstyles, so our list may differentiate from yours, and we’d like your thoughts about why X weapon is better or worse than another.

For the House of Wolves Exotics, we recently did an early review for each of them, which you can watch here.





  • Tier 1 weapons are considered the best of the best, borderline overpowered.
  • Tier 2 weapons are exceptional, but not as great as Tier 1.
  • Tier 3 weapons are OK, worth using sometimes.
  • Tier 4 weapons preform poorly, and probably should be avoided.

These tiers were inspired by a community-voted Reddit poll.

The weapons in each tier are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of how good they are within their own tier.

PvE Rank

Tier 1

Bad Juju (Exotic Bounty)

The only reason why this weapon isn’t in the Tier 1 rank is because it’s just too niche. Simply said: it’s a fantastic weapon against easier enemies.

It can take down 100 enemies before you need to reload, but its low Impact means you’ll only get the most use out of it on weak enemies.

A high intellect build in PvE can yield very fun results, especially a Voidwalker with the Obsidian Mind helm.


An extremely powerful tool that will help you out when you’re in a tight spot or need to lay down some quick damage on an enemy.

It may have a slow rate of fire, but the raw power of each round is so devastating, you might not even need to get that second round off. The tracking Wolfpack Rounds ensure maximum damage is dealt to bosses; the seekers can either disperse and deal damage over a much larger area or focus even more deadly firepower against a single target.

Click here to read/watch our Exotic rocket launcher comparison.

Hawkmoon (Timed PS Exclusive)

This hand cannon performs fantastically in almost all scenarios, with almost no drawbacks besides the lack of elemental damage, it’s one of the best weapons in Destiny.

Worthy for use against tough bosses to measly Dregs, it’ll make quick work of your enemies.

Ice Breaker

An impossibly good weapon for PvE.  It is incredible for Nightfall Missions, as it allows you to be patient with infinite ammo.  Solar Burn makes it even more deadly than it already is.

Ice Breaker will also replenish some of your other special weapon ammo! If you are out of special ammo for another weapon, switch to this gun and wait for a few seconds, and then switch back to your special weapon of choice. This is great if your ammo synth’s are on cooldown.

It’s a practical and powerful sniper rifle that is a must-own, and we labeled it as the #1 Exotic in the game a couple months ago.

Vex Mythoclast

A once overpowered weapon, it’s still extremely effective. It’s a snappy scout rifle-esque weapon that deals solar damage, making it optimal for Solar Burn Strikes.

This weapon is best used when enemies are at close-medium range, as it’ll be easiest to control its recoil so you can score critical hits; it really shines in Crota’s End.

One of the best aspects of this weapon is the fact that it’s got such useful upgrade perks – and many times you might find it hard to choose which to go with.

Tier 2

MIDA Multi-Tool

With its buff, this weapon has a better knock-back against targets in both PvE and PvP.

Before this buff it probably wouldn’t be worthy of Tier 2, but the ability to stagger enemies is very useful and not many primary weapons can do it as well as this one.

Patience and Time

Being aware of your surroundings while being hidden from your enemies is a deadly combination.

What makes this sniper rifle so good in PvE is its cloaking ability when aiming down sights for a few seconds. Being invisible can be invaluable in some situations since the enemies will have no idea where you are.

As with each of these weapons, they’ll be much more powerful when a burn modifier is active or when applied to an enemy’s shield of that type. For example, Arc Burn or Arc Shields will make this sniper a must-use.

Plan C

One of the first weapons we reviewed, it’s improved a lot since the beginning of Destiny. Fusion rifles are almost too powerful in PvP, but they’re just as strong in PvE.

Red Death

In addition to Bad Juju, Red Death is definitely one of the best pulse rifles in the game with the second-highest impact.

Recently its rate of fire was increased slightly, but burst damage reduced to compensate.

Overall the weapon is outstanding, and good for solo play because of the healing capability, but its bonuses will usually serve you better in PvP.

SUROS Regime

While this weapon would be better used in PvP, it’s earned its place in the Tier 2 list for PvE because it hits so hard, as it has the highest impact for auto rifles.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have elemental damage like Necrochasm, but it’s a worthy alternative if you’re unable to get your hands on the Vex Mythoclast or Hawkmoon.

Thorn (Exotic Bounty)

In PvE you will find Thorn will kill most enemies with one shot as opposed to most Hand Cannon’s 2, this is all thanks to the damage over time.

This weapon stops opponents from getting their shields back with, so there is no escape for your victims. Easily at the top of the Tier 2 list, just barely missing out on Tier 1 because of its extremely low impact.

We recently updated out Thorn review, which you can read here.


This heavy machine gun feels Exotic. It’s a very balanced heavy weapon and performs well in PvP and exceptionally in PvE, but it has to be used in the right scenarios to be dominant.

It’s good at mowing down groups of enemies, but it loses some of its special advantages against ultras. It’s main issue: it’s Exotic, and a few Legendary’s can cause just as much pain.


Certainly not as deadly as the mighty Gjallarhorn, but the stats on this rocket launcher are too good to ignore, and is one of the few Void rocket launchers.

With the intense tracking that this weapon provides, you’re guaranteed not to waste any ammo and always hit your mark.

If you’re unable to get this launcher, we provided some Legendary alternatives in our comparison article.

Tier 3

Dragon’s Breath

One of our most recent Exotic reviews, this rocket launcher just didn’t excel at anything in particular, but wasn’t necessarily bad. In PvE its unique solar flare is more useful because the slow-moving enemies will take extra damage from it.

It’s worth upgrading, and is very fun to use, but when it comes time to kill some Wizards or anything but trash-mobs, even a Legendary rocket launcher would be better.

When it comes down to it, there just any good reason to use your Exotic slot for this.

Hard Light

Fun to use, but overall a pretty average performing Exotic. It has enough edge to dominate clustered enemies in PvE, but that’s about it.

Unless it’s fully upgraded, it’ll really be unworthy of your Exotic slot. Why not use a Legendary AR?


The Impact is below average, but it’s still a decent shotgun. This could really be in a tier ‘2.5’ spot.

What saves this weapon from being any lower is its regenerating ammo, elemental damage, and high range.

Monte Carlo (Timed PS Exclusive)

Designed for close quarters combat, you’ll be able to use your melee ability a lot with this weapon. Your firefights will unfortunately be dulled down by the lack of damage output, which is primarily why this is in Tier 3.

Similar to Hard Light, the low impact and low magazine size just doesn’t make for a good auto rifle.

It is worth mentioning that as a Warlock with Claws of Ahamkara you could almost have your melee ability up constantly.

Pocket Infinity (Exotic Bounty)

This weapon is just too much fun not to use, but it’s not incredibly practical, and its recoil only makes it effective at close range unlike Plan C.

It will certainly help you out with any mission harboring the Solar Burn modifier, however, though it’s a very situational piece of equipment that’s worth having but not what you’ll want to use most of the time.

Super Good Advice (Exotic Bounty)

This weapon, up close, is an absolute power house. It delivers a devastating punch, but, its recoil leaves it shooting all over the place. With the Exotic bounty only taking an hour to complete, this weapon is well worth getting your hands on.

The saving grace on this heavy machine gun is the fact that most of your missed ammo will be returned to the magazine, which is especially useful for the Oracles and Oversoul.

The Last Word

As excellent PvP weapon, but a poor PvE one. The Hip Fire perk will not be utilized in PvE because of the horrible range, and the low magazine size makes it even worse.

Legendary hand cannons such as FatebringerLord High FixerTFWPKY 1969, and certainly Word of Crota (when it’s available) outclass The Last Word.

Tier 4

No Land Beyond

The first primary sniper rifle, its capabilities are severely underwhelming, although it can be fun to use. This weapon has iron sights, bringing the sniper encounters closer to the user.

There is a tiny ammunition capacity, very slow rate of fire and an obstructed down-sight view. With a good rhythm and a skilled wielder, even if you can land precision shots your ammo will run out too quickly, making its primary status laughable.

It desperately needs elemental damage, or something to make it worth using over normal primary weapons.

The 4th Horseman

With the highest rate of fire of all shotguns, it has no issue filling opponents with plenty of lead. But, it’s low range means you need to get very close. Sadly, this gun has no place in your Exotic weapon slot.

There’s no justifiable reason to use this in PvE, and it is only viable in PvP because it’s a shotgun, but not even a good one at that. You shouldn’t be using a shotgun in a raid, but at least Invective will refill your ammo.

Universal Remote

This weapon is generally considered as something fun to use, over what it is practically useful for. The fact you are completely sacrificing your mid-range arsenal for this weapon is just ridiculous.

It’s an awesome shotgun though, but more of a novelty than a weapon of war.


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  • Mezi-Crochet

    Very good review! Personnaly I don’t really agree with the Red Death in Tier 3 though. This weapon have to be at least Tier 2. The Health perk is more than useful. I tried a LOT of weapons ans exotics. As a primary, Red Death is my favorite with the Vex. Particulary in the Crota’s end, at Crota, Red Death can really save your life, and your team.

    • Christian

      Thanks for the feedback (: Red Death is one of those weapons I have spent very little time with, it was difficult to give as much of response to its capabilities. I found it to be most useful in PVP, but Pulse Rifles aren’t really my thing so I may well have misjudged its characteristics. Thanks again for the response, this feedback is very valuable.

  • Mezi-Crochet

    Didn’t buy the Icebreaker from XUR when I can and still wondering WHY? RNGesus punish me for my bad decision every week at each loot. I want it so much!

    • cool_herc

      Ice Breaker was available twice, so shame on you. Unless you’re new to the game there’s really no excuse. I passed on it the first time… not the 2nd.

      • Mezi-Crochet

        I was new in fact! I started seriously to play the week he was selling it.. ( for the 2nd time I guess cause didn’t see it after that) I had 15 strange coins.

  • enjaydee

    I have every exotic listed here except for the 4th Horseman.

    I would say Hard Light and Monte Carlo are borderline Tier 3/4. I only break them out when I’m on patrols or doing the easier bounties.

    Otherwise, I completely agree with your rankings. My view on the majority of exotic weapons in this game is that they fill niche roles and are situational. The only exception being the ones you’ve listed as Tier 1 as they are good for pretty much every situation.

  • Reflex

    That thumbnail makes me want exotic weapon engrams so bad!

    • Mezi-Crochet


    • Mezi-Crochet

      And this article want me to have Hawkmoon and Icebreak SO BAD

      • Dan

        I really want a Hawkmoon, it sounds awesome! Since I’m on Xbox I have to wait til Fall 2015 + however much time it will take for RNG to drop it. Ouch!

  • privater

    My biggest mistake was bought a light beyond nemesis instead of gjallarhorn, I regret this decision for 2 month 20 days (and counting)…

    • Dan

      I feel your pain. I didn’t get it because I had just started playing and had no Strange coins. 610 gaming hours later, I still have no Gjallahorn. 🙁

      • Tom McDowell

        Me n a friend both got our g-horns around 800 hours lol

        • Sean

          I got my icebreaker from xur yesterday morning, and gjallahorn from normal atheon last night, so im pretty set

          • Kiritodualblader

            I only got Red Death from atheon yesterday ;-; Your luck is unbelievable

          • imac1119

            I got a hawkmoon from crota, ghallyhorn from engram, and SUROS from vault. All on the same day. I was in tears. Thank you RNGesus

          • Joe

            icebreaker is boss

        • WARLORD VIII

          Lol me I can’t say the hour count but I had the game day one and played it at least 5 hours a day and I finally got one on last week’s Nightfall

    • I was very lucky, in my first legendary engram Rahool actually gave me something good, the Gjallarhorn. 😉

      • Micah Yang

        You are lucky. I got ascendant shards…

    • boostedskyline

      I got both my gjally’s (pre/post expansion) from legendary drops, I regret not buying icebreaker when it was being sold because, and I quote, “i’ll never see myself using an exotic sniper and it’s definitely not worth my precious 17 coins not to mention it’ll take up the exotic slot”

      • Tom McDowell

        I said the game thing…..i just got lucky the following nightfall

    • privater

      Hi, all.
      I’m happy to report I finally got the gjallarhorn after today’s sword attempt to slice crota, after 4 hours of trials and errors, combined with 750+ hours play time since the release, it really feel great and epic. So don’t lose your faith, Guardians!

    • Kou Vang

      I did the same but bought a hunter armor that week. But thanks to RNG luck, i picked one up the week after and loved it since. Current at 4 jellyhorn. Just love it too much to dismantle for now.

    • LoneWolf6824

      I got Red Death and Gallarhorn from Crota and Mythoclast from Atheon all in the same week some luck huh?

  • Ryan

    Bad Juju Is great with my exotic helmet Obsidian mind for Voidwalker.I further add to this the Voidwalker perks soul rip, and embrace the void.


    thunderlord is the most underrated exotic i’v seen it performs awesomely in pve and pvp don’t hat the thunderlord

    • Lucas

      I really don’t know why people love thunderlord that much. I have it and…. ok, its pretty good but i don’t feel like it should be an exotic. Still prefer my corrective measure.

      • boostedskyline

        I like corrective because it has 100 rounds and extremely good stability (also, song of ir yut is a good arc machine gun) if thunderlord had more rounds in the clip and total carried it would be way too overpowered (compare its range/impact and increased damage/stability the longer it’s fired perk to other machine guns and you’ll see what I mean, it’s a beast) its only downside is its 38 rounds in the magazine and 95 on the side

      • Jack Chastain

        thunderlord was my first exotic, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart for that

  • Lara Croft

    Hope to see a Top 10 Legendary Weapons and Gears article in the near future.

    • Christian

      Working on a lot of Legendary reviews as we speak. As for what is planned, I imagine we will cover a lot of individual weapons before reaching top 10s. Raid Weapons and IB weapons have been my focus so far, let me know if there is anything in particular you want to hear about (:

      • Micah Yang

        I never see any murmurs anymore

        • Christian

          That’s a point. I Found Murmur was an astonishing weapon. I’ll have to look into it.

      • Lara Croft

        Thanks 🙂

        • Christian

          I’ll see if I can write a fast glimmer guide. This seems to be a big concern. In short, for you, do strikes and don’t forget to activate your glimmer buffs, you should get plenty of trade-able items worth 200 glimmer each too. You can get 2.000 – 3.000 per 15 min strike this way. Good luck. I’l try and get a more comprehensive guide done and sorted too.

          As for Exotics to upgrade, I’d recommend Checking the Exotic Tiers lists, pick PVE or PVP (Whichever Suits best) and rank up the higher tiered stuff. If you want an outside opinion, throw some Weapon names at me and tell me about how you play and I’ll try and give a recommendation (: I know it is different for everyone and I have had a good mess about with nearly all Exotics and used them until I loved them.

          • Lara Croft

            Thanks a lot for your post. It’s very much appreciated 🙂

          • Christian

            No worries.

  • Jason Peterson

    Uhhh… Yeah there are some problems here guys (read: authors). I have all of the exotics but TLW, for whatever that’s worth. You need to add an additional tier to separate the guns more. This basically is “Amazing”, “Excellent”, “Ok’ish”, and “Garbage”.

    Tier 1 – Solid Picks, pretty easy tier.

    Tier 2 – Yeah, some problems here.

    Bad Juju is way to niche’ to belong in Tier 2. Flat out, it’s good at what it does but totally outclassed outside of that. Move to Tier 3

    Patience & Time’s a solid Sniper Rifle, but it’s way overvalued and completely replaceable by pretty much any SRifle in PvE. Move to Tier 3.

    Truth is an AMAZING (like holy ****) launcher in Crucible, but it is just exceptionally average in PvE and replaceable by any Legendary launcher with standard tracking. Hunger of Crota springs to mind. Move to Tier 3.

    Tier 3 – WHY is Thunderlord here? With Super Good Advice, Hard Light, and Invective of all things? Really Planet Destiny? Thunderlord is the best LMG in the game, but by a small margin. It is WAY better than anything else you have in this Tier. Yes, it’s recoil is intense and it pretty much requires Linear Compensator and Perfect Balance to keep under control as the rate of fire ramps up to very high levels, but it is a fantastic LMG on it’s own merits and rips through bosses, Praetorians, and Ultra’s like nobody’s business. The only thing better than it is an incredibly well rolled Jolders Hammer…. Tier 3 is the junk tier, and Tier 4 is obviously the Garbage, Thunderlord is an exceptional LMG, even if Gjallerhorn makes every heavy in the game look like a P-shooter.

    Tier 4 – Self explanatory. Never use these besides to screw around.

    Feel free to comment.

    • Christian

      Thanks for the response. Your criticisms and feedback is very valuable (: The way I see it, yes, some of the weapons received some practicality bias (Like Bad JuJu). Bad JuJu is not all round very effective, but it’s niche is very prominent. Strikes and Casual Activities make up a very large part of many players’ daily destiny experience (Which is where Bad JuJu is most effective). Because of this players will have a very large window of opportunity to use this weapon, because it’s so usable, it got a higher place. The same reason applies as to why Thunderlord got a lower place. It truly is an amazing weapon, but very few Exotic heavy weapons will ever occupy those higher tiers, simply because they are heavy weapons and can only be used sparingly. This means you’ll have to give up using an Exotic Primary weapon you can use all the time over something you’ll only whip out occasionally. I personally agree Truth should go in Tier 3 for the same reason.

      The Only reason Gjallerhorn is Tier 1 is because it is grossly overpowered. It grants players the incredible opportunity of power no other weapon can possibly provide. But, sadly, you will find Rocket launchers and MGs being rated down because they can’t be used very often. The day an ammo recharging MG is introduced is the very day we eat out words. Haha.

      • Jason Peterson

        Gjallarhorn is definitely extremely powerful, but I don’t think it needs to be nerfed, and if it is in fact nerfed then it needs to be a small one. Other exotic heavies need to be reworked (easily done) to compete but still be there own thing. But I digress, that’s another conversation. I personally rarely use mine outside of VoG, it’s not even necessary in Crotas End.

        Bad juju is good because you never have to Reload and it generates super energy quicker for you. Now I don’t ever really run out of primary ammo nor do I mind reloading, so that String of Curses has no value to me besides being paired with the Obsidian Mind Helm to spam Nova Bomb’s. I’d much rather take the MIDA, Thorn, Suros, Mythoclast, or even Red Death on strikes/patrol/story. Those guns still have there usefulness when it’s time to kill actual threats. I don’t really feel like this is a play-style choice, it’s easy to kill white mobs and majors with any gun. Agree to disagree I guess.

        I really think there needs to be another Tier here. It’s not fair to many of the guns in Tier 3 (or those I feel should be Tier 3 personally) to be lumped in with others where the general consensus is that they suck.

        Personally here’s mine.

        Tier 1 – Ghjallahorn, Ice Breaker, Hawkmoon… These weapons are amazingly good at what they do or considerably more effective than competing options. Borderline broken.

        Tier 2 – Mythoclast, Thorn, Suros, MIDA.. Excellent weapons with no real drawbacks, or there strengths more than make up for any deficiencies they may have.

        Tier 3 – Plan C, Bad Juju, Thunderlord, Truth, Patience & Time… Great guns, but either situationally useful or outclassed in important areas.

        Tier 4 – Invective, Super Good Advice, Red Death, The Last Word, Monte Carlo, Hard Light, Pocket Infinity, Dragon’s Breath… Situational or niché guns that are either geared towards a specific playstyle, generally outclassed, or just kinda underpowered compared to other exotics.

        Tier 5 – Universal Remote, No Land Beyond, 4th Horseman… Don’t use these, unless you’re doing it to screw around in Patrols or something.

        P. S. – I really like my Red Death and it really shines during solo play, but I still think it’s a bit underwhelming. MIDA is generally great in PvE due to its flexibility and incredible stun effects.

        • Christian

          I certainly Agree. I also feel a lot of Exotics could be much more powerful. Many should be overpowered, but their current state of abundance might disclose that thought.

          Thanks for your thoughts. It’s always great to hear from readers because they know what they want to see. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind as I tackle other assignments and written work (: Cheers.

        • NLK3

          I think Universal Remote should be 3 or 4 in PVP though. That increased range and headshot damage is INSANE. But yeah, in PVE, shotguns are not useful. Might as well just keep that one good one. I base my weapons on elemental damage over just the stats, but since shotties aren’t good in PVE, you can ignore the elemental damage. As for the new exotics… SHAME ON YOU, BUNGIE!!! I was hoping the 4th horseman would have INSANE spread or something at a decent range over less impact or decent impact over less range. Something for clearing out multiples in front of you (give me overpenetrate with a shotty like that and call it Streetsweeper or something), and while I wanted a short-ranged sniper, the scope on NLB requires you to switch to another weapon to finish enemies if you miss a headshot, which you most likely will. Was hoping for a smaller zoom and better target aquisition (snipers are the worst at aiming and hitting targets compared to anything else). Becasue of the bolt action, which I want to keep since it’s only the 2nd gun to have an exclusive animation along with the Last Word, there should be no reloading. Say it holds 1 per shot and remove reloading, which boosting impact GREATLY where it won’t kill on one hit in PVP, but will take a chunk out easily. Or… make it arc damage (along with Hardlight and the rare Stranger’s Rifle, if not shoot through objects, since richochet is useless in this game).

    • Micah Yang

      The only tier 4 weapons are the expansion ones…

  • Southbendw1

    My poor Invective hardly gets any use since its nerf. Before it was my go-to primary, but now it mostly collects dust.

    • Lucas

      hahaha You used it so much that you thought it was a primary. Guess you’re a titan using shoulder charge too. Correct?

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Thorn (I hear as I am on XB) is better than Hawkmoon (or at least as good) in PvE because of the over penetration and DoT so I class that as a Tier 1 along with Icebreaker and Gjallahorn.
    The Vex would be a tier 1 if they hadn’t severely nerfed the extended mag size or at least had a good size reserve. Its also my lowest attack stat rated Exotic.
    Tier 2 would be weapons Like Suros, Vex, Plan C, P&T, Thunderlord and Truth.
    Bad Juju would be a Tier 3. I know the benefits of the ‘Curses’ perk but the weapon itself isn’t great – particularly until this perk is unlocked It would be nearer the top of this Tier but not good enough to be in the next. Mida is also nothing special – quite average overall. Also in this tier are Red Death, Hard Light, Last Word, Dragons Breath and SGA just scrapes in as its not as useless as those in Tier 4 which are Universal Remote and No Land Beyond

    • Mezi-Crochet

      My only question at everybody who placed Red Death lower than Tier 2. Do you AT LEAST tried it and MAX UPGRADED it? I don’t know how you can say that if you learned to use it… and gave it a try. Of course, if you just read at the reviews and you SUPPOSE…

      • BAMozzy69 .

        Of course I have tried it and fully upgraded it TWICE! Once to 300 and then again to 331. I have used itquite a bit but it still doesn’t change the fact that like ALL Pulse Rifles,they are average and do NOT compete with other weapons in this category. I have EVERY Exotic Weapon currently available and over 1,300hrs of game time so I think I am in a good position to judge
        Just because you like a weapon, it doesn’t make it better than other options. There is no way I (or anyone else) would take Red Death over the Tier 1 or 2 weapons

  • Y0urDepression

    I have tried the thunderlord and I felt that it was okay, but when compared to the old Prestige IV from new monarchy it underperforms, on a side note I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have the old prestige IV

  • Mezi-Crochet

    RNGesus… Please make this week a Obsidian Mind, Icebreaker or Hawkmoon Week…

    • Micah Yang

      Hawkmoon can’t be sold because its ps exclusive :/

      • Mezi-Crochet

        I know… sold or Drop… I don’t care, I just want them!

  • William Ketchersid

    i agree but they need to increase the size of the ammo clip such as the husk of the pit can hold like 600-800 in a single clip i think the vex Mythoclast needs like 400-600 in a single ammo clip etc.

  • Micah Yang

    Has anyone bought ANYTHING from banshee because I know I haven’t. I don’t see why bungie is keeping him around because NOBODY buy his stuff.

    • Banshee-44

      Because new players need those green weapons. And those blue Fusion Rifles for Pocket Infinity.

  • Thomas Harrison

    I hate it when people keep referring to shotguns as pointless in end game pve the amount of times I’ve been saved by a shotgun on the nightfall when getting jumped by an invisible vandal or in the vault of glass when we missed a supplicant or the praetorian is getting to close for comfort

  • CZ3RO

    I’d bump Thunderlord up a notch. I sacrifice Perfect Balance for the extra magazine size offered by Field Scout because the Lightning Rounds perk actually increases the fire rate/stability a third time with the larger magazine and it just tears ultras/majors/bosses to shreds. It also has a hidden Firefly-like perk (shown here: http://youtu.be/pE9PlPVCUrs?t=2m1s). Using it means putting my Hawkmoon in my backpack and switching to my 1969, but against bulletsponges there’s nothing better than the Thunderlord IMO.

  • Judgment

    No Land Beyond and the 4th Horseman have to be getting buffs. The 4th Horseman doesn’t have an exotic perk and No Land Beyond is severely gimped.

  • MasterCJ117

    You don’t rate Shotguns as high as you should I use shotguns more than anything in the special slot the Invective deserves to be Tier 2 you say shotguns are basically useless in PvE but they are AMAZING I get up close and personal with my enemies but also like to stay mid-long range that is what I use my primary for and besides when your fighting a horde of Hive and suddenly there is a knight right next to you with a sword what weapon would you want for that situation. I don’t know if you rate these weapons on one persons opinion or with multiple peoples opinions but ya’ll need to give shotguns a chance before going as far as saying there is no place for them in PvE.
    Also the Universal Remote I thought the same thing about it initially until I decided to use it for fun for awhile and it preformed way better than I expected it is short-mid range and hits like a truck on everything you shoot (if you crit), it also has just enough range to hit bosses like the Nexus and Archon Priest with full damage without getting stomped by them but you NEED to unlock it’s exotic ability and ADS the weapon for it to really shine.
    I don’t have anything to say about The 4th Horsemen since I’m on Xbox but if it had the 4 barrels in 1 shot like it had before the DLC came out that thing would rip big targets apart.

  • Universal Remote is actually a pretty fantastic shotgun, but if you’re going to use it in PVE you have to kind of build around it. Right now, I’d call it a tier 3 Exotic – not the best, but certainly not the worst. With the shotgun buff coming, I imagine it’ll be quite a bit better.

    Universal Remote + Praedyth’s Revenge + Corrective Measure is an awesome loadout… as long as you like purple damage.

    Corrective Measure is a great mid-range weapon, and with Surplus + Field Scout you really don’t need to worry about running out of ammo.

    Praedyth’s Revenge is a solid mid-to-long weapon. You could conceivably use any sniper with the agile/snappy scope, but Praedyth’s rate of fire and handling make it really viable for this loadout. I have also used Black Hammer, which also works pretty well, but it has a pretty strict ammo limitation, so you’ll run dry a lot more often.

  • Mike Menkes

    There just seems to be a lack of understanding about the power and function of shotguns (“You shouldn’t be using a shotgun in a raid”). My invective has knocked down countless charging Pretorians and my 4th Horseman is used extensively in the first two parts of Crota’s end because they do exactly what is needed to do: take down a charging melee-focused enemy. And none of those exist in the raids…ehem. Invective is always in my special slot during Templar and Gatekeeper and Atheon because of minotaurs. A primary knocks down shield and Invective makes sure you’re alive and the Minotaur is dead…or that pesky barrier is taken down and you”re on your way without ever concerning yourself with ammo during these long battles.
    4th Horseman’s range is upgraded easily to be more functional, but does better damage than Invective and fires faster.
    Only Plan C has the draw and defend capacity of a shotgun, and that’s for one shot. If you’ve ever been mashed around in a lightswitch event wondering how to take out those stealth vandals before they dissect you, get an autofire shotgun.

  • Decdog2

    Can Xur please please please! sell a weapon engram? I know its overpowered but maybe for 30-35 motes of light he would sell a weapon engram. I want him to sell this mainly because I dont have red death or suros or any really good primary exotic except the last word and bad juju (i know BJJ is a bounty weapon) but it would seem fair. A higher price for something of higher power

  • Sawyer Greisen

    After the PvE shotgun buff, Universal Remote is much more powerful and useful… Until you need to take DAYS to reload it…

  • Joshua Clapper

    I Think that the Pocket Infinity is better than you’re giving credit for, 2nd tier. I also feel that the Thorn and Last Word should be switched. The Last Word does need to be reloaded more and less rounds but it is still a better hand cannon with its handling and impact. Everything else is pretty accurate in my opinion and hope that Bungie will do something about the Necrochasm.