Analyzing the Best Scout Rifles

Guardians, Destiny is not immune to the course of life. Evolution and Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection thrives well within the our world. When the mighty fall there are those, like vultures, who come to stake their claim of those pieces remaining in their wake. This ‘Game of Guns’(TM), if you must, is staple in how we play Destiny. As tactics and gameplay evolve, veterans are almost challenged to take old species of guns and define the new king.

Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl.

Troll Smasher. Stellar Sextant. List continues…

Few weapons are balanced this precisely.

Once you get a feel for the Multi-Tool it will sit weightlessly in your hand. Firing it will feel less like an action and more like an extension of your will.

MIDA Multi-Tool I believe was one of the best kept secrets in in year one and the very beginning of year two. I remember back when Trials of Osiris first came out and I was rocking MIDA with Radiant Dance Machines. Like a Boss, I was stuntin’. Though many people did not agree with my tactics I performed well. I remember the messages or cracks toward me on Party Chat back then,

“Why use those boots? There are better Exotics.” or “Sorry dude, got some one else, you must be trash.”

No one saw the potential…

Now without High Caliber Rounds, I found myself looking for a Scout Rifle with it. Let’s face facts; MIDA has been struck down by the gods (synonymous with devs) and is now not as ‘amazing.’ High Caliber Rounds put the gun in a completely different stratosphere. Now this gun has a lot of questions, and I don’t like questions while I am playing Trials; I want results. With that being said, is MIDA still worth the Exotic slot in PvP? Some say yes, some say no. We cannot really shut down Snipers with some sauntering and ease (RIP High Caliber Rounds). Could I find something better for PvP? 

Examining perks, they are not really that rare. Is it really possible to find a gun very similar to MIDA and free up the Exotic slot? My favorite style of gun since the beginning is the Scout Rifle. I have always been on the hunt to find the best one. In year one I alternated between Fang of Ir Yut and Vision of Confluence when not using MIDA (because sometimes you gotta run Gjallarhorn! W00t Black Gjallarhorn!). Consequently, I did start a romance with a Gheleon’s Demise that was to die for. Now a days, I am juggling between more. I have stop dating around and settle down with a gun of my choice, much like my personal life.

Beginning of year two I started with MIDA of course. Gunstyle changed when I received Black Spindle. MIDA got bumped to PvP only status. Then I got my hands on a Hung Jury, not the Firefly one from Arach Jalaal. I received one from a package with Triple Tap, Extended Magazine and Zen Moment. Then it just snowballed.

Scout rifles started flowing from every event, raid, package and what have you. What was I to do! The guns I was flipping back and forth from include: Suros DIS-47, Suros DIS-43, Inward Lamp (Adept), ‘Doom of Chelchis’, and a small affair with a Pulse Rifle named Reflection Sum (Adept). All those aforementioned are now out of my life except for Hung Jury. Following the new update, Destiny decided to inundate me with even more of a selection of scout rifles  including some relics from my past. As of now these are the guns I wish to talk about: NL Shadow, Treads Upon Stars, Hand of Judgement, Badger CCL and Not Like The Others.

NL Shadow 701X

  • Truesight IS
  • Zen Moment
  • Armor Piercing Rounds or Rifled Barrel
  • Third Eye

Whoa! Talk about speed. This thing can fire fast. In terms of scout rifles, and what I am trying to achieve, this gun is not bad pick up. This rifle is reminiscent of ‘Fang of Ir Yut’ just with a different golden-tan color scheme. The stats are very different though. The NL Shadow, with my current perks (See above), has stats comparable to MIDA with some differences. MIDA wins in Stability, Range and Magazine all I am not too worried about. Minus the exotic movement perk it can make up for all this problems. The speed you can fire makes me wish I have Braced Frame, Hidden Hand, or Counterbalance on this gun.

My current drop has the Zen Moment perk for increased stability per shot landed up to 66% and makes up for the 13 point difference. There is a difference in the reload speed, MIDA is lightning fast. I always have scout rifle reload gauntlets on anyway. I will not be Quickdraw McGraw anymore, but it is at least something I can address. Though I do have a Red Dot option, I chose Truesight IS. Reason being it will be more forgiving with Target Acquisition. No hair trigger, but I never pushed the limits of MIDA’s speed anyway. Third Eye is always great on scout rifles for enhanced situational awareness; I don’t want to get caught staring down sights. Armor Piercing Rounds in my opinion is a wasted perk. I could put on Rifled Barrel, but there we have it, another wasted perk in my opinion. If we had High Caliber Rounds, Hell yessssss! But no. In PvE yes Armor Piercing Rounds may be useful, but this is a “Situational Perk.” Concerning Rifled Barrel, I have not felt I need for another 20-30 points of range on a scout rifle.

Amidst PvE, this gun performs somewhat like the current MIDA. Not superiorly amazing, but it does get the job done. If you are a head shot bandit like I am, then you will understand. The only way to play this gun in PvE is with headshots. Enemies without a Critical Hit Box become a nuisance, but that is what Special and Heavy are for. At times it does not feel like that ‘Multi Tool’ where I could switch up few perks and have some more this or that. I personally would not recommend this gun; more than likely you will have a more capable PvE weapon available in your arsenal Guardian. There are just better guns; on the other hand…

In PvP this gun performs well. Fires fast and when I catch a Guardian off guard they freeze up because they are getting absolutely pummeled. I know the feeling. I have been caught on the receiving end of this and I am thinking to myself, “What the hell is shooting me so fast?” Minus the scope, NL Shadow 701X feels very much like the neutered MIDA Multi-Tool(RIP). My goal is to find a gun with the right roll that could be MIDA. I believe NL Shadow could be better than MIDA. On my Titan, I like to pair this gun with my Patch-A or Chaperone. In PvP I run striker with double Lightning Grenades to play more of breach style shock trooper with Shoulder Charge and Aftermath.


That concludes this week’s review. Thank you for reading. Next week I will be reviewing the Legendary Scout Rifle Treads Upon Stars.

Been playing Destiny since Week One! I love the game and Bungie's 10-year dedication & ambition.