Beginner’s Guide to Glimmer Farming

Published on: Jan 14, 2015 @ 2:13

With the Iron Banner upon us, you’re going to need a lot of Glimmer to pay for Lord Saladin’s criminally priced goods.

Even without the Iron Banner gear, Destiny offers many other expensive items such as the Heavy Ammo Synthesis and Rare Fusion Rifles for the Pocket Infinity Exotic bounty (both from the Gunsmith).

If you need help with farming in general, check out this guide.

Exclusion Zone

The Mars mission “The Exclusion Zone” provides a great way to get a lot of money fast. As you can see from the video above, you can easily earn thousands of Glimmer in minutes.

  1. Play up to the first battle where the ships come in and drop off the Cabal.
  2. Before initiating, use your Resupply Code to gain more Glimmer.
  3. Jump over the hill and take out the Legionaries (majors) at the bottom, preferably with a rocket launcher or Arc Blade super.
  4. Walk back out to the middle, killing a few, and then just let them kill you.
  5. Repeat the fun process.

Alternative: Running Strikes

So where is the money to be had in this method? Basically, you are going to want to roll a random strike through the highest possible Vanguard Strike playlist. Admittedly some strikes are much shorter, some have a more congested population of enemies.

Probably one of the best Strikes is The Will of Crota. You will be faced with many easy-to-kill enemies right from the start.

Be sure to use your Glimmer boosters Ether Seeds, Black Wax Idol, Blue Polyphage and Resupply Codes: They each give you a 10 minute Glimmer boost.

Do the missions as fast as you can, without ignoring enemies. If you don’t kill the enemies, especially the Majors, you’ll lose out on tons of Glimmer. If you damage or even just stand near an enemy that is killed by your team mate, you still get the full drop of glimmer, ammo and Engrams.

Deconstructing the gear at the end of the day can add up to a hefty supply of Glimmer and materials too.

When you’ve finally had enough of the (ROC) Strikes, or when your inventory is full, hold on to any House Banners, Silken Codex, Axiomatic Beads and Network Keys in your Vault. These all equate to Glimmer, and by holding on to them you can essentially bypass the 25,000 Glimmer cap.


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  • I say bullshit. You don’t get Glimmer in VoG. And i played the Undying Mind Strike in the Roc Playlist yesterday and also did’nt get any Glimmer from those endless waves of Vex Ultras. Best way of Glimmer farming is ftill playing Missions on harder difficultys. E. g. the first part of the first mission on Mars (Extraction something), let the last Kabal kill you, respawn, kill again…

    Edit, just watched the Vid, thats what i ment

    • Christian

      You do Get Glimmer in certain parts of the VoG, yes. In VoG method is most effective when you focus on the Gate Keep segment. Just picking at the Goblins will not add up. You will want to go centre and take out as many enemies as possible. Sorry I didn’t include as many details about the Raid in the post. It was just supposed to be a brief secondary method to maximise glimmer, I wouldn’t recommend trying to farm the Raid as a primary method.

      Something that seems to have been edited out of the final draft was where I mentioned NOT to focus on Adds. When you get to the bosses, just take them down as fast as possible. The Additional enemies that are thrown in do not drop very much glimmer at all, nor loot. It’s an anti-farming method incorporated into the game so people don’t try to farm off endless waves. Taking out the core enemies in Strikes and Raids is where you get the most. Truly, practise makes perfect as you learn about the Strike missions etc.

      The Cabal missions is very effective. But it is a “Farming Spot”. These are usually negated when they get popular and may be patched, Strike methods are safe from updates. Hope this helped.

    • Happy Gamer

      one way to quicken this a tiny bit, is if you have those sticky grenades, throw it down ur feet. if u have at least a little bit of loss in ur shields you will die instantly. Also, rocket to your own face works too. 🙂

      • Quattro Bageena

        I love your Azel avatar.

    • keems1337

      It’s for gear drops and the beads. Beads net 200/ @ rahool. Gear drops glimmer, crafting mats and legendary mats

  • Paratrooper2000

    I don’t think that this article contains much helpful information.
    For me the best spot is Exclusion Zone on Mars. Difficulty to hard. Run past the first ship, to spawn the 2nd ship. Kill all yellows, die, repeat. Nonetheless, I hate farming.

    • Christian

      That method is featured in the video above. Originally this article was a bit more detailed, but it was cut down during the editing process to make it more brief. Most people don’t seem willing to read so much information.

      • Y0urDepression

        honestly when I go to planet destiny I am at school so I personally can’t watch the videos but I can spend the time to read the articles and I would prefer to have something longer

        • sorry, but the video explains our preferred method for Glimmer farming. the text in the article is the alternative, not the preferred process

      • Paratrooper2000

        Ah okay, I only read text at work. Videos are too suspicious. 😉

        • Christian

          Haha. I’m more on text too. No worries though. Looks like the article has been updated to show the video details (:

  • ivelweyz

    melee is pronounced “may-lay”

  • Eric

    Make sure to max out glimmer on Thursday so your ready to spend big with Xur! As mentioned toward the end of this article, I’ve also saved my House Banners, Silken Codex, Axiomatic Beads and Network Keys. After spending over 20k on upgrading exotics I usually have around 10k glimmer waiting for me at the Cryptarch. It’s nice to have the glimmer available to purchase the perks on exotics while leveling them up without going back to glimmer farming right away.

  • Lee Juriet

    I can verify this works; after spending 15K upgrading, I had roughly 6K glimmer left. after 40 minutes ( Yes, I know, I’m slow) I hit the cap.