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About Tim

Hey everyone, I'm just a guy who loves to discuss the newest developments in the gaming industry. I currently operate and Thanks for your support, play on!
  • Raxs

    Already signed up (: It would be amazing to beta test this incredible game.

    • halo4nation

      I agree, I wish everyone luck

      • Raxs

        Thanks Tim! Did you sign up? (:

        • halo4nation

          Haha of course!

          • Raxs

            Good good :D

  • Moses Davis

    Signed up a month ago, praying to be accepted

    • Raxs

      Same :D It would be the best thing ever.

  • Spencer Hodges

    its not life or death for me if i get accepted, but i do want to.

  • Christopher Cowgill


  • F1r3p47h

    destiny beta….mmm yeah signin up now i hope i get picked and if not i hope there is another way

  • Max117

    Good luck everyone!!!

    I signed up too. I hope!

  • Vranken deXantraille

    Fingers crossed…

  • XeroDegreesStudio

    Signed up…. all I can do now… is hope.. xD

  • tacolord11

    Hopefully I get accepted this game looks awesome

  • Tazukura

    I hope we all join the beta.

  • MMMM

    You can obtain a beta code here.

  • jordan brown

    I signed in almost 20 times now I think lol I really hope I get into the program on ps4 if I do hit me up on psn drillillinois_ wish all of you luck.

  • legendgamer01

    Everyone i hope we all win

  • Thomas Rowlands

    the pvp is pretty good and balanced and the gear leveling along with your own is neat too cant wait to play live version and make a clan :D