An Audience with The Queen

Published on: Sep 23, 2014 @ 20:59

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Video: Queen’s Wrath Bounty Event – Best Way to Get Legendary Armor!

An invitation awaits

The next time you find yourself in orbit around one of the worlds in Destiny, you’ll receive an invitation to an audience with an illustrious guest of the City.

The Queen’s Wrath is another special event in Destiny. It provides brave Guardians with new ways to be challenged and rewarded. Gaining favor with the Queen won’t be easy. Here’s what you need to know to survive and prosper.

You have until October 6th to elevate your reputation in the royal court. Accept those bounties and launch your missions. There are old scores out there to settle – both with our enemies and with each other.


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  • DirtyMike18

    Such a let down

  • Alex Garcia Ponce

    These missions are lame, again the same stupid bosses with different modifiers. great bungie!

    • WSquared88

      It takes more than two weeks to make extra content for a game. They are trying, it just takes time. We will probably start seeing new and good content in a month or two.

    • sycoteck

      dude the game’s been out less than 3 weeks, it would be the mentality of a crazy person to expect brand spanking new content in the very first month, hell most games dont get any new content let alone support till like 3-6 months after launch… just relax, RELAX.

  • WSquared88

    Hey Ryan, I made an edit to an earlier comment about Xur and I added a suggestion to something you could add to the site. I can retype it here if you want. The comment is this one:

  • Spencer Reeves

    what a bunch of whiners. shut up and play the game.

  • realtuathafc

    Loving the difficulty of the Queens bounties, but… what’s up with the reward system.
    I’ve done the Queens quests about 10 times now and gotten the chest peice every time wtf bungie get your drop percentages together 10 times ttttttttteeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn times this is bs give me arms darnit