Trials of Osiris


  • jt711

    Everything looks amazing cant wait to see the new concept art coming out soon

  • N2xN

    This game has the best concept art I’ve ever seen, and I’m really happy that they are making the in-game settings just as they look in the concept art, like they did with the moon base

  • RemoteCrab131

    Bungie actually going to bring all these amazing concept art all into the game. GOOD JOB Bungie, I never thought any developpers would actually spend the time and money build all these amazing assets. I’m buying the PS4 just for this game cuz I only had a PC.

  • jos

    Get the game out now! Hopefully there will be like at least 200 concept art

  • Pie Demon Fujimoto

    so will we be able to get this armor? they look too friggen awesome to not be in the game xD

  • Lassiterman

    Who are those silver armored guys, the ones with the dragon? That would be sick if they added them or something else as a new class of enemy.

  • Ivan Calijuri

    Can you share all of them in a Google Folder, Dropbox or whatever? I want to download them all!

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