The Art of Destiny Review + Giveaway

Published on: Mar 17, 2015 @ 20:54

Insight Editions has published an amazing look into Destiny’s world with The Art of Destiny hardcover book. There’s a ton of fantastic art, animation sequences, map designs and more.

The first half of this article will be the review of the book, and the second half will include the giveaway details.


The 200+ page book is crafted with a durable hardcover and glossy paper that makes each image in it shine. This high quality book allows you to see firsthand how characters and environments developed over time. Bungie also included some really interesting animation sequences to show off how scenes in the game were crafted before its release.

The book is crafted with a durable hardcover and glossy paper that makes each image in the book shine. In addition to the art, The Art of Destiny includes an introduction to describe the book to fans opening the book for the first time, but too many credits in the back of the book waste valuable space that could have contained more artwork.

The outside of the book has a nice thick dust cover on it. Normally the dust covers on these types of books are very thin and tear easily, but this one has the correct thickness to actually do its job. The book is crafted with a durable hardcover and glossy paper that makes each image in the book shine.

Each chapter covers a different aspect of Destiny, from various story elements to Exotic weapons to environments we haven’t even seen yet. The Art of Destiny book not only gives you an insight into Bungie’s early designs, but possibly future content as well.’s Leviathan said it best:

This book makes me excited to make art, it makes me excited to play the game, and it gives me a close look at skilled artwork that I can hopefully pull some lessons from.

Overall, this is a must-have book if you are at all interested in Destiny. Each page is filled with little tidbits of knowledge from various artists and developers, lots of information and lore even the most seasoned veteran may not know.

art of destiny book review

The image quality is fantastic and the whole book is built very well. Continue reading for our giveaway details, but if you’d like The Art of Destiny right now, head over to to purchase a copy for yourself!


From now until the 23rd of March, you’ll be eligible to win, as long as you follow the simple steps below. Winners will be announced on March 23rd.

The Art of Destiny

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