The Art of Destiny Review + Giveaway

Published on: Mar 17, 2015 @ 20:54

Insight Editions has published an amazing look into Destiny’s world with The Art of Destiny hardcover book. There’s a ton of fantastic art, animation sequences, map designs and more.

The first half of this article will be the review of the book, and the second half will include the giveaway details.


The 200+ page book is crafted with a durable hardcover and glossy paper that makes each image in it shine. This high quality book allows you to see firsthand how characters and environments developed over time. Bungie also included some really interesting animation sequences to show off how scenes in the game were crafted before its release.

The book is crafted with a durable hardcover and glossy paper that makes each image in the book shine. In addition to the art, The Art of Destiny includes an introduction to describe the book to fans opening the book for the first time, but too many credits in the back of the book waste valuable space that could have contained more artwork.

The outside of the book has a nice thick dust cover on it. Normally the dust covers on these types of books are very thin and tear easily, but this one has the correct thickness to actually do its job. The book is crafted with a durable hardcover and glossy paper that makes each image in the book shine.

Each chapter covers a different aspect of Destiny, from various story elements to Exotic weapons to environments we haven’t even seen yet. The Art of Destiny book not only gives you an insight into Bungie’s early designs, but possibly future content as well.’s Leviathan said it best:

This book makes me excited to make art, it makes me excited to play the game, and it gives me a close look at skilled artwork that I can hopefully pull some lessons from.

Overall, this is a must-have book if you are at all interested in Destiny. Each page is filled with little tidbits of knowledge from various artists and developers, lots of information and lore even the most seasoned veteran may not know.

art of destiny book review

The image quality is fantastic and the whole book is built very well. Continue reading for our giveaway details, but if you’d like The Art of Destiny right now, head over to to purchase a copy for yourself!


From now until the 23rd of March, you’ll be eligible to win, as long as you follow the simple steps below. Winners will be announced on March 23rd.

The Art of Destiny

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    Some input for additional content, I’m pretty sure you heard about this technique:
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  • “A single light in an infinity of darkness. Like the last signal flare before the wars are overrun.” – Lakshmi-2

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    Way to handle out sticks to get beaten by 🙂

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    I just wish Bungie was give more time to put more of these concepts in to the game.
    Maybe with time we’ll get to see more of the content they planned. 🙂

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        *Half-Life 3 confirmed

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    The second one asks to be a 1000 times smarter so the genie grants her wish, she builds a plane and flies off the island.
    The third one asks to be a 1000000 times smarter so the genie turns her into a man.

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    -Be able to find and purchase new additions to your sparrow, such as flags or
    different designs to paint on, as well as editable exhaust trail colors and


    -They are hard to find and randomly given, but only look slightly different. Be able
    to make your own with hard to find materials(not too hard) and much more
    variety with the pre made ones.


    -Add items to customize weapon design(such as spikes, personal symbols, and at
    higher levels fire and other particle effects).

    -More weapon types(lasers with damage buildup and grenade launchers with lower damage
    than rocket launchers but with more ammo).

    -More weapon effects(Ex: Cold: weapon does less damage but slows enemies) and make arc damage’s area of effect idea more noticeable as well as void damage(solar
    is ok for now).

    Class Items:

    -Be able to design your own cloak, mark, or band and use purchasable materials to
    make it look very different.


    -Add more exotics that can be found as you travel the universe(I will elaborate on
    this idea below). This will stop players from relying only on Xur to bring them
    random exotics every week, and give them more of a sense of purpose in the


    -More shaders with normal designs and more neon glowing colors such as the Sunsetting
    and Glohoo ones.


    Player Customizations:

    -Ability to change character class after start of game

    -More race choices such as actual alien races.

    -More character feature customizations(more hair, eyes, and face options, as well as

    Interaction with World:

    Player Trading:

    -Ability to sell and buy armor, weapons, sparrows, and ships for glimmer or other items.


    -Available on Nightfall and Raid.


    -Ability to change to and from first and third person viewing mode when not in the


    Make faction disputes more important. Be able to join and have different objectives every once and a while.


    Open up the universe in general, if you can’t have a home in the tower, be able to find a planet to live on with randomly generated towns and places to help and get
    rewards from. This could lead to house customizations and building like
    Hearthfire for Skyrim. Also, open up the current planets for adventure after the story is completed(add more to patrol)

    Add more vendors that sell different things, such as item and house customizations.

    Player Life

    Home Area:

    -Be able to choose to either make a home to stay at in either the city or on one of
    the places you discover while traversing the universe in the endgame content I
    previously suggested.

    Endgame Enemies

    Corrupted Guardians:

    -Be able to fight renegade guardians that were corrupted by the darkness, making
    them as strong as mini bosses, but as fast and agile as a normal player with
    similar weapons. Upon defeat, they should drop one off their items at a random
    level from rare to exotic with higher levels being more uncommon.

    NPC requests for aid:

    -While you travel from planet to planet, be able to find civilizations of friendly
    NPC’s that sell you things and can live near in a hub area and make a house if
    desired. These NPC’s will first ask you to save them from whatever enemy is
    attacking them, and once it is defeated, you can interact with them like
    vendors in the Tower.

    Add more to the story. Once the normal campaign is beaten and the universe is opened, add more of the cool things from the grimore, like the story of Jeren Ward and the Last Word, and things like that. This could lead to an alternative way to get
    exotics: by finding hints and clues to their locations and how to get them
    as you travel the universe, instead of waiting for Xur to bring them once
    a week. Also, add more to the story mode story in general. I read the
    grimore and I love the theories that people make about it. Include some of
    that to the story, and add the rest for the player to discover in the game
    itself as they travel the universe now open to them.

    You can explain the opening of the universe after the story is beaten by saying that the City has retrieved more Golden Age technology that allows for even greater
    exploration of the universe

    This would make the game much more open and fun, and add much more to the end game content that so many people have been wanting. Think, “Not just open world, open universe”. There are more options than just this, so please comment and add anything you would want added to the game in the future. Also, I know that some of this is too late to add(like changes to the original story), but they can still add most of
    it for the endgame.

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    i hope im not to late, i tried several times to do this on my ipad, but it didnt work and i just remembered to try on my pc. i really hope i am still eligible for the art book. if i go win ill be as happy as getting Gjallahorn in the nightfall

  • Josh Erales

    PIIIIIICK MEEE i has no hawkmoooon yeet

  • Sebastian Gomez Gouiric

    Hope I win the book, is amazing!

  • Kylar Stern

    this should be interesting to see what happens

  • Immanuel Lavery

    I’d love the art book as in school, most of the art I produce is based on Destiny in one way or another and this would just be the best thing ever.

  • Adam McKinney Souza

    As the art was the one part of this game that EVERYONE agrees was universally excellent, I’d be all over one of the art books.

  • dorian01

    I want that book. right now! 😀