Another Vault of Glass Chest?

With the latest Bungie Bounty, Bungie was talking with the Dads of Destiny.

Near the end of the stream around the 53 minute mark, discussion arose about secrets in Destiny and undiscovered mysteries.

Another Chest?

Shortly after they mentioned that Harold Ryan was the one to approve all of Destiny’s Easter Eggs, one of the DoD crew asked, “Are there any more chests in the Vault?”

A few seconds later Urk says, “Yes, the answer is yes.”

Edit: Urk has stated that he misheard the question!

urk vault of glass

He went on to say that,

[…] my brain turned the question into something along the lines of, “Is there a reason to return to the Vault of Glass?”


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  • Leestwin

    Insert Lee Juriet comment about how a random topic somehow relates to either Xbox one or Xbox players being the best here

  • Ear Hair Sniper

    Not what he said. Forward to 47:30 on the video link below and hear for yourself.

    Have fun out there Guardians!

    • Galkaman

      Yes it is. Go to 48:50

    • Not sure what you’re referring to, the quotes I listed in the article are correct, but as you can see, Urk misheard and answered what he thought was another question.


      ” Um, question, are there any more chests in the Vault?”

  • Guest

    Sooo… where is the chest??

    • Bobby Jennings

      There isn’t one.

  • insanetrasher

    Once we’ll know what this chest contains I’m pretty sure nobody will care about it :p

  • Jason Subers

    He commented on reddit – he thought the question was “Is there any reason to return to the Vault of Glass?” So it’s not a confirmation on another chest.

  • VOG lvl hard, pls!!!!!

    • Bobby Jennings

      That already exists

      • Sorry, lvl 32 I meant.

        • Bobby Jennings

          Much better. 😀

        • Michel

          Only if they give the old raid weapons a propper upgrade!

          • That would be great! I’d love to upgrade my fatebringer… 🙁

  • Frederico Giuseppe

    Damn, this is a real shame. It would have be reason enough for me to play destiny again.

  • Kazril

    Those questions sound totally different, he only said he heard it different because some higher up Bungie official gave him heck for leaking info. He did answer yes to the chest question, its out there Guardians! Time for a treasure hunt… GOONIES!