Alpha Opens Thursday for all PS4 Owners

Destiny just premiered as the first act in Sony’s huge E3 press conference. The stream is currently still going on, but you can watch Destiny coverage again at the 23:40 mark in the Sony E3 stream.

New Beginnings Trailer

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Beta Date

Destiny Beta begins July 17th for Playstation players. July 21st for Xbox players.

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Playable Alpha Announced

Destiny Alpha available for all PS4 users starting this Thursday (June 12th) and will be playable until the end of the weekend (3-days). You can sign up for the Alpha here.

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 Destiny PS4 Bundle

Exclusive white Destiny PS4 Bundle. Comes with  500 GB glacier white PS4, a white dual shock 4, 30 day voucher for PS +, and a copy of the Destiny.

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Playstation Exclusives

Playstation also announced that their players will receive exclusive access to unique weapons, ships, gear, and Exodus (Competitive multiplayer map), and a Strike on Mars.

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  • Michael Loomis

    Oh my god……

  • Niels-Peter Lund

    Screw you Bungie… This ‘tons of exclusive content’ better be payed for by Sony… If this content seems missing in the xbox version, I will never forgive you as a developer… Really hope they’ll ‘another ton of exclusive content’ for xbox owners…

    • Fruitloop

      It’s not Bungie’s decision, it’s Activision’s

      • Niels-Peter Lund

        Nah, I think that is a ‘lame’ excuse/plan… I know that there’s a lot of money involved, and that activision want the PS’s onboard… But I still feel Bungie should have manned up and made the game equal on both systems… I’m not talking about alfa/beta dates, I’m talking about if I feel i’m missing out on content, i’ll be very very dissapointed… unless PS put their own money into that content, why don’t they just be transparrent with their choices? (know that it is wishfull thinking in our modern day, But I just miss the direct connection between developers and Fans as in ‘the old days’)

        • Fruitloop

          Bungie would have any of the publicity it does if Activision didn’t have a deal with Bungie 😛 It’s about making Destiny known, and Activision thinks going PS crazy is the best way to go since most Xbox Halo fans already know of Destiny.

        • Drey

          Please don’t get the game if you’re gonna cry.

  • rob1970

    The sign up page for the 3 day alpha that is linked here does not seam to work,or at least it doesn’t for me,all i get is “sign in ID’s do not match”before you ask i know my id and dont have a problem signing into my PS4 and psn websites just this page.Can anyone else confirm this?

  • Matthias Pfister

    tbh, the white ps4 is an “exclusive” for all xbox1 users. Now you have the chance to buy a good console. It makes no sense for a ps4 owner to buy another ps4..