Activision Talks About Destiny & More

Activision describes Destiny as “one of the biggest investments in a new IP that’s ever been made in this industry.”

Check out MoreConsole go through some of the key points in the Activision interview.

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  • Raxs

    I’m really loving Activision investment right now. They are also taking the Xbox one so cautiously. It’s nice to see they are putting destiny first and not crawling all over Xbox one like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m loving their new attitude.

    • Jeremy

      It’s definitely refreshing to see a company be cautious and concerned towards a console, rather than only the consumers be concerned.

      • Raxs

        Definitely. They are putting a lot more effort into their most hated “Call of Duty” Franchise as well. They said they now want more serious gamers and are now improving Gameplay, graphics and adding a new engine for what seems to be the first time ever. Still, Only time will tell how well they did with it.

        • Jeremy

          Most of my hate towards COD has been towards its piece of shit community as well as some other aspects that I’d have difficulty describing, I only ever LOVED COD 4, MW2 (with mixed feelings of intense rage) and Black Ops 2. I hate Infinity Ward after the last half of MW2’s time and MW3 was terrible; Treyarch was ‘meh’ to me until BO2 came out. I love Treyarch now as they treat the game how it’s played – like an arcade shooter, competitive, but somewhat more wacky. They stopped with the “try-hard realism” and went with fun maps and crazy weapon camo’s rather than trying to be so serious about it, which I like.

          • Raxs

            Wow, That is exactly how i feel (:

  • GonzO

    Can you just post the interview under the video? I would rather not listen to MoreConsole’s stupid accent.

    • ryallen1

      it’s linked

    • Kai Stewart

      You know its linked right?

    • Raxs

      Stupid accent huh? You have stupid eye balls! There’s a link! Lol.

  • TylerHerndon

    Go Activision! It’s great to see their confidence in the Bungie. For a game that’s been worked on for 6 years, I have some confidence too. Not that Cod only 2 year stuff.

    • Raxs

      Yeah 😀 I’m loving it!Âź